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what is up guys i m back with an another cool vid and in this vid i m going to review on the the worlds 2nd best smart watch
video I'm going to review the words per
second SmartWatch after the Apple TV
series so I have the SmartWatch with me
my last video hosted so this is the
SmartWatch this is important cube and a
SmartWatch and in my review video I am
going to consist of three pieces so the
first base consists of the external part
of this mark much like the point like
beyond built in quality of it it's the
durability test of one field and the
external stuff and the second base
consists of all the apps I'm going to
free from every each and every half of
of the arm for the SmartWatch like there
are around 7 to 8 apps installed like
infant apps and all of that changed all
I'm going to brief about it at all so
I'm going to say I am also going to be
p1 waiting for it out of 5 and also I'm
going to say about the clock faces
external miss me my third base I'm going
to sing you about settings like I'm
going to show you the settings I'm going
to all the arm settings which you can do
connectivity the model name the model
version everything which I included in
settings now the fourth base includes of
on the mystery stuff which this does
like the heating process should you buy
it or not is if you command it for you
is it good for fine
is it good for fitness it's good for the
Android phones and it's good for
absolutes like every stuff like that so
now quickly let's pop into the review
and let's start with the review after
BAM as you can see this is default ins
q1 the SmartWatch arm layer second we
are not going to review the box but we
are going to review the watch itself
sometime here it comes
as you can see this watch absolutely
looks very cool in my previous video I
unbox it so if you want to watch it
click over here click the card over here
and you can directly pop over there so
as I said the first base includes of the
external part of devote so let's quickly
loop the watch so the external I
actually bought the golden strap and I
love golden straps and a few on the talk
over the external part its built-in
qualities very strong and I'm dropping
it directly from here it's actually a
bit low but let's see so let's see
whether it crowd or not and as you can
see it's perfectly fine and I'm sure it
is fine it should be fine because it's
built in quality is pretty amazing and
as you can see the external it's very
cool and the color contrast of this
matches with the normal like shady color
over here as if you observe closely the
gold in the middle and the right side is
not the same so if you watch it like it
the color contrast is very cool so I'll
and one more good thing is distract
which you get like the supply strap
which you get for this is also
compatible for this and that's pretty
amazing and you as you can see you get
the force in logo over here the FA's
will print and that's amazing you get a
stylish look when you wear so I'll
quickly wear it and show you guys how it
looks so you can also resize it if you
of course eyes I guess you all people
know about this so as you can see this
is pretty amazing looks cool on every
hand oil in mind this getting so as you
can see it looks good and the one more
good feature of this watch is you can
actually change disrupt so if you see
over here there is a tiny clip and what
you have to do is just pinch it over
here like this and bam he
come so you can replace it with any
strap that you want like the Fazal
suitable strap and that's amazing so now
let's pop into the base to in the best -
as I told I'm going to show you the all
the app which are there in this so as
you can see this is the SmartWatch
itself so this is the first clock face
so let's start off with the clock faces
then moved to the app so this is the
first clock face this is the second
clock face I guess you can see this the
brightness is a bit low but I hope you
can see it this is the third form clock
face and this is the arm so in one clock
face you get four types of this so let's
move to the second third fourth and so
now normally you get six to seven types
of clock faces as you can see this is
the first clock face and this is the
second third fourth fifth sixth and
seventh and eighth the ninth and tenth
and 11th 12th and 13th and 14th so you
get 14 clock faces still here like
without installing anything inbuilt and
if you want to add more clock faces what
you do is you just press over here and
it takes you all it takes you to the oil
of clock faces which I'm built and also
you can download it from your mobile and
that's pretty cool I can say and as you
can see this is a pretty nice one and
these are the clock faces inbuilt in the
SmartWatch and you can also get it from
Play Store so now we are done with the
clock faces so let's pop into the apples
so as you can see there are many apps so
first of all there is a Play Store app
in the Play Store app for information
you get all the apps which are like
