Patriot Campers LC79 6X6 Megatourer Build Series - Episode 3

about 1 month ago
Episode 3 of the Megatourer Build Series is live and available to watch online right now. The boys from Airbag Man fit the Megatourer with a custom set of airbag ...

English subtitle

With TJM’s brand new suspension fitted
Justin’s brought in a surprise for the Patriot boys
The team have been questioning Justin about which springs he’ll use on the Megatourer
the boys have been hamering me over the last couple of days
about where are the springs?, where are the springs?
they don't really know whats going on, we're going with air all the way round, airbags.
Were down here doing the begining of an install of a custom airbag setup into the 6x6
How much travel are we going to get out of the bags?
huge travel yeah, more than you get out of springs so yeah
we've got plenty of movement there, yeah get as much as we can
what did you bring down with yah?
So I've got a few bits, lets have a look
you brought six right? not four?
you did bring six yeah? Yeah six, we've got six so
we've got some front bags in here
two tanks?, one tank? what are we doing. One big tank
special engineered bumpstops
so when you jump it, thats what yor going to land on.
and we will be jumping it, awesome gold, what else is in here?
that will do the job,
tyre inflation things, lots of conections, fittings, gold
alright boys, you've got some work to do
so your just going to swan off and drink coffee now?
yeah im just going to the, Mick, do you want a coffee?
thanks, appriciate it
alright Im off to get some coffee
il be back to check in on yah, have fun boys
coffee sounds good
So we're about to test fit the airbags
because its never been done on the rear before, and its a custom fitout
were just going to take the spring locator off
and then have a go and see what they fit like
yep so we'll get the springs out, get them out of the way
and then get the shocks in and do min and max with the shocks in there
and then we'll know where we're at
so your going to need a forklift in? for quite a while
So there's no shorter bag option?
well, we can mount the bag in there but your going to loose travel basically
yeah to fit in the airbags in we've gotta
essentially cut the spring seat out, shorten it up
and put it back in again, so we've got enough height to fit the airbag in
its a bit of pain to have to go through this process, but we've gotta do it to get it right
to get all the heights to work out where we want them
its frustrating
we've put all thes brand new shocks in, and now we have pull them out again
but hey guess what ,we're building a custom car
custom stuff
everythings gotta be custom so part of the game, that's what we do
the airbags basically too long
the spring seats dropped down about that much
so we need to cut the spring seat out
move it back up, and weld it back in
otheriwse we're just going to loose too much travel
its all a custom fit though, so no ones ever done it before
hasn't worked yet
stage two, get the "oxy"
the grinder didn't want to work, couldn't get it on the proper angle
How's the numberplate?
they've got custom plates everywhere aye?
"Bag Boy"
Did you see the Navara was "On Air"
How are you man?
whats happening? Good to see ya
thanks for coming down dude
you guys met Jack aye?
Hows things? Good you ?
Alright whats the plan?
for this specific build the unique ides that we've got is obviously
three preset height auto leveling, we've also got your
firestone airbags on the vehicle, you've got a mix
well there's a mix of Firestone and Dunlop airbags
So you've got the Dunlop on the front and Firestone on the back
the unique sort of thing about this is the three pre-height adjustment
that we've got on there, so you've got a raised height
a drive height and a lowered height
so yeah, really good for the access side of things
cause the problem is with this, Im not going to be able to get a high lift under it
and even if I do
Im going to need three guys to swing off it to lift the back of the truck up
and I don't want to be carrying around a trolley jack
your lowered height, you have to have the handbrake on
so is that what that sensor is there is it? yeah
So yeah but as soon as you release he handbrake it goes back to the level ride height
I was pretty sceptical about the airbags at the start
but after watching how fast the Land Rover goes up and down on one gallon of air
its pretty impressive really
Im mean Justin's not the most patient guy
and he says, when ignition comes on I want this thing like up.
