Send THIS Text When She Doesn't Respond

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7 Deadly Text Messages She Can't Resist ▻▻ There's a funny 3 word text that you can send to a girl that will immediately ...

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So I'm on my way right now to meet up
with a fellow dating coach. You might
know him, his name is Robbie Hemingway. We're gonna eat some dinner, talk some
shop and I'm gonna try to get out of him
some really good texting advice because
he actually sells a product called Text
God which teaches you all about texting.
We've done some videos in the past
and he just teaches some really good
stuff. Let's see what I can get out of
him and see what we can learn to help
you out with texting the girls that you
get numbers from. What's up bro?
Hey, you're the man. Hi guys we're having some dinner. Me and my boy Tripp. It's been a long time.
We're gonna eat some dinner, have some carbs and protein
and bench tomorrow. Alright so we
just finished dinner here at Bosa Nova
and Hollywood and like I said I'm with Robbie Hemingway and he is the Text God.
He has dedicated a lot of his past I
don't know probably five or six years
in texting girls because he is a
Hollywood promoter. He was just telling
me he gets paid a lot of money to
just take girls to clubs and that is his
entire job so he has to be able to text
all day long. It's been like 2 or 3
months ago I've done a video with Tripp. I'm so excited to be back. I love doing
videos with him and you guys always
so many comments and so much good
feedback. In the last video that we made
I was wearing a tank top.
Oh yeah and everyone was saying so we'll cut to that right now. Well
everyone was saying I had nice boobs.
I appreciate that. I go to the gym, I eat
a lot of protein for you guys, a lot of
carbs hit my master hit benchpress
so I said to email out to all of my list
I said are these the best boobs on
YouTube so I sent him a link to the
video and everyone had a really good
laugh so yes thank you for lilies my
boobs but I would hope you figure out
texts girls I didn't see the boobs in
real life when that video came out I
felt terrible I was like oh my god like
poor guy like I asked him to do a video
together and now like every single
comment is about him having boobs
because he's where's this blokes at tank
and then I told my body is like dude I
don't care because hilarious yeah I
don't give a shit I was like wow I'm a
good man so there's a message that I
found today and it was by a girl who
hadn't seen in probably a month the
reason is because I so many things
happening from traveling but I wanted to
reconnect with this girl
so I used what am I was a neutral and
when I show you the message exactly how
it works for you so it's pretty easy
whether you're at
let's say you went to the bar or
restaurant doesn't matter where you're
at what school or whatever we're gonna
text a girl so I saw a girl who looked
like you act
where you're at then this example was a
gym but I didn't have my contacts on you
at LA Fitness today now I didn't see her
at Ellie cause I didn't have my contacts
on Cheers know that this is a
reconnection tax were you there - no I
was not almost went actually but I ended
up at an audition said oh nice good
where've you been lately take my hand I
saw you twice then you went into deep
undercover and then now the conversation
is starting back up we've reconnected
and a pretty like laughable like
lightweight not like hey why she was
funny to my temple actually so I don't
want to come at her and say hey sorry
not responding I've been busy it's just
I thought I saw you up is that new no it
wasn't oh cool
okay I guess it wasn't but I will have
you been let's talk let's get this going
again so I have plans to meet her
tomorrow so I think the idea here is
this is to be used when you know you can
talk to a girl and it kind of dies out
or maybe you do meet up with her a
couple times and you're not sure where
to go with it and then dies out so this
is like the revival text right to revive
situations with girls where it kind of
died or it hasn't gone anywhere yet and
of course the
key here which Robbie is saying is you
know after him reconnecting with her who
takes it to then meeting up with her
right like it always should lead to that
when you're texting because otherwise
there's the text buddy and we don't be
text buddies we were actually meaning
these girls out get them out on dates on
that note another way really good
reconnection checks I like to use very
short very easy his three words I see
you and the two little odd emojis so
they're gonna think that you know that
you see them what was wrapped looking
around oh my god really where are you no
I'm just kidding but not what I like a
lot because I can imagine them stopping
wherever they see the text looking up
and looking for me around and I think
that's pretty funny
always good hanging out with Robbie he
is a wealth of information especially
when it comes to texting now if you want
to learn more about texting have the
free gifts for use the seven deadly text
messages that she can't resist seven
different text messages that you can
literally copy and paste for all
different situations you may find
yourself in with the girl so if you want
to learn how to meet up with the girl
and send her a text message that will
get a response I know we just gave you
one but more ideas for you then go and
check the description below and get that
it's a free video just get that from the
little opt-in box there and I'll send it
right to email thanks a lot peace out
see you in the next one