Prima data la un coffeeshop | My first coffeeshop experience

6 days ago
Vreti sa vedeti cum a fost, Prima data la un coffeshop, pentru mine? Do you want to see how it was, My first coffeshop experience? Then watch this travel vlog, ...

English subtitle

I took a shower
I left my stuff in the room
I became friend with some of my roommates
2 Italians, a girl from New Zealand and a boy from Australia
and now we're going to eat something
and then we go to a coffeeshop to try a joint
because here is legal! ;)
We stop here to eat
we will see
I've already ordered
Here's what I ordered
Hamburger with fries and a sauce
everything cost 8.65eur
and I do not know what's in front of me
I think I'm the order with No. 12
Everyone has another number
In Amsterdam, food is a bit expensive but that's the situation!
We'll see, how much the weed will cost...
The food came. Hamburger is big enough
so it may be worth the money I gave.
I have finished eating.
I'm full.
The hamburger was huge.
fries was the same size(huge)
I liked the fries and the sauce
Hamburger, I did not like it at all.
The meat was dry
This is the word, dry!
I did not like it.
French fries were a little salty so now I'm very thirsty
We're going to have a drink
and then we go to a coffeeshop
While we ate, it rained
I hope that the tram don't run into me
I follow them
It's good to be with more peoples
The Australian guy knows the area, and he'll take us to a cool coffeeshop
I think
I hope it will be a very interesting evening!
I just finished my first coffeshop experience.
We smoked together
I smoked a whole joint
It cost 5 euros
For now, as you can see, I'm fine
When I say I smoked a whole joint, I mean that
it was pure without being mixed with tobacco
and it was big, I don't know....
I think he had 1 gram but I do not know exactly
For now I have nothing, I'm okay
i'm chill
I see later how I will be affected
Let me show you here
I present you a condoms shop
This store seems to be famous
because it is full of condoms
Do not buy the cake with weed from here
from such sweets shops
because the cakes with real weed are found
only in coffeeshops!
Just from the coffeeshops buy weed where you are in Amsterdam!
What happened next
there in Amsterdam
You know what they say.
What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam!
I did not shoot anymore.
sadly for you
but stay calm, because
everything that happened was very relaxed!