Plus Size Fashion | Watermelon Bikini & Velvet Dress Gwynnie Bee Review

2 months ago
Use my link to sign up for Gwynnie Bee and get your first 30 days FREE! share your GB looks with me with the hashtag #VOTxGB30 to be ...

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hello hello guys and dolls and welcome
back if this is your first time checking
out my channel I just like to say a
quick hello my name is Cora I'm a
makeup artist and fashion enthusiast
and so I make videos about makeup and
fashion those are my two main passions I
will throw in some lifestyle stuff here
and there things like shaving your face
and like really awkward subjects I am
just a really big nerd for any kind of
costume drama like Downton Abbey and
Pride, Prejudice and Zombies... today's
one my favorite videos to make and that
is my #votxgb30 video this is where I
push myself to get the most out of my
Gwynnie Bee membership which is a clothing
rental subscription service for sizes 10
through 32 I have been a member for a
couple of years I was like maybe I'm not
getting the most out of this service, let
me actually push myself to share every
single thing I get in the mail whether
it's good bad or horrid and there's one
thing this month that I actually
couldn't share with you guys on camera
because pair of jeans that just like
straight up didn't fit I want to really
push myself to share all these things
and make sure I'm photographing
everything but the most important thing
and the thing that makes me the most
happy is how we've created a community
because I've invited you guys to join me
with this with the hashtag #VOTxGB30 so
I'm on the hashtag right now and oh my
god you guys we ahve 112 posts what like I
don't even know what planet this is so
thank you guys so much for submitting
your looks
keep in mind you guys will be able to
get featured next month so go ahead and
use the hashtag #VOTxGB30 to share with
me your Gwynnie Bee looks I am just loving
this I want to shout out a few new
community members and just people that
have continued on with it like Kjoylo24 oh my god you share so many
amazing looks I swear she's like my new
like a style icon because everything
that she shows I go in my closet it I'm
like oh my god they're so cute I'm
closeting that oh my god ...add to closet!
Next new community member this
month is Missmortessa
I absolutely died for your little outfit
shot, so cute I love that skirt please
keep your submissions coming because
you're so adorable, Someone who I
thought really killed it was Dorie,
Dorie Mendoza
I actually met Dorie a couple years ago
at The Makeup Show here in San Francisco
so it was really cool to see you get
involved with this I got like so excited
when I saw your post you had quite a few
amazing shots, and you just shared
some new ones today I'm like oh my god
you're killing it dude you're killing it
and that's the thing I really love is
kind of getting to know you guys a
little bit better through this hashtag
and seeing your fashion and your
identity through fashion another new
community member is Lydia Hudgens and oh
my gosh you're so stylish your photos
are so On Point you are so like fabulous
and stylish like I feel like a geek I'm
like oh my god you you're using my
hashtag! you're so cool.... the
cool kids like me... another new community
member is JLspies she actually shared
her first ever Gwynnie Bee Dress which I
was so excited to see she shared a few
other photos this skirt that you're
wearing so many other community members
have like rented this I'm so jealous I
just wish that it would come in my box
Jlspies also shared like the little
brochure that you get when you first
join and I didn't even know this I'm in
it so if you guys join and you'll
actually get like that brochure
with me in it I was so excited oh my god
I actually like contacted my like PR
contact at GB like can you send
me one of those so I can save it for
my momento box I just feel like so
blessed this company that I love loves
me back and it just it's a really great
community Nomnivorous shared a couple
of really great outfit photos and I met
her when I went to New York last time we
sat down a little cafe and it was just
like so cool to see these people that I
know in real life actually getting
involved people that I've met through
meetups and things like that
lolllimeg wore the amazing splatter
print dress which I shared, a lot of the
other community members have also
borrowed this it's really exciting to
see that kind of like making its way
it's like literally like "Sisterhood of
the Traveling dress" we are all like
wearing it and having fun adventures in
the dress I just dig it's one of the
things I love about Gwynnie Bee is that
we're able to share these awesome
clothes and I really love that we've
been able to create this little
community so I want to thank everyone
who has participated in the VOTxGB30
hashtag I will have that linked in the
description bar down below so you can
see everyone's post and make sure to
post your own photos because it makes me
so happy and if you haven't joined Queen
EB yet there's no day like today so I'll
go ahead and have that link in the
description bar down below for you guys
to check out now once you talk about my
rentals I actually have some stuff that
I wore that were not rentals which was
really exciting I had never done this
there's the glennyb membership which is
what I've talked about for the last two
years but there's also the glennyb shop
which has stuff that you wouldn't
necessarily want to rent like underwear
and bras and swimsuits and things like
this sometimes given the opportunity to
try out a unique vintage swimsuit this
came with tags it's a totally different
thing from the membership everything's
new with tags brand new not used and
seeing like that but this is an adorable
bikini and one thing I really liked
about it is that it doesn't have
underwire yet it's somehow like
magically lifted my boobs up it has like
really large pads in it I love the ties
I loved the watermelon print I love the
