QUICKSILVER 625 CRUISER [test in acqua]

5 days ago
Cosa c'è di meglio che un cruiser per godersi il mare? Con la famiglia o con gli amici, questo tipo di barca è l'ideale per passare del tempo in completa allegria ...

English subtitle

Hello, I'm Oscar Bellandi. Today we are here to test the Quicksilver 625 Cruiser.
What is a Cruiser? It is a boat equipped with a little
cabin on the inside, it is a very versatile boat, so you can use it
to do whatever you want. You can attach it to your car,
in fact it has a length of 6,25 meters and a width of 2,55 meters that
makes it trailerable.
This boat is suitable for a vacation, for a weekend out and even just
for a day out wherever you want to spend time
with your family, with your friends. You can
enjoy it during hot summer days with your family but you can
even play water sports such as fishing and water skiing.
Horses power on board are enough to have fun.
It is equipped with a 220 hp, 4300 cc Mercruiser.
It is an amazing inboard-outboard engine, so it disappears into the locker of the boat,
you don't see it and as a consequence you have more space in the back
to sunbathe and enjoy the sea at your best.
The dashboard is equipped with all the Mercruiser instruments in order to control the engine.
Tachometer, mileage calculator, instruments to control the oil temperature and
there is also a very useful fish founder for your fishing in the sea or in the lake and
even all the switches for the equipment on board, such as
the shower, the lights, the bilge pump and everthing
needed to sail in total security.
Usually on these boards there is no space to get in the bow
or maybe it is hard to get there.
Not in here, in fact thanks to this step
getting in the bow is super easy and safe because it is equipped with an
handle too. Here I am in the bow
above the cabin where I can lie down and sunbathe.
In fact an amazing sun deck can be added here,
Furthermore the windshield can be open in order to
easily get in the cockpit.
Here I am, in the back of the boat sitting on this couch placed just above the engine
that is a very comfortable sun deck too, in fact it is really spacious
and if this is not enough as an option you can even
extend it thanks to an extra cuscin.
So it can be turned into a very comfortable double sun deck or just
a comfortable seat. Here you also find one table, one driving seat and one co-pilot seat
in order to spend some time together.
Thanks to the fact this is an inboard-outboard boat
thia area is complitely free, so the access to the sea
is very easy thanks to the stern platform as well
which you can use to relax or to jump into the water. Maybe
you don't want to stay under the sun all day long.
Well, you have to know this boat is equipped with a bimini top
that covers the whole area
during a raining day or even if you want to take a nap in the cockpit.
I mentioned the cabin of this boat lots of times so
let's have a closer look on it.
The sliding door makes the access really easy,
follow me and I'll show you.
This cabin is equipped with a very comfortable bed placed in the central area.
In fact this couch can be turned into a bed
filling the hole with a cuscin that comes with the boat.
Let's check if this boat performs so good as I told you before.
Let's go have some fun, follow me.
I had so much fun testing this boat.
This is properly a fun and safe boat.
If you want more clarifications, you can find all the technical informations of the boat,
all our contants and the link to get the the technical sheed in the
link down below.
We will give you all the informations to understand if
this is really the boat you are looking for.
In order to finish our test today i just have to tell you that we are waiting for
you to contact us and that this boat is in Lonato del Garda if you want to come and see it.