SCRIBBLE #9 - India : Part 1 (Thekkady)

2 months ago
ENGLISH SUBTITLES AVAILABLE - CAPTIONS (CC) On my latest trip to India I went to 3 cities in Kerala. Here's a "full-sized" scribble in the beautiful city of ...

English subtitle

So, this is how my story begins
I've reached Travindrum
or (Thiruvananthapuram)
That's a long name for a city !
It's 3 in the morning and it's very dark
We stopped because of the rain
so that we can cover our luggage
That's all for now ...
.. I'll continue when the sun's out
6 in the morning and it's still raining
First impression ? Green everywhere
The weather is different, and the air is pure
The roads are tight
There's no room for error
This road can handle two cars ...
but you'll end up with three or four !
Other than that ... everything is gorgeous
Suzuki's in general are very popular here in India
Before heading to Thekkady
the first city we're going to
We had a pitstop at one of the local's house
which is just after
End of the day ... it's part of Kerala
Take a look ... it's simple
filled with trees and good weather
There is no asphalt
No complications ... it's an easy life
We cut the bark with a special knife and collect what comes out
with this small bucket
Alright !
The rubber tree is what you just saw
This is the "treatment room"
and this is the end result
They can even make tyres from it
What's your name ?
Sulaiman Baba Khan
What did you work as ?
I worked as a teacher in a government school
Where though ?
My last year of teaching was in Thekkady
I taught the arabic language
in India
Sulaiman is driving the Mahindra
It's the Bolera model
I love the digital gauges
It's a simple car
AC, Radio, Gear, Handbrake
and you're done !
It's beautiful
Do you wanna drive ?
Yea sure ! I don't mind driving
Honestly, I forgot the area's name
but when I reached this bridge I remembered ...
It's a British-made hanging bridge in Punalur
back in 1877
As you can see
my glasses are fully wet ... wanna know why ?
Other than the awesome waterfall, there's this new concept for me
which is a bit weird
First difference in our Lays
Usually green is Salt & Vinegar
but over here it's ...
take a look at this
Finally, we arrived to the hotel
When I arrived at the hotel I honestly reached a point
Thanks Majid
covering me
So I reached the hotel, and I said I won't film for the day
after eating and relaxing for a bit
The energy is back, and right now we're headed
to a dance & martial art show
The Kerala one of course !
It's 5:15AM in the morning
India timing
I woke up and realized that
I didn't tell you the exact temperature in India
It's very simple
Better than Dubai now
It's colder, average of 21 degrees and it's always raining
So I'm awake now so that
I can go book tickets for hiking
hiking and other activites
Today's plan is as follows
We're in a safari
in the mountains of Thekkady
I'll also try to review that awesome car behind me
It's the 4x4 Mahindra Thar
You can see it in all the Bollywood movies
and ...
... in everywhere in India basically
I'll also film ... that's the plan
The original plan was to film a little bit
review the car
The Mahindra Thar
but I went to alot of places
So I figured
I'd put some effort into filming all those places