Random 3 colour challenge card tutorial with my Momita!! 😍

13 days ago
Hey Crafters! ❤ Floral Phrases Clear-Mount Stamp Set [141767] —— http://bit.ly/2sglpb5 I have been looking forward to sharing this video with you for such a ...

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hi crafters its Hannah from handcrafted
cards calm welcome to this week's
colour challenge and I have two cards
to show you this week because I've also
got mamita
crafting with me so this is and this is
my card so we'll be using the floral
phrases stamp set so I'll be showing you
that and the colors that we use and yeah
let's get started okey-dokey so we'll
pick some color that colors first so
I've got my random number generator and
let's see what's first 47 so 47 gives us
very vanilla okay
next we've got number three which is
number three smoky slate
it's right oh my goodness and then
number 19 I'm a long twist okay so
you've got very vanilla smoky slate and
lemon lime twist right combination okay
so we'll pick this um there's picker
stamp set and then we can get started
okie dokie so I've got lemon lime twist
ink smoky slate I've only got a pen and
the card stock and they're very vanilla
the written in ink pad so we've got some
twine and the card stock and I've chosen
the floral phrase is stamp set and we're
just gonna do some stamping obviously
mom if you want to do something
different you can you don't have to just
do what I'm doing you can um do your own
thing if you wish
bass bone folder so that's gonna be the
card base I think I'm gonna do some
stamping on this first I think yeah I'll
do some stamping on this first and I
think I'm just gonna use this strip and
then or something like we've got a belly
a stripper the ink color designer series
paper we've got a strip of that which is
going to go across the middle so then I
think I might stamp above and below it
and then add the sentiment and stuff so
I think I'll stick first looks nuts so
I'm just wrecking my belly band around
I'm a fast fuse girl okay oh shoot I was
gonna do something before I stood that
down she's a fast fuse girl in a few
let's go no just borrow your lighter
of mine I forgot and when you put it
together okay guys this is my dear thank
that's going to go there and for my
sentiment to use for all the thoughtful
things you do know you that fit yes but
will you see it that's the question
so I'm going to stamp it in lemon lime
twist and see if you can see it don't
yeah it's maybe not straight
Danny sculpture yeah it's fine bottom
it's over there so we've got the same
stuff but you do it differently to you
create whatever you do things
so yeah you could be using the same
stuff but then your card comes out
different from somebody else's oh yeah
you can see that it's my power to do
that yeah you can see the room only when
I we could I do get its bit
you to put my sentiment yeah I've got
one you need to stamp it so quite a big
difficult no right like this won't fit
though I'm I did twines dance goofy
you've been a squishy day yeah
then I'm going to pop it up
so do this before I put myself in Iran
because I'm going to do some splatters
okay I'm gonna do some flips with the
pen so I'm just putting the nib Oh to
the lid
then I'll put my sentiment on and I'm
gonna pop that up as well so don't
forget a list of everything that we've
used will be in the description and the
card sizes and all that stuff
links to my online shop are in the
description as well so if you want
anything you can just click on one of
the links I'm just going to tie a bow so
two fingers over and over all wrong
where untangle yeah you need the end up
there so over and over and over and
through the gap there and then through
that loop that you've made and then pull
it out
what anyone did something wrong try
over and over and over and over
okay I ain't right is it wrong
okay and I'm not doing it too many times
that's better
okay it's fine so I'll show that again
you go so take your twine or your ribbon
have the quarter end of the top two
fingers go over the top one underneath
over the top one underneath then you
come through that gap there grab it and
that little loop that you've just made
take it underneath that and then pull it
tight and then pull that end as well
that's slide it off your fingers you can
see more ways ribbon I think than toy
box so that's my card for this week's
kind of challenge and this is mom eaters
card for this week's color challenge um
so yeah let me know what you think of
having the two of us crafting together
if you liked it then we will do it again
you want me to instead yes so same
product same colors but two different
looks to the cards I know cute yeah so
thanks for joining us today and we will
see you in the next video bye bye