ParaEducators Part 3

13 days ago
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..can't work with any students besides
identified students.
Contrary to popular belief,
paras sometimes don't understand
the philosophy of inclusive education
that placed them in the general
Frequently asked questions
about paras cover a range of concerns
including why the para was assigned to a particular classroom,
what the para
should know before coming into the classroom
and what the para may and may
not do when it comes to making
accommodations and modifications.
And finally some simple preparations on your part
will help the para hit the ground running.
Give the para some information about your topic and rules
and ask the
para and questions about interests and aptitudes.
Designate a space that the
para can claim for himself or herself
and plan how you'll introduce the para
to the class.
Please be sure to join us for the other tapes in this series.
Tape 1 All About Para Educators.
We'll discuss why there are more paras in
general classrooms today, how paras
function as one of the many supports for
students with special needs.
How para duties have changed over the years, and the different roles of the para,
the special educator and the general
Tape 3 "Getting The Most Out Of
Your Para Educator." will discuss
management strategies for the general
education teacher, enhancing the para
educators job performance, and dealing
professionally with problems.
What paras really want and need from general education teachers,
and the general educators responsibilities as the paras immediate supervisor.
Tape 4 "Planning
And Evaluating" will cover planning for
paras and their duties in the classroom,
planning with paras to meet the needs of
students, levels of partnership between
paras and classroom teachers, and the
duties of the general classroom teacher
in the evaluation process.
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