Promoting Employer Peer to Peer Networking Opportunities

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OOD Business Video Promoting Peer to Peer Networking Opportunities.

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- You know, as a father of a
child with disabilities, many of the old ways
of thinking don't translate to the 21st century
For example, partnering with businesses was
not something that was really thought of until
the last decade or so.
We understand that partnering with businesses
and ensuring that they can be successful is
more than just saying, hiring an individual
with a disability because it's the nice thing
to do.
And it is a nice thing to do, but companies
also are understanding that it's profitable,
and that's what they're in business to do.
So by partnering with OOD and joining the
Business Leadership Network, for instance,
they could see many benefits by their peers
and other industries in seeing best practices
on how to implement new programs and how to
expand their businesses with keeping individuals
with disabilities in mind.
- My name is Mitch Morgan.
I am a Vice President, Manager of Inclusion
and Diversity at Fifth Third Bank.
My role is the President of the Ohio Business
Leadership Network for our over 125 member
We like to say that membership has its privileges.
As a member of the OHBLN, you are invited
to participate in a variety of education opportunities
as well as to participate in specific and
intentional efforts around the recruitment
and the selection of individuals with disabilities
for your organization.
So the Ohio Business Leadership Network partners
directly with Opportunities for Ohioans with
I like to think that the two organizations
work in synergy in order to provide employment
and education opportunities for employers
to help them source candidates and consumers
that may be supported by OOD and who can move
on to become active and vibrant employees
of the organizations that are part of the
- I met OOD about two years ago, and we started
our relationship then.
I sit on a board of the Ohio Business Leadership
Network, and I was at a meeting and I heard
about OOD's partnership with Fifth Third Bank
and how they had hired candidates from OOD
at Fifth Third.
- So at Fifth Third Bank, we believe that
inclusion and diversity are critical to living
our core values, to serving our customers,
having strong financial performance, as well
as becoming a leader in building an engaging
workforce, a strong supplier base, as well
as vibrant communities.
- And ever since then we've had weekly meetings
with OOD, just really have a successful partnership
and relationship with them in terms of talking
about candidates that OOD wants to place at
the Huntington.
And so that's where our relationship started,
again, very successful partnership where we
are matching OOD's candidates and clients
to positions at the Huntington.
- At Fifth Third, we have for over a decade,
had a concentrated effort on a training program
to build skills for individuals with disabilities
to learn competitive workforce and workplace
skills to go on to competitive employment,
whether that employment is here at Fifth Third
or in the communities in which they are located.
- I've been with the Huntington for 20 years
and I have a good idea in terms of what positions
would be a good fit for the OOD client and
what departments and what culture at the bank
would be good for this individual.
I meet with everyone in person and we talk
about if there's any reasonable accommodations
that the candidate needs, and then I work
with our recruiters here at the Huntington
to send them to that recruiter to interview
for a specific position.
- Our intentional efforts around hiring individuals
with disabilities has been solely focused
on the business need.
- So when I first started working with OOD,
we targeted a couple of specific job descriptions
and position titles here at the bank that
were high turnover positions.
- And we recognize that individuals with disabilities
is an untapped market for us to reach out
to and integrate into our organization and build the skill set
that they can be successful employees as well
as successful members of society.
- [Narrator] For more information on the Ohio
Business Leadership Network, please visit
the website at
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