Noclip - Celebrating Our First Year Creating Video Game Documentaries

2 months ago
365 days after launch, we take a look back at all the stories we told in our first year; the places we went, the people we spoke to, and the community of video ...

English subtitle

- So if like me you think that games
coverage should be more
than just race reviews,
then help me do this,
help me build Noclip.
And we'll create a vault
of amazing video game
documentaries that we can all be proud of.
- Hey there friend.
So a year ago today in fact I asked you to
help me make quality
video game documentaries.
I promised that if you
funded Noclip we would
tell stories about the
people who play and who
make video games.
You put your trust in
me so it's only right
that I let you know how
the first year has gone.
So, montage.
We produced 18 videos
across 10 series including
documentaries on Rocket
League, Doom, The Witness,
Frog Fractions, Spelunky
and Final Fantasy 14 online.
Not to mention a special
player discover, a
profile of Jon Romero and a
handful of Noclip sessions.
Filming took place in four countries,
across three continents,
we spent more than
six weeks on the road, took 17 flights
and traveled over 30,000 miles
on planes, cars and boat mobiles.
In our first 365 days we
reached 147,000 subscribers,
over four million video
views, over 174 thousand
likes and just over a
thousand dislikes, c'mon.
We ran this many ads on our videos
and made this much advertising money.
We put closed captions
on every single one of
our videos making them
accessible to the deaf and
hard of hearing.
One in five videos watched on Noclip had
captions turned on.
But that's just the start.
Our community used those captions to
translate noclip
documentaries into Spanish
German, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic.
In fact Noclip videos
have been watched tens
of thousands of times
in 18 other languages
other than English.
Das dis sehr kewl ya?
We produced the most attended panel of
pax west 2017 when over
2,000 people turned
up to learn about the
development of The Witcher.
For those who hate crowds we launched
the podcast, noclip Pirate
Radio with audio versions
of all of our extended
interviews and sessions.
We contracted independent
artists to make posters,
desktop backgrounds, graphics
and music for our docks.
We paid them fairly and treated them well
because they are talented
and deserve our respect.
You are also talented and
deserve our respect so
we used this here to tell
stories we thought mattered.
Everything from triple A
blockbusters to flash games
and loads in between.
All of this entirely
funded by people like you.
Look, there's your name in the credits.
So what's next a year
behind us and time with
a difficult to follow up album.
Well we've still got
some pretty tasty stuff
in the video oven, a
story on Hillbilly Agenda,
the crazy stream of
Grand Theft Auto online,
a seven part series
detailing the development
of the Witcher franchise
coming later this month.
A special documentary on
Geo G and DRM free gaming,
a quake retrospective,
more Noclip sessions and a
profile of the man of
We've got a new website
with production blogs,
links to bonus content and more.
Oh, and we've just launched a merch store
with t-shirts and stuff.
You like movies, you like
covering your naked body?
All the fun is going towards
creating more documentaries,
because in case you didn't
know all of this work
is influence and advertising free.
We don't do sold content,
we don't take handouts,
we don't advertise, we don't put the docs
behind pay walls, our
mission is to tell stories
about games and preserve
video game history
for everybody to enjoy.
We achieve this by being a
dependent, by being funded
by people who care, thousands
of incredible patrons
who have proved that truly
independent long form
quality gaming coverage is possible.
If you didn't believe us last year,
believe us now, help increase our funding
and it will help us increase our scope and
improve production quality
and become an increasingly
loud voice in the world
of video games coverage.
If you think what we've
done is fun or important
or just interesting, join us by becoming
a patron of noclip.
Throw us a few bucks a month and not only
will you get access to a vault of behind
the scenes content, but
you'll help us grow our
production team, film more
documentaries and expand
our creative reach.
Be part of our story
and watch us make more
timeless video game
documentaries that millions
more will enjoy.
Everything we accomplished,
everything is because
of the trust that you placed in us.
So really, from the
absolute pit of my heart,
thank you so much for
helping Noclip to achieve
all of this, and believe me when I say,
we're only just getting warmed up.
Watch out, here comes year two.