halter top and nothing too unique
vintage their clothing tends to run a
little bit on the small size but this
suits at me perfectly in the size 4x
which was like based on the size charts
besides that I should wear if anything
the bottom was a little bit like loose
and comfy like this was one of my most
comfortable swimsuits now it's
absolutely perfect for my quick trip
this weekend down to Southern California
and I just loved dipping in the pool my
super cute swimsuit this month in terms
of my rental started out with two items
that I kind of held back and this is
something that you can do you don't have
to send something that you rent back
right away you can actually hold on to
it for a little while especially if you
have a larger item at a time membership
like I do I have five items at a time so
I decided to hold a couple things back
and that ultimately meant that I didn't
I wasn't able to rent like a full 15
items or however many 15 has been the
most I've been able to rent it a month
and this month I was able to rent 14
things which is much better than last
month but I still haven't beat my first
month I was able to wrest fifteen items
items that I held back for a couple of
extra days where the toka blouse was so
beautiful and really fun to wear and the
Rachael antonov top which I was obsessed
with and I was really sad I was getting
ready to put it in the envelope and send
it on this way and then going to have a
sale which is something that they do
sometimes so I was able to get it at a
much reduced rate I think about it for a
$50 which for that blouse with that
print that fits that well is a button-up
shirt that fits on my hips and doesn't
gap up my bust so were spit so my first
actual box of the month there was this
great shirt from I think it was Nine
West and the skirt is from edition Elvis
the whole outfits glennyb
and this is so cute and the perfect like
kind of stuff that I like to rent from
quantity where it's a little bit like I
don't know if this is myself but it's
fun to try it out the top kind of
reminded me of like a 1980s McDonald's
employee shirt but I kind of liked it in
a weird
lightens and toss and then the skirt was
really fun really great structure - it
was really awesome to wear though this
is really fun to wear you guys if you've
seen my dicen video you probably
recognize this outfit already very cute
very comfortable and I wore it with a
really great pair of Earth's shoes and
their hands was like great crazy quois X
item I rented was this great Vince
Camuto like jungle print bomber jacket
so silky and really lightweight it was
perfect for the summertime especially in
the Bay Area we usually have a couple of
kind of cold days I love this jacket and
this is one of those things I really
like about renting from Gwen IV is that
Vince Camuto is a friend that's kind of
on the more expensive side this jacket
retails for I think one hundred and
eighty bucks and that's a little bit out
of my league for a bomber jacket just
because it's not a clothing style that I
wear all the time some like and really
cute and it really well with my regular
like workout gear I was like oh my god
it matches okay this next piece
unfortunately don't have video footage
because this month I tried to be smart
about my like digital stuff and I was
you know putting everything on my
external hard drive and somehow in that
process I deleted the video footage but
I have lots of photos this is a jacket
from Lucky Brand and it's a really
interesting like military jacket because
it has this gorgeous rose print on it
and it has shorter sleeves the right
return and regret I wish that I had
purchased this and I've already recorded
it hoping that it will come back because
it was so beautiful really lightweight
great for walking my dog early in the
morning I don't know if you guys knows I
wake up around 6:30 6:45 to walk my dog
and in Bay Area it's still pretty cold
like we saw a fog hanging in so it's a
bit chilly I still need jackets in the
summertime so this was perfect because
it's lightweight doesn't make me feel
like bogged down with the heavy jacket
and it was so cute it was so bad that I
didn't buy that the next item was a rent
and return for me this was really cute I
love all the color on it I don't
remember the brand name on the dress I'm
sorry if I if I can figure it out I will
insert it here it was really cute I just
felt like it was kind of a little big
for me like it was like sick through the
waist so it's sort of unflattering but
it was really comfy to wear for a quick
trip to Target and to do some errands
and stuff so that's the other great
thing no laundry I
just wear it return it and I don't have
to worry about washing it like fiddling
with my hair don't mind me this next
item I was really excited about this is
a new brand that I've never rented I've
never even heard of them before they're
called flying tomato and from what I can
tell it seems kind of like a kind of
like bohemian style O'Brien see a lot of
the Johnny blogs items but a lot less
expensive so if you're interested in
purchasing it it's a lot cheaper really
like this top that I rented I actually
saw this on my friend Lisa Rose and I
was like what
that is amazing immediately closeted it
was really exciting when it came really
cute table nice and flowy just a really
great summer item unfortunately the
other item that I rented from flying
tomato didn't work out so well this is a
dress that it's too short
to tighten the bus to tighten the waist
to tighten the hips just no hippie word
around the house but I didn't really
feel comfortable wearing it out of the
house so this was a rental return real
quick ex item it's a gorgeous skirt from
additionnal oh my god you guys how
beautiful is this skirt it's just so
pretty it's just it makes me feel pretty
I paired it with a top that I have from
knockoff like a cream color and these
really great red flaps that I got from
Target after nine years of marriage my
husband and I finally got proper wedding
rings so I should board the day that I
would to pick mine up and I was just
