Salomon TV: Route 66

2 months ago
Last summer, Max King grabbed a running-pack and set off, on foot, to explore a few sections of one of the most iconic roads in the world. Route 66 was the first ...

English subtitle

Something like this comes along and
it´s like a totally new experience
of getting out there and throwing on a pack
and running between towns.
The road is obviously,
the fastest way to run a marathon is on the road and
Slowing that down a little bit and
using it as more of an experience,
it wasn´t so much like, “OK I´ve just gotta
click out six minute miles here”, it´s, you know
I´m gonna look around, I´m gonna see the scenery.
Running has been, and is, a large part of who I am.
I´ve been doing it for as long as I can remember
I´ve always enjoyed running fast
and that´s easier done on the roads.
But trail running has taught me to see,
to do everything at the right speed,
to savour the hours and minutes on your feet
rather than just counting them.
This is what this trip is all about,
to bring those two worlds together.
and to discover an iconic American road
that represents a different time
when things were slower.
and our interactions somehow
more meaningful.
I just wanted to find out about Route 66
and what it means to you.
Do you have a couple of hours to spare?
No other road has captured the imagination
and the essence of the American spirit
quite like Route 66.
It has inspired musicians, filmmakers,
writers… and runners!
Well, it was the first road in America
that went from coast to coast.
Yep, that´s right, It was the first highway
of its kind, known as the Mother Road,
it was the symbol of a changing America.
The world, in the last 25, 30 years
has changed so much.
It is not a simple world any more.
It´s a hi-tech world,
Zap zap zap, fast fast
Thanks a lot
The 2448 mile road connected urban and rural
America from Chicago to Los Angeles,
crossing 8 states and 3 time zones.
And no, I didn´t run all of that,
I just ran a few sections here and there
and grabbed rides in between.
It was a running holiday if you will,
to try to experience route 66
at a slower pace and partly on foot.
The world is literally looking
for a slower way of life.
They are looking for yesterday.
I swear, to keep the spirit,
of the wild west, alive. Alright!
There we go deputy.
For nearly six decades Route 66
nutured communities and towns
and encouraged travelers
to soak in the landscape.
As the road bent and curved around
the topography of the American west.
We didn´t have any equipment
to go through a mountain,
we went around it.
So you went around, dips, dips
and around so you couldnt make time,
so when they opened the freeway…
We were forgotten.
By the 1950s the growth and success
of America meant bigger and faster
super highways were needed.
Signifying the beginning of this iconic
road´s demise as well as the towns
and communities that existed along it.
You know along the route you run
into these little towns where there used
to be you know 100 people, or
a couple of thousand people
and now there´s just nobody.
When I moved here the whole road was dead.
You could drive on both sides of the road
in either direction drunk and you
wouldn´t get pulled over by the police.
Serious. No traffic, no cars,
no law, nothing.
The day that we were bypassed,
September 22nd 1978
at about 2:30 in the afternoon,
they finished building a 100 mile
stretch here and no longer did they use us.
The following year, our government
told the world, the end of 66!
“We will not maintain it,
we will not take care of it any more”,
and we the people had to fight
the government.
They didn´t know who they were up against
we stayed on em and stayed on em,
they couldn´t take any more heat,
no more pressure.
And we won.
You know Angel was one of those guys
who really stands out to you
just in what he´s been able to accomplish.
He is the best!
Just we, the people,
who saved a little bit of America.
It wasn´t the government,
it wasn´t the high powered lawyer,
it wasn´t the brilliant history teacher,
or one of the universities,
It wasn´t a congressman,
state legislation.
It was just you and I.
We the people did it.
Did you see that?
Route 66 was and is more
than just another highway.
It is a symbol of the American way,
a national icon, a proud,
independent, free spirited adventurer.
And to this day,
it serves as a reminder of who we were,
who we are, and who we can be.
We have lost so much through
the years of who we used to be.
We got up and did things for ourselves,
Whether we work to keep 66 going or not,
we don´t have to, the world wants it.
The world wants it.
Everything that I saw out there
is something special.
It represents a special piece
of American history.
And while only a percentage of the
road has survived, its spirit lives on.
And people that know nothing about it
are being confronted
with a new way of life.
And this is so important to me,
and the world.
Yesterday isn´t completely forgotten,
we are still so much of how we were
years and years ago.