Primeiro video game - As trocas

2 months ago
Como a gente trocava cartuchos na epoca . Velho da Lapa ...

English subtitle

I will tell a story for you to come
Hello YouTube folks here your friend Powermafia continuing Atari series now exchanges
The exchanges usually lasted only one day because
if it lasted another day or the weekend
to my mother to realize that you lent
that game in wanted to see him back then
You went to a friend's house with a game by
example enduro or something else let me get it
other normally one day or maximum the end
of week later it returned.
But there is a boy there on the street who was the role
of the area I have a video that is more in detail
in powermafia game channel I'll leave it in the description
that I explain how it was.
But it was basically a pyramid system
we lent the game to him and with that
game I would go to another person and get the other one
game there I would get that other boy's game
I got a game from another boy I would change it
changing and I do not know how I will know later
Where was your game and usually my mother always asked.
Where is that squirrel game Where is that
postman game I do not know what you have
You ask for it back for boy.
I usually delayed to bring game
back was complicated but I also
I do not have much to complain about because thanks to him I accessed several games I would take
to get or could not if not
was his help like the game of Kangaroo
You control mommy Kangaroo I have to
rescue her cub from the little monkeys game
cool i like it a lot i've been too addicted
in this game i was not very well not all
the game You have one legal souvenir and another
trading system was also the guys who
exchanged cartridges you took a cartridge
and for a small fee you took the other
different game for your house that was the old
of Lapa.
I'm going to take here the link of the description
I explain exactly how the system was
change it cool and cute funny if you
think of a cartridge be the boy who
make the other roll you picked up that the
cartridge spoke up it would say it was already
within a 20 to 50 atari because the cartridges
were running quite a bit.
I'll always remember the first stump
that I took from the old man from Lapa he was a guy
I changed cartridge in the neighborhood of Lapa I was
small boy and with my mother to see two
or three cartridges and the old one from Lapa spoke
a is the one here I will change, another is the one here I will not
change why this cartridge is bichado. I looked at
so bichada bichada has no bug here
There is no bug there today game.
It was already for my mother I asked him he said
that the cartridge is bichado I went with my
Mom there because my mom was a little
farther away there he explained.
Cartridge bitchado this one that is with the
mark of the bolt that somehow already
had an attempt to open the cartridge
and the child is also fire open only
to see the chip inside just to see if
the character was in there or to see
the chip to see how it was the electronic thing
and also happened very this of own
cartridge that depending on the brand the electronic part
her and go inside and you really had
that open the screw and make the repair to
the cartridge is in the correct position but
The old man from Lapa did not want to know and he looked at the cartridge with disgust like that.
This cartridge is bichado was very funny
good staff is that there I am closing the
my first videogame series I hope you liked the videos a hug
of your friend Power Mafia Stay with God