"Rick Steves' Europe" Outtakes: Season 9

5 days ago
Rick gets photobombed by an Italian, sucks in his gut, begs a Romanian local for brandy, naps in a hammock, almost masters the dramatic pause, has a staring ...

English subtitle

One more time.
The city realized that
what had become a derelict industrial
wasteland was actually prime real estate.
These 95 points questioning the
practices of the Roman Catholic Church
kicked off more than a conversation.
They kicked off the Protestant Reformation.
On the one hand, the church worked to
restore and reform, restore..
And on the other hand the church resorted to
pro- prop- prop- propaganda
intimidation and outright force.
It's a city that mixes a dynamic history with a
delightful to stroll cityscape.
In the 18th century, the larger than life Augustus
the Strong kicked off Saxony's Golden
Age, yeah!
Thomas: Every student, law
enforcement and police should learn from
our difficult history.
Rick: Military, too?
Thomas: Yes. [laughter]
Rick: Because we need to learn.
Thomas: Because we need
to learn from [Rick interrupts] [laughter]
Rick: You don't have a gut. You poor boy, you
don't have a gut.
Rick: Suck in your gut! Suck in your gut!
Historians like to joke that the Holy
Roman Empire was never really an empire
or holy or Roman. Bleh!
It is so "dobro."
Stefan: Ah. Even more "dobro."
Karel: Alright, Simon, your turn.
Simon: Double "dobro!"
Karel: Cameron, what's the word?
Cameron: "Dobrissimo."
Rick: Yeah! We need some people kinda...
Hi, I'm Rick Steves back with --
Dancers: [yell]
To free Bulgaria from that so-called
Turkish yoke.
I think I'll tell ya a little history.
Four centuries ago, back
when Socrates and Plato were doing their
thing in Athens, about 300 miles to the --
Alright, I'm sorry, I'll do it again.
In 1951 he suffered a stroke which made
his right hand useless, but that didn't
stop him. He picked up a brush with his
left hand and learned to paint
brilliantly, in a completely different style.
Ow, I hurt my head.
Rick: Yes.
Women: Da.
Rick: No.
Women: Ne.
Ne...da da. Da. Ne! Maybe.
So, George, do you want me - you know
what I'm gonna do? There's a little bird
over there. Boom. Okay. Can I have a little?
George! I'm empty!
Come on, give me some more!
George! Here, pour me some.
While richly decorated with medieval folk
themes, the palace is surprisingly modern.
Built in the 1880s it came with all the
latest comforts. [phone rings]
Forced air heating,
telephone, you name it.
You'll find German-speaking enclaves
and delightful German towns as part of
this part of --
The sophisticated American. Good nose,
nice color,
better than onions, yeah?
Karel: Rick, watch it.
Put your wine glass there.
Rick: This is jamón from Andalucía?
Roberto: No, no, no.
I apologize on behalf of all America.
Rick: Buon lavoro.
Buon appetito!
Those are all of my words.
We're celebrating the traditions in
Umbria and Tuscany. It's the best of
Italy! No...it's the heart of Italy.
Many thoughtful people entered
monasteries and lived thoughtful lives.
Lives of thoughtful prayer and lives of
quiet prayer and solitude and retreats
like this.
Karel: What were they thinking about?
Rick: Thoughtfulness.
Back in Assisi -- bah -- Assisi!
Francis was a big deal even in his
own age. In fact, he was made a saint
within a few years of his death.
This is a horrible spot.
It's like standing in a bottleneck.
Karel: Okay, Isabella. Now,
go very fast!
Karel: When I die,
lay me in Tuscany.
Rick: With a glass of Brunello
di Montalcino.
Oh, baby!
It's a great way to decompress
after a busy
day of sightseeing.
Okay, okay, okay, I'll do it again.
Robert: ...for hundreds of years,
passed through this route.
Rick: So for centuries, pilgrims --
Roberto: Yes!
Rick: Oh, hey!
Woman on street: Che fai?
In fact, the biggest in Christendom.
All Christendom!
Well, one thing
is more perfect, and that would be for me
to have a little wine with this.
No! I'm sorry. Okay!
Entire communities hurl themselves with
abandon into the craziness.
Man: GRR!
Rick: Oh baby!
[crowd noises]
An ad for ECCO shoes.
This is the quintessential English
countryside, and it's walking country.
So they could count them as they entered
the market. Entered the market!
Considering that, Joseph could have sat
right here with the...ah!
They had more money than
the king. I like that. They had more
money than the king.
Rick: Ah, you've got a big one.
There you go!
Roger: Can you read on there?
You read on there?
Rick: That's good stuff.
Now this is dry.
Roger: If mother's milk were like that,
I'd still
be on the tit now.
Peter: Your one finger looks
like it's cut
off, your forefinger.
Yeah, that's better.
And today, Canterbury Cathedral, seat of
the Archbishop of Cathedral...
Did my...my thing just fell down.
I hope you've enjoyed
our look at all these little bugs that
are flowing around.
Peter: We don't see them.
Rick: But they bother me.
I hope you've enj-- [coughs]
Simon, will you eat this please?
Simon: The things I do for you.
Rick: I can see a gannet with
two black eyes.
It's a pirate's punch of Celtic culture...
legends of smugglers...
calm it down, okay.
Tim: And you'll still find cannibals in the
houses today.
Rick: Holy shh --
Simon: A little less arm swing?
Rick: [laughing hysterically]