like oh I just felt like seeing dressing
it was just a great little date with my
husband but there's just such a great
like it was a great day and it was a
great memory and just felt so pretty in
the skirt this next item didn't fit I
can't even show it to you guys because
it was so bad I think I put the wrong
size in my closet I must have been like
I look like I'm a closet and grand page
like oh my god that's cute closet closet
closet and I must have not been paying
very close attention to this size chart
because I wear size 22 and some of their
other jeans I don't wear a size 22 in
keys leave her James jeans they wouldn't
get past my hips wasn't cute
I can't I'm sorry I know this next item
I am so excited to share with you guys
this dress is from Rachael Antonov and I
was really great printable like broken
up different colors just kind of fun and
funky and just I loved it so much I knew
it's going to be perfect for one of the
events in my cousin's wedding called a
polterabend the idea of this is that
everyone breaks pottery and then
I've also work together to clean it up
and I'm probably not explaining it
properly so I'm going to go ahead and
have my couple more and explained to you
guys in his own words so the gist of a
poulter oven is that the bride and the
groom worked together to sweep up the
seasons like the broken pottery and it
has to be pottery and we're good luck
they sweep it together to represent them
working at a tackle all of my challenges
and I expected little things like frozen
salami it was such a fun experience it
was a great like bonding exercise I met
a bunch of people that I didn't know
excite really know my cousin's friends
and by the end of it I was having like
tearful goodbyes with the people that I
met at this wedding because we have a
great bonding experience that first
manciple thera-band so I will actually
thank you guys - the woman who provided
the pottery for this she is so sweet
and she was actually in this video so
this is actually her throwing pottery at
the thing was just a great experience
and a lot of fun to do I think it's such
a cool tradition and I wanted to share
that with you guys and this dress was so
totally perfect for this event it was
colorful I needed a wedding with an LA
where people dress very colorfully and I
like to kind of broken up the look of
the pattern this dress is from Rachel
Antonov and it was just I love Rachel
Antonov prints they're so good this next
dress I also wore my trip this I'm very
into themed dressing so this dress has
blue trolleys on it so I thought it was
perfect to wear as my travel day dress
it was super comfortable this is from
Epis heart so it's the same as that
splatter pick print dress and a few
others that you guys could see me I love
at these hurts when I favor companies to
rent from and this has a similar color
scheme as a splatter dress if you like
that kind of like muted fun color and
fun prints and more like a subdued kind
of color scheme this is perfect for you
the next dress is something that I do
technically Brit from Gwen TV last month
but I bought it from them after I rented
it last winter this is one of my
favorite dresses I work from New Year's
Eve I wore it to go see Hamilton and I
worked my cousin's wedding it's like
like favorite special occasion dress
because the beautiful navy blue velvet
is just striking and stunning the cut of
it is just so flattering and it's
insanely comfortable like insanely
comfortable this dress it's just the
perfect perfect special occasion dresses
up being too dressy without being too
dress down
just lovely and this is still in the
collection that you can rent so how
exciting uh so I want to make sure I
shared this to you guys this month
because the stress is just divine and if
you can you should definitely rent it
final items that I'm going to share as
you guys say is the outfit that I'm
wearing right now so I'm just going to
stand up and show it to you
this is a jumpsuit from a brand called
democracy and this is absolutely one of
my favourite things I've ever rented
from Gwen be oh that this cutout here
actually shows the skin and it's been
out of a different fabric so it's a
little bit more structured there is
structure in it but also is quite
elastic so it's incredibly comfortable
there's pockets it's just like oh my god
okay maybe which is the color I love to
wear the only thing I don't like about
it is that you'll see that I have it
like very structured up here
it's actually because I have a safety
pin these are a little bit too loose for
me like they they fall down pretty
easily so something to keep in mind you
can always modify something to suit you
better but once I did that it's one of
my favorite pieces I own it but it's not
it's pretty wrinkly right now because I
hoard it like three or four times and
actually I wore it on the road home for
my cousin's wedding
so it's a little bit wrinkly but so cute
so oh my god I got a ton of compliments
on this it was just awesome to wear
something that people were so excited
about and also to working and I was so
fed run that is insane really
comfortable this was an immediate
purchase for me because I just loved way
that this looks I think it's so
flattering and so beautiful and I just
like it it's everything I ever wanted
all I ever wanted all I ever needed yeah
so there you have it that is everything
I was able to rent from glennyb in the
last month I am so thrilled with
everything that I rented this month this
is such a mojito there was like the
jeans that didn't work out and one dress
but didn't really work out but the other
things that worked out worked out so
perfectly this is definitely one of my
favorite months I've ever had was going
to be I'm just that much more excited
for next month so make sure that you are
sending me your look through VOT xgv 30
and if you haven't already signed up I
have that link
in the description bar down below thank
you so much for watching and I will see
you guys on next video remember to
vintage or tacky just your own kind of
beautiful you bye