30 days ago
Cette semaine, une vidéo un peu plus longue que d'habitude : "LES ERREURS A NE PAS COMMETTRE" ! N'hésitez pas à vous abonner pour nous retrouver ...

English subtitle

Hi everybody,
i hope that you had a pleasant week.
Today we'll talk about the mistakes not to commit
during fights or even during your trainings.
Mistakes that could be dangerous for you or your sparring partners.
Let's see that !
When you're doeing some soft sparring
or when you're are fighting
Never drop your guard ! Keep it in mind !
Don't box like that... Otherwise you'll get a lot of punches in the face !
Boxing is a simple story :
It's about giving punches whithout taking punches !
So never drop your guard ! It's pointless !
Keep your head between your shoulders !
That's the better way not to take punches !
In the same way, never forget to always
keep your chin on your chest
Do not raise the chin or the nose !
Only look at your opponent with your eyes
whithout raising your head.
Keep your chin on your chest and you'll stay secure !
Try to always stay in your initial guard.
If you are right handed : put your left leg in front.
If you're left handed : put your right leg in front.
Then, never place your legs parallel to each other...
Look : he lose his balance to easily !
And if he can't keep his balance, he is not able to attack or counter-attack !
Also, he can try, but it will be ineffective
On the contrary, if he keeps his balance and his guard
Staying firmly on his feet.
Left leg, right leg
In this way he can do what he wants : attack, conter-attack...