SCFSK shortened documentary

2 months ago
A glimpse into a summer at Special Camp For Special Kids.

English subtitle

Hi I'm Julianna Burke I've been coming to
camp now for eight years it's been such an
amazing time for the past eight years
because I love it so much I can't
imagine be anywhere else but here
special camp is such an amazing home for
everyone both campers and counselors
just seeing all the smiles really and
everyone come together it's truly like
amazing and happy place and everyone is
completely welcome and loving
Hi I'm Kate I've been doing camp for five years
and this is Julia, do you wanna say hi, hi, but I got
involved in camp because Julia started
doing it way before I did and I saw how
happy it made her and I knew that I
wanted to be a part of it too it's truly
a great experience and it changed our
entire family
hi my name is Moorea I've been in camp
for 10 years, I believe, the counselors are really
nice the staff is really nice I really do love special camp a lot because its a really good place for kids with special needs and special camp rocks
my name is Lindsay Eres and I'm the
executive director of special camp for
special kids I've been with the program
for 21 years
I'm Stephanie Baker I'm the operations
director and I've been with the program
18 years. Special camp for special kids
was founded in 1992 by father Mike
Wallans who was here at st. Margaret's
and he founded the program because he
saw that there was a need in the
community to bridge the gap between
individuals with disabilities and
many of our counselors don't have prior
experience with children with
disabilities and they come to us willing
and interested in learning about others
as well as making a new friend
The awesome thing about the camper
experience is that it's an opportunity
for the kids to get away and just have
fun for an entire week so instead of it
being therapy or educational or school
even though they're getting stuff out of
it it's peer relationships. It's fun!
hi I'm Yamili Burgos and this is my
seventh year at special camp but my fifth
year as a senior counselor. I think being a
senior counselor just being part of
special camp is a great opportunity to
give like a lot of yourself to the
community. Do you want to be part of this? (laughing) so as I was saying I thought
made I was going to make an impact but
it ended up being the opposite the
campers have made a huge impact in my life
hi I'm Ali Morin and I'm the
camp historian at special camp for
special kids
I created this documentary to show you a
glimpse into what our everyday is like
during the summer thank you so much for
watching this documentary and I hope you
can see now why we love special camp so
very much