Sheriff Callie's Wild West Cute Moments Best Cartoon For Kids & Children Part 6

13 days ago
Sheriff Callie's Wild West Cute Moments Best Cartoon For Kids & Children Part 6 ♥ Subscribe Yellow Dog : ♥ See more playlist: ...

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To Tommy, but I got a shake up fifty milkshake sometime for the hoedown tonight
Can't start now, Toby. I've got to open the clinic
But nobody has time to see it, I'll call it the cowboy cactus kick stick
What a great name, yeah
Are you okay? I think coming down with the
Sniffles I am feeling a tad out of sorts, but I'm okay really
Don't worry, Toby the milkshakes can wait versus thanks, thanks
Down the hatch this will help cure that stuffy noses
Now get plenty of sleep Sheriff doctor's orders
I will and thanks everybody for taking such good care of me. I'm feeling
Toby are you sick too? Oh, we've got two patients
Come on. Let's get Toby to bed. Yeah, come on everyone
Thank you
I've treated a lot of patients in my day, but never have I seen such a sneezy cactus
Okay everyone time to go see a better tent okay well soon bye now you'll need your rest
We'll stop by later, and I'll bring you a triple berry shake in that case okay, I mean
Oh hah there Sparky. Yep. I'm feeling all better
Come in howdy Toby. Oh, how you feeling
It's just the rest of me, that's sick
Shit aren't you I I uh nan Sigma right hot shoe
I was just about to ride out there and bring him
those balloons
Wait a second maybe Thanks always won all that TLC well pretending to be sick sure isn't the way to get it
All it makes for is one dishonest cactus
He loves to dance
Sure does why just this morning? He was trying to show me a new dance step new
Catholic I think it starts with a slide like this then you spin round and round
Everyone was too busy, so you pretended to be sick to get our attention
Uh-huh, but I talked you in with my coziest quilt, and I gave even to be sick as no way to get attention
You just end up missing out on the fun. I know that now and believe you me. I'm never gonna do it again
Save your brother hip brother who he done real good
Here you go little brother I made your hat nice to
Meet you surprise it's been cooking all day
You're a humdinger of a big, bro
We'll be right out
Dirty dance dusty be back in a jiffy with a low fool
Thanks fellas
Fisher is the dirt on my head that the irons down that way man listen seeing is how I'm the older brother
It's only natural. I know best and I'm telling the little brother who don't know where the irony is. Why are the only thing?
I'm wrong about is going mining with a big brother who thinks. He knows where the iron is but
Dude, cuz I'm gonna mine for iron by myself
Wait a minute. I can't mom without a pick dad's pants. It's you're such a lantern. I'll
Just go get my own lantern
Greetings and salutations fellas what can I help you with means he can tell me what to do, okay?
Uncle, bun you tell dirty Dan mixers tell him he is the worst little brother. There is oh dear
Giddy I'm gonna get to the bottom of this. Hey fellas everything okay
Well you want to talk then they leave me no choice
Sorry to wrangle you fellas, but it's my job to keep things nice and friendly around here, so we're having a fun
So you said words you didn't mean and you hurt each other's feelings
Here right Sheriff yep, I couldn't see it clearly now
dirty Dan needs to apologize
Hey Ellis now listen. That's it dusty. You are no longer my brother
Cause you are no longer my brother
I know they're to iron down this way. I just know it Buller mr.. Dillo and
No you don't I'm using this cart to take my yellow
No, I'm using this cart to take my arns at mr.. Dillo
I'm sorry for all those things. I said yetsko some older no mean I know, babe
Brothers in the whole Wild West oh
That's somebody for the best brother there is no you're the best brother
Vulva comb pop and look we've been panning for gold all morning and haven't found one
Yeah a gold fish
Peck panning for gold just takes patience
Let's take the shortcut back to town and see what it's worth
How much you think you'll get for your nugget sheriff
Oh, thanks Sheriff anytime partner now. How are we gonna get across?