inbuilt like which are suitable for the
watch and
I guess I can't say that because there's
no internet so this is the flashlight
and I'm not sure whether you know but
this is only the flashlight there's not
a good now light amount of light so
let's get that so next you have telegram
telegram is a charting app and in which
you can chat like whatsapp and stuff
like that so as you can see it's loading
so here you can write all the messages
send it to your friends and that's cool
you also get a calculator I don't think
so I have to explain about calculator to
alarms okay Boyd Boyd Boyd Boyd is an
in-built game which you can play or fly
into and that's cool so this is how the
game looks so what I have to do is if an
object comes you have to just escape
from it and so as you can see all the
cars come near you and you have to
explain and like escape from that so
that is the bolt what
so thanks we get contacts contacts if
you link with your mobile you get all
the contacts in then you can also make
call from it if you have and Bluetooth
connectivity and this is just for the
keypad stuff agenda I guess browser
browser you get like Google browser you
get to browse anything you want even
whatever like prescriptive websites you
want to like just work on web it find my
phone find my phone is a very very very
good app if your phone like if your
watch is lost you can try to find it
with your phone and if your phone is
lost you can find it with your watch so
good endurance because I guess there is
no internet connectivity or Bluetooth
connectivity so that's what it's not
ringing in my phone and fit fit and fit
workout so I'll brief you about fit
first so the fit consists of all the
stuff like the running and you can also
add goals so this is the pretty much
like it also shows you time how much you
worked and how many kilometres calories
you burn and how many steps you run and
if you just think fit is having too much
now you're mistaken fit workout is more
good than that so it gives you all the
options were walking running trail arm
what we said treadmill running biking
stationary biking star climbing machine
strength training sit up sit up
challenge push-up challenge quiz
challenge and other so this is amazing
guys it has all the sensors included in
this this is just amazing so for lq as i
told you this is the app which i was
talking about before if you ask me i say
holy queue is not recommended app if you
ask me i say that Android wear is the
cool app and the suitable app for this
so just ignore for lilke you guys have
to uninstall it because it's not that
good so keep keyboard yes this is the
same which you have in the mobile maps
maps you it's like it shows you
directions I can show you right now
because there's no internet connectivity
excuse me for that so enable look
location so as you can see it is asking
for Wi-Fi or else it looks like this
somewhat looks like this a normal small
and cute the map v talked over the phone
the phone is linked to the arm Bluetooth
Bennett you can make calls photos photos
it if you thinking while you get all the
photos in this play music um I guess no
need to explain more about that if you
sing the musics in this you can listen
all the musics inbuilt reminders
reminders are like alarms if you I'll
show you don't worry so remind us it's
like alarms if you just keep and time it
will just so you need internet even for
this and connected to your mobile so
that's a pretty bad it want a stopwatch
stopwatch is a cool thing in this it
vibrates on hand and you have like even
options for which vibrations time or
translate you one more cool thing is you
get uber in the SmartWatch uber is like
just like best thing as you can see Oba
and you can just set a pickup and if you
just make a tick over here it can book a
cap for you and that's cool
reiative is a youtube stuff you can
watch videos well even show you that as
you can see this is the video tube you
get all the videos like latest uploads
as you can see some asshole made a funny
video on Donald Trump the President as
you can see Donald Trump so weather
weather forecast like it tells you the
arm temperature and stuff and Google
feed you also the Google feed in this
like inbuilt no need to download
anything as you can see it's 28 degrees
fog in Hyderabad where I live so it's a
personal thing so I'm just going to
nothing it's like all Italy so yeah you
know where I live so as you can see the
watch looks pretty cool awesome now
we'll jump into the base 3 as I told you
in my base 3 I'm going to show you all
the settings features so let's pop into
settings as you can see the first link
the settings you get display in display
to change this more watch faces you get
to change the brightness and the
brightness is up to fight so if you keep
in run it looks something like this and
if you keep in fright it looks something
like this and it's a pretty change not
like an cheap watts it's an amid cool
watts and if you compare the price this
and with the Apple citrus tree this is
twenty two and you get for a heavy
