OMSK TRAIN STATION : Russian Railways through an Indian traveler's eyes - RZD

13 days ago
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This is Omsk train station
This is going to be my first experience with the Russian railway system
Its 9:08 am
it's overcast
Its cold and windy
Thats the main building of the railway station
Russians should also use English (Roman script) with their language for the benefit of international tourists
Which is the way to enter ?
On my left are the ticket counters
That is the train information display board
Though I can not understand anything as its all in Cyrillic
Here is a board having some information in English
This was the information counter
If I am not wrong, these are all the counters for buying ticket
He helped me to buy this ticket
This is the waiting area
This is the seat number
No, its the coach number
Here is my name
Here is my passport number
My date of birth, My nationality and my gender
You need to show them your passport in original while buying the tickets from the counters
I thank Roman for being so helpful
Now I am going to show him my YouTube channel
Roman suggested me to use '2gis' offline maps on mobile
This station offers free WiFi
Roman has left to catch his train
He is going to visit Ufa, a city in Russia
It will take 23 hours to reach him there
I am using the free WiFi to check my whatsapp and facebook messages
You just need to register as you do at any airport
But all the registration process was in Russian, so you may need to take help from others
Just look at this waiting area. Its magnificent
This is the outer side of the train station
Buses are parked there
There is a TV screen and charging points in my front
Its 10:07 am
My train leaves at 11:07 am
The train timings follow Moscow time all over the Russia
All the arrival and departure time mentioned on the display board are Moscow time, not local time
They mention over the board - Moscow time
So please don't get confused. Thats not the local time
There is a gap of 3 hours between Omsk and Moscow
Now I am going to search for the toilet
Wow! this architecture is so glorious
There are the ticket counters
Its me
Lets explore this station
wow! A Russian train
Another waiting area
But where are the toilets
Charging points
I am using Google translate to ask the locals for the toilets
I think I am going in the right direction!
I really thank Google Translate app. It is so helpful
I found the toilets
I am inside the washroom area
Sorry! I can't show you how it is from inside.
People are busy doing there 'activities'
This is my monopod.. This is a gimbal.. thats my camera
I can't understand what is the platform number because everything is mentioned in Russian
So he is helping me
He is running very fast
Oh god! My train has already arrived
Platform no. 4 & 5
On my left seems to be a local train
All the seats are for sitting. There is no sleeper berth
11:11 is the departure time of my train
Oh! they are taking videos like me.. with a selfie stick!!
On his Identity card, its written in English "Takes care of you" and also his name
My first time in a Russian train
This is my first vlog from a Toilet
You won't get water (as in India) in the toilets
You have to use these toilet papers
Now I am going to use this toilet
till then
bye :)