Quality childcare and fair work environment for working parents

2 months ago
믿고 맡길수 있는 탁아시설...여성 경력단절 해결을 위한 첫걸음 Still today, in most parts of the world, when it comes to affairs at home including looking after the...

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Still today, in most parts of the world, when
it comes to affairs at home including looking
after the children, women are widely held
One solution to help distribute such responsibilities
evenly... is increasing the number of quality
childcare services.
Lee Unshin sheds light on what's being done
in the nation in that respect.
There are plenty of books and toys, and friends
to play with at this childcare.
But it looks like kids are having most fun
when doing a group activity led by their instructors.
"I like having fun with the teachers here,
I made a hamburger today with some friends.
For today's lesson: 'Why one shouldn't say
curse words',...the first and second graders
have an open discussion with each other, and
later on, they get to have a short snack time
before dinner.
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Their parents may still be at work by this
time of the day, but they have got nothing
to worry about as this place isn't just a
regular "day"-care.
The hours between 3 and 7 p.m. are especially
challenging for parents, as they struggle
to fill the gap between the end of the school
day, and the end of their work day.
To take the burden off community residents,
this childcare center opened last year.
Kids usually come here straight from school
to play, under close supervision.
Cho is never alone when handling kids, she's
always got an assistant by her side.
And it's often the parents that take turns
to fill the position.
Local residents and the Gwacheon city community
made this program possible.
Among city resident applicants, we prioritize
couples working full-time and single parents.
The city plans to expand the program to all
parts of Gwacheon in the coming years.
It's part of the city government's efforts
to help parents with kids balance work and
family life better.
And it's something that's needed throughout
Out of some 5 million women who quit their
jobs last year, over 50-percent answered that
they left their careers behind to give birth
or devote their time to raising their kids.
"Women my age often quit their jobs because
they get frustrated with the nursery system.
I hear when the parents come to pick up their
child after 6 p.m., the kid is often left
"The root cause lies in women having to shoulder
the burden of raising children.
This wide-spread notion of traditional gender
roles needs to change so moms and dads can
both be responsible for taking care of kids.
Along with that, safe and reliable nurseries
close to homes or the workplace are needed."
While experts warn that bringing change to
long-held cultural beliefs will take time,...
the 'ideal' care center model is gaining momentum.
Many of the nearly 4-thousand staff at Ansan
Science Valley, an area filled with hundreds
of tech businesses and institutions,... juggle
extended working hours and family life on
a day-to-day basis.
And to accommodate them, the community featured
a 'day-care 4.0'.
"I like how the center's right next to my
work, so if my kid gets sick, I can quickly
come here to check on him.
Knowing that my child is nearby, I get to
sit back and focus at work."
An open playing field for kids to learn new
things and make new friends.
The management is handled by the valley's
conglomerates, with government support.
So there's no extra financial load for the
"From female workers who quit their jobs to
take care of their children, throughout the
country, companies saw over 13 billion US
dollars lost a year.
So we wanted to come up with a system where
women can be a mom without putting an end
to their career, and can really focus on their
All the more reason for more reliable childcare
services, where kids can spend hours of quality
time while moms chase after their dreams.
But that alone won't secure these valued workers.
"A profound structure that prevents any discrimination
against working moms is also needed.
The discrimination is often driven from conventional
ideas that women are responsible for household
affairs, and are a secondary income producer
at home."
Lee Unshin Arirang News.