so I think with six gallons of air, it will be pretty damn quick
Im just taking off the factory bumpstop because I want the hole centers
and then im going to make a new bracket
and im going to put much bigger bumpstops in
and I've gotta lower it down, so we don't bottom out the shocks and airbags
We bassically started in 1995, started working from the home garage
and just worked up from there so
do alot along the side of like trucks, trailers & 4x4
I just had a couple of ginger haired twins, so hopefully they got curley hair like mine
but yeah good fun, pretty hetic at the moment but
yeah going to be interesting the next couple of years so
your going to have some twins don't you reckon
that will be sick yeah
the next step is front airbags in
Johns working on the rear at the moment getting it all fitting we'll
shorten the spring seat so we've got full travel in the airbag
then at the front were just
modifying the 80's series kit to go into the 70'
and it will be done in
we're rotating the position of the airbags, so we just have to re-seat it back on again
and its a three person job, and it's really tough rubber
and just go like, spray in here just around half of that
cool we'll put that on, and just roll that back over
there we go
jeez you have this done this before haven't yeah
yep straight back on
and in the rear end we're converting JMACX coil coversion to an airbag system
which hasn't been done before so it's
covering new ground here, and its pretty exciting to have a go at it
everything about this build seems to be custom
its custom fit everything nothing just seems to bolt together, but we're making it work
it's making me tired at the same time
I've had one coffee today, I normally do like six a day
ahh man thats it, what else
yeah alot of custom work trying to position these airbags
it's trial and error, we're on stage probly three now
trying to get it all fit properly
It's got tolerances of 240mm
It's very hard to get the bag to sit properly
and the diff position to be on the right roll, the right position
alot of moving around tacking and welding, hopefully we're going to get there
two days fitting airbags definatley wasn't in the plan, it's just pushing it out so far
yeah we've got some really good gear in there
we've got a really powerful air supply on there
so we've got enough air to run six bags,
to be able to blow tyres up, we've got twin tyre outlets on the vehicle
one for each side
so yeah got a nice powerful air system on board there
we're doing all of this suspension and driveline work
and they want a custom gearknob, so we'll do something trick
instead of this shameful thing
these are the portals from Marks Adapters
because we're going big six piston WP Pro calipers
they didn't really fit with the rear mounts, so now we're running six front mounts
there's some seriously nice machining in these bits
two days ago fitting airbags, I was just cursing airbags all day long
I was hating it
but now that there in there, and I've seen the Land Rover doing it's thing on air
I think, well worth it
this is the custom made Brown Davis tank for our 6x6
I've been working back and forth with Brown Davis really closely on these builds
our Supertourer range has got alot custom tanks, we have a really good relationship there
they send me CAD and I modify it to suit how we want it, and then send it back to them
and they make it within a week, it's really good
I've gotta get this filler over this
that's not cool
looks like I've gotta move a hardline
and take off half one of those plastic brackets up here
your so close to that drum
so the issue we're running into is
because we had to move the handbrake from the rear wheels to the transfer
we now have to cut this section of the custom tank off
purely and simply because the handbrake drum was actually sitting about here
so any transfer movement, or gearbox movement
It's just going to hit the tank and create a noise
so simple situation, cut it, done
Steve's finished the modifications on the
bracket at the front, just because we have a transfer handbrake on it now
obviously because we're running portals in the rear, can't use the factory handbrake anymore
so, lets go fit it
the advantage of running two tanks is if
the rear one gets a hole in it for some reason
we've got 55L backup down the side, and this one's really well protected
were going to do a bashplate under the rear tank as well because
Justin seems to break stuff really easily
the under-side of the Megatourer is just about finished
with suspension, shocks, fuel tanks and portal axles all going in over a matter of days
It’s time to head up to Express Metal Products
Justin’s sheet metal business
the sheet metal aspect, the design, going through the whole manufacturing process
and seeing it come together
thats the best part of any build
it's not something that we buy, and we bolt onto the truck
its something that sincerely comes from the heart
sheet metal, well thats in my blood
Im a third generation Austrailian manufacturer
and thats where all of this started, where it all came from
how are you buddy?