Now that's using the old noodle oh
It's the least I can do with this bridge being out. Yeah, no problem. I'll help you get him wrangled
Hmm, maybe I shouldn't take my nugget with me. I'd hate to loom and we'd love to help
Happy to oblige sheriff Callie and as your deputy. I can assure you your nugget is safe with us
Could we go catch Buckeyes now
Yep, thanks fellas. I know my nuggets in good hands make sure
Well, that's not
safe either
We have to find the safest safe place sheriff Callie's counting nugget. Where'd it go
Come out come out wherever you are
It's down
Her back awful quick
Farmer Stinky's cattle get loose so often seems they can find their own way home
But now I'm back and ready to take my big
I thought will go fetch your nugget from it's great hiding spot Sheriff be back soon
Meantime I'll feed my favorite horse some lunch hmm
no, I
Just stretched the truth isn't that the same as a lie, Toby we can't stand here all day talking
We gotta find another gold nugget. Oh
Pip we're never gonna find another gold nugget laughs sheriff callie's. Yes, we will told me we have to Oh
So you mean Morgan a lot to the sheriff again, oh, I don't like it
I don't like it either, but do you want her to be to show mr.?
Badger over at the bank and tell everyone my plan to fix rickety bridge
Don't take the shortcut well, here's where my news gets better today. I also panned up this gold nuggets
Customers sheriff Callie found a gold nugget says she's gonna fix rickety bridge
Let's have a look-see at that nugget of your
Sorry cher no harm done
Thanks anyway sure who's Matakana you don't wanna fix rickety bridge
Peck Toby
This isn't painting this rock gold
I'm truly sorry sheriff. I'm sorry too. Oh
Don't listen to Toby lying about your nugget was all my idea you can always be honest with me. No matter what?
Really of course if you tell me the truth we can talk about it, and then work through this
After you left to help farmer stinky we search for a safe place to keep your nugget I
Hid it under the rug. It's right there
Good citizens, I present to you the new and improved rickety bridge
And the truth is as good as
Now the leader said keeping the roads clear is part of my deputy duties meaning we gotta move this feller out of the light
I guess we're not strong enough to move that rock. Oh pick das wall someone came along and fell into our trap
Oh true true
Oswald, why don't you remember? We're gonna trick them into buying
Not very Bugsy Rock
Looks like you could use some extra muscle
Lucky for you. I happened to come along yes
Siree you see I like yessiree now wait one corn poppin minute
How could a shirt make us strong?
I know it's hard to believe but with my guaranteed make you strong shirts you to swirl
Why there's a puny squirrel right now? Hey there mr. Feuless squirrel. Do you think you could lift this Boulder off the road no
Just the beauty give it a try now my good squirrel. Whoa. I sure do feel
You could use some muscles if you wanna get em quick. I've got a shirt right here
That's guaranteed to do the trick you go from weak to strong
Message a little feller
It's the only shirt you'll ever wanna wear cause it'll make you strong as a bear the stereo
This shirt will make you strong
I'm gonna give you a deal cuz you guys look nice
This is one of you smart and heroic looking fellas wants to try out my make your strong shirt
You toss that Boulder like it was light as the balloon I
Must be super speed super strong, too
Yessiree it's cuz of those make you strong shirts. You're wearing wait'll sheriff callie's sees how strong we are
Will you take trades I got a real nice Golden Horseshoe trophy?
Hmm, I do like gold trophies. I could trade mop to him you boys got yourselves a deal
What in whiskers are you doing this I'm looking for Norma shirts, so we can move boulders and wagons and such
Sweet sassafras I've never seen anything quite like it. Do you mind if I take a look at that there Boyer?
Ah, you must be the sheriff in town
Don't worry about the shirts my there she peel it first and here's my Golden Horseshoe trophy
Now hold on a minute here you two sure you want to trade your prized possessions for them sure
Watch me lift Ella's milk wagon
Oh dear you mean tricky Travis trickles
Looks like his to
Get bolder gazebos a big strong bear because of the shirt
What do you gotta say about that
Why those no-good two-timing tricky tricksters no-till automated shave me yourself mister tricky Travis
We never should have come here, but now we had such a good trick well
You know what I say if it seems too. Good to be true. It probably is
The cow the nurse takes the cow
Heigh-ho the derry-o the nurse takes the cow the cow takes the dog the cow takes