discount at least the link in the
description if official force and
SmartWatch link and if you compare it
with the Apple citrus tree it is sixty
to seventy thousand and that's pretty
costly to buy it and if you ask me I
just say ignore it in this place so
after the adjust brightness you also get
change watch faces like which I showed
you at the first font sizes and font
sizes is a pretty cool if you keep large
you can see a pretty difference as you
can see let's keep into small small is a
pretty good thing then sound and
notifications you can certain ring tones
app sounds and everything media volume
allow them volume so as you can see I
guess you heard it and ring volume also
vibrate for calls you can also like set
your ringtones of like own ringtones
from your mobile notification previews
normal high etcetera etcetera vibration
pattern double triple now apps when we
pop into the apps you get all the apps
which you have and you can customize it
like if you want you like you can
customize it for the notifications like
double double vibration stuff like that
gaseous gaseous is a good thing like
till to wake up till like you get all
the questions but over here just showing
the two glaciers but you also get a
launch tutorial like it shows you all
the gadgets which are there and one
pretty good thing is and if you do this
if you like the app scroll down
automatically that's awesome
so let's go to it connectivity in the
connectivity you get bluetooth Wi-Fi
aeroplane mode look
from phone location from phone is
basically to book an uber cab especially
so that it gets in you no need to have
glue to tow and activity any anything
this Wi-Fi and location is enough so
that's cool
without your phone also you can just
make a new booking in this watch that's
amazing I'm sure in Apple what you can't
do anything like that hahaha roasted
apple accessibility and accessibility
you get many long gestures like if you
triple tap you can magnify stuff so
that's amazing and three taps that's
innovative thinking two taps is like in
everything but three taps it's important
like cool in personalization you get all
the accounts which are linked smart
reply ok Google detection even ok Google
detection is there and it's better than
Siri and if you're thinking why I'm so
obsessed with Apple I have an apple
watch guys and unfortunately broke and I
hate that thing so I'm just like hated
so in system look at date and time
disconnect and reset and restart so
that's amazing so now let's pop into
developer options developer options is
like a mobile that where you get all the
options like three third-party options
and routing you can also route the
SmartWatch I guess like I'm not sure so
now let's pop into system this is the
About section in the About section as
you can see this is the queue under
model the device name is q1 defy eight
one eight and this is the serial number
of it the build number the connection is
disconnected shows you over here
batteries 84% system updates and legal
notices so then let's go to the versions
in versions you get all the things and
as you can see the Android wear is
running at the Android wear is two point
zero point zero version and the OS is
seven point one point one so as you can
see it's running
the 7.1.1 latest one and the security
patches August it's the latest thing and
the Google services as you can see this
is also the stuff which you get in this
so we are I guess we are pretty done
with the SmartWatch still here so last
but not least as I told you I'll rate it
and I'll also tell where they soo
commended to buy so I can give it a four
and a half or the fire rating it's very
recommended for buying it's a very cool
SmartWatch and even if you overuse the
SmartWatch by playing or the games it
won't get that easily heated it's a
pretty good
Metallica thing and the charging comes
up to 2.5 2 and a half days I guess
around two and a half to three days even
if you use it like Jaco using it's a
awesome SmartWatch built and it's like
pretty good built and for the great
which you get for this I I can just say
click the link below and just buy it and
you get and you can also get a pretty
heavy discount for this for the first 25
customers only and this is a pretty good
SmartWatch I can say Fazal q wonder if
we talk about heating nor specifically
you have to note overcharge it like you
have to let go after eight hours it
takes around four to eight hours to
charge like and off that's for the first
time use and normally it takes two hours
to charge for the 100% and once at this
100% you have to like specifically check
with its 100% oils the watch might get
heated not too much but you have to take
care of it so apart from that it's
pretty cool SmartWatch and I can say you
have to buy it it's recommended for
buying and that's cool and I hope you
buy this watch if you liked it leave a
thumbs up subscribe to channel for more
latest updates and yeah thanks for
watching guys I hope you liked the video
and peace
boo cry girl comes up to me it says
what's your job and I said Bugatti