Secret Kind of Disgrace (Alter/Ego Bones)

2 months ago
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English subtitle

A dare at first, to drunkenly kiss
They snigger as I drunkenly miss
The mouth at first and hit the cheek
Clumsy virgins, young and sweet
We chose to let it go
But our audience was keen to see us
Smeared across each other's faces
Smeared like lipstick smears on lips
Awkward hands on awkward hips
Instead of saying "no"
Undress and unlace
I dreamed about a slack face
As I explored a secret place
A secret kind of disgrace
A secret sordid embrace
Next day we discussed the night before
About an audience wanting more
About the tunes, the drugs, and
the liquor
About the swing, the miss, and the licker
We didn't let it go
Experimentally we kissed
Nervous hands in shaking fists
Opened wide and traced unseen lines
That travelled the ribcage to the thighs
We couldn't take it slow
Undress and unlace
I got to see her slack face
As I explored her secret place
Her secret kind of disgrace
A secret sordid embrace
To Eleanor
H a p p i B i r d D a y