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Olá pessoal, neste vídeo vocês vão ficar a saber quais são os principais problemas que estão associados à ingestão de proteína, tanto a mais como a menos.

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Hello everyone, I'm David Paulo and this is Factory Shape.
this video I'm going to talk about a subject that is quite important for
who is an athlete because many people do not know what
are the effects of protein more or less
and what is the recommended amount for each person
many people come to the internet and will search for an athlete and will see the
what amounts he eats what is the diet he does and that is not right
you listen to what I'm going to say in the end I'm going to give what is the value for each
should take and then make you the account of the formula and find out which
is that the amount of protein you owe neither more nor less because
this has effects on your body. Starting with protein unless there are many people who
already know this cliché that is if we do not give our body the
amount of protein needed it will start to fetch the muscles
and this will cause us to start losing muscle mass and this is not what we want
on the contrary we want and evolve and gain more muscle mass
so attention to that point if they are consuming protein unless this can be a
factor that you think is not the
evolve and pay attention to our diet if it happens
see this point if everything is right you have to go see other factors to know what
is happening to the certain other point that is to take protein less
will bring more physical and mental fatigue and like the low carb diets that are
Low Carbohydrate Diets What's It Gonna Bring? It will bring a power shortage
because carbohydrates are our source of energy and protein is not the source
but it will also cause some physical and
also mental so pay attention and if you feel the body more tired
both mental and physical, whether you are consuming protein or
less carbohydrate. And lastly the less protein will do with the
our body's metabolic processes slow down. Turning now to
many more people do not know what they can
with the question of overdoing protein supplements
the grams for what they need, being in needlessly consuming protein plus what goes
happen first our body just goes
assimilate what he needs if he needs 10 if we give 40
here 30 that are not going to be necessary and that will be put aside
What do these posts mean for is going to be transformed into energy
but it turns out that the protein is not equal to the carbohydrates combustion
of the protein will take much longer
and it has a bad effect which is the combustion of it is more complex than
for example the carbohydrates, which means that there will be a production of the
toxic residue that ammonia and this ammonia is harmful to our health.
The second points that are also quite important and that have a lot of attention
which is too much protein can cause an overload in your kidneys and liver
only you do not drink a lot of water there may be some problem with these two organs
so if they had to consume more protein than they should and if
you know that, drink plenty of water so that the kidneys and
liver to work hard enough that there is no health problem
these two bodies, and finally, what do you think happens to some people who
abuse in the supplements that constipation many people do not eat the food
of meat or fish and that they only take many protein supplements
this will cause them to have constipation. How had he said
I will now say what are the amounts each person should take of
I was a workshop with Sérgio Veloso if you
not knowing is a very understanding person in nutrition
if you search for facebook you will find it for sure and I was a workshop
of his weight management and he said that for normal people of people who have
some physical activity, a more basic thing should be consumed 0.8 grams
to 1.5 grams per kilogram body. If you have already started to train
if they already do more days a week than they always do four strands and
one more thing constant I argue already can score a point 5
grams for each kilogram of body however if you are athletes of
high competition or if they participate in cycling race, bodybuilding competitions
from 2.3 to 3.1. This value of 3.1 in my opinion I think
it's a bit high but I'm not an athlete either
therefore I do not know if there is this need or not, therefore only the
people who are athletes must feel whether or not they need this protein.
amount of protein in relation to the effort you are making.
But in the end he summed it up as the recommended value for anyone who has a
a good train plan for those who pee drills a while ago for here is a poet
should be recommended the 2,118 grams per kilogram body
now it's easy for you to put 2.8 or 0.8 or 1.5 or whatever
you think it is your parameter of sedentary, active, athlete, semi-athlete you
have to see what your "category" is and you have to
put for example speak of this, the recommended that the 2.8 you put 2.8
Sometimes your weight will give a value of for example 100
grams 150 and 200 grams which is the value you have to consume protein
per day because they have already seen less protein or more protein has effects not always
we can be in perfection as it is obvious because we are inside the
our body to know for sure 2.1 or 2.2, 3.4 we never know for sure
so try to explore the first try a week two weeks
with a value if you feel that you still need more put another bit
if you feel that you are already experiencing some constipation
The other one I spoke to you started to reduce or increase you have
play with these values ​​so the recommended is 2.8 for people who
more physical activity and has a larger volume, however, from 0.8 to
2.8 Do your calculations See what you need
because it is very important that they are able to take the necessary protein
effort you are having and if you
continue to have doubts try to consult a sports nutritionist
you will wonder what will be the indicated value of
because you will be able to have better
performance, you'll be able to evolve faster
if you can with some advice I give in all
videos if you join all you will be able to get better fit with a
physical condition that is the goal is to be able to evolve every
day and each time better for you to know what is the amount that I am taking
I am doing 1.6 grams I do classes, I do weight training
and I give some races once, twice a week
you will say that it is little for a person who does 5 to 6 days of exercise
per week but this was even the aim to start for two, three weeks
I wanted to do with this value and now in the first month from the first
month I will start to move to 1.8 to 2 grams of protein per
every kilogram of body is the goal because I think the
two grams is a pretty good value for those who do the 4.5, 6 day exercise
I hope you enjoyed this video.
because it is a question that some people have
and who search sometimes on websites and who often see diets from others and youtubers
but the reality is not even so it is really the question of what the trainings
It has to be the training for that person because if you are going to copy
the training of another person who already does that at some time you can
you are injured because your body is not prepared for that
have to follow some basic rules of adapting the exercises and only
then further ahead is that you can go increasing volume to intensity
It is in this matter of protein to increase more protein if you have
any more questions write in the comments that I will try to answer
all people and good workouts