going good man, how are you?
what's happening?
it's all happening, yeah it's all happening
got some six wheel drive parts for us or what?
we're ready to go, you wanna come in and have a look
really? , oh yeah
Im Jonno Horton, general manager of Express Metal Products
the processes we use here at Express Metal Products
are flatbed laser cutting, and bending sheet metal components
now we have the technology, with Express Metal Products
that we control the whole process
we know with our design now
that's somethings going to work prior, with all the software that we use
and that's where Jack comes into it
that's it man
that's where it's at
now when you put Jack and I together, and sheet metal is involved
we'll come up with something, that you've never seen before
we are the innovaters
and sheet metal design
will always be at the heart of Patriot Campers
woah, it's big
it is isn't it
it's real big, very big
its gone together alright?
yeah it has, everythings gone pretty good
looks sweet
Im just about to start welding
nice and flush everywhere
do you wanna hand? yeah I will actually
it's a whole lot bigger than I thought it was going to be
you know you look at something on the computer
and you know your screens that big, and your looking at it so it's kinda that big
and then
you see it here and go wow, really hope thats right
because looks expensive if it's not
do you back the power off right at the end do yeah?
yeah, you go cold
that's your two stage trigger?
yeah four step
oh sweet, flash aye?
pretty good
well we try to make everything perfect
as we do here
yeah but being Justin's, you don't want to leave anything out
Im just fitting out these new fancy boxes that Jack designed
they have a nice tapered area, so we can 4wd and not smash the boxes
If everything goes right, I don't have to drill any extra holes
all the holes line up, crazy
the taper improves departure angle, and it just looks cool
no one needs boxy boxes anymore
alright this is where you have to use your imagination
imagine a tray, guards, the toolbox
it's gonna sit, roughly about there
the tricky part is fitting 37's, but we'll figure that one out
so I definatley just scared the absolute daylights out of all the boys
I come out here, I had a quick look at the tray
to me it was just too long, it looked completley out of proportion
that's where the back of your tray is right there, pretty much inline with that
so we done a quick mock up
we put the wheels underneath it, we put some of the other body pannels on there
you know what, Jacks nailed it
as usual I know I gave him a fright
Jack looks like he's seriously about to cry
like there's going to be a tear rolling down his eye in a minute
and he knows he's not going to leave here for the next week
this is where the awesomeness comes out of
stacks, rolling coal
It's coming along nicely now, we're all getting parts
and everythings just coming the way it should
sweet, morning how's things?
good, looking good
when I found out we were running portals and 37's, I knew I had to make some really wide guards
Justin wanted some nice folded sheet metal ones and
when he first said it I kinda just thought you know just a strip
this one's more art than science I think
yeah, sweet
It's not that kinda car, it's not like a 1990's ghetto fab car
I dont really know how many sets of these we're going to make
but at the moment this is, this is once, and this is the only
It's CAD but it's more of an image
In the background you can't really touch or pick any points or use any, it's sorta just a guide
to freehand it
like none of these folds or none of these measurements are nice whole numbers
or nothings probly like six decimal points for each one but
I mean it's art, art in aluminium
not so much nerves being Justin's car, just any car being a new car
and being fresh paint,and ready to go, so it's always a bit of a worry
since we got the tray on the car, you can see how big this sucker is
finally the tray is on, I mean we can fit the water tank, the guards the toolboxes, the rear draw
now who?
jeez that one had some tension didn't it
get everything on the rear end figured out before we've gotta fit the interior and move on to the front
how we going to rivet the front on, when its on the vehicle
well Jacks a very smart
because you actually rivet that way instead of this way
because you actually rivet that way instead of this way
oh ah yep, so it can be done
oh ah yep, so it can be done
he's not silly