Nikad Nebu Gotovo - Mercedes 190D 2.5

6 days ago
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English subtitle

I love cars, because they have a soul.
My room had a view on a perfectly straight main road, and my close neighbor had a VW Golf mk2 VR6.
For me as a kid it was just a Golf mk2, but it had that specific sound.
Strong sound that I listened to every morning and every night
That sound just lifts you up. "What is it? Why is it? How does it sound like that?"
From that moment on I wanted...
My interest was in cars.
I enrolled in car mechanics school
I had lemon cars to chase on the through forest. We all had them - Yugo, Zastava 101, Fiat 126p...
My first proper car was BMW E36 and with a straight pipe I got a part of that childhood dream,
part of that sound, that passion and charm.
It was THE car for me at that time. When you saw that car in your rear view mirror it looked scary.
It looked tough and wide.
But, I had to get something more economical because I couldn't keep up financially with cars hunger for petrol.
Even though my darling cried to see that BMW go, it was replaced with a worn out Mercedes.
Literally stock beaten up Mercedes 190. High of the ground as a goat on typical stock wheels.
When I brought it home it had to become a project car.
I started to think and look how to make something of it and what to do with it and how to do it.
After awhile I meet a guy who later who I quickly became friends with and I still am today.
He had a same model but lowered, with wide wheels. From him I got the support and a wind in my back.
That is where all started with this Mercedes.
First on the list was: to lower it, getting it closer to the ground.
When it was lowered I could see a silhouette of how it could end up looking.
After that, Google of course. "How to" , "Car build blogs". I slowly started to get a vision of what I want.
Then came white widened steelies 8.5j and it was decided. "Lets go hard, no giving up!"
Wheels were on, car was closer to the ground, suspension stiffened.
Handling was better, getting in and out of corners was faster.
The car was becoming more and more like what it is today.
What it is today is still just a point on this journey that has no end in sight.
It doesn't have to be strictly original, it shouldn't be by some set rules. No, no, no, no.
I wanted to build my car outside of any "rule book".
This car has Porsche wheels emblems, BMW E46 seats, front bumper lip from VW Golf mk3.
I want it to be unique and different in spite of how people will react to it.
To put it simply, stay true to yourself.
As it says on the front windshield "Beautifully ruined" and that is exactly how it is supposed to be.
This car must not be and it will never be all perfectly done.
Next on the list: Exhaust. "Cut it, do something with it, we need that sound."
We decided on straight pipe, to make it sing perfectly with all five cylinders.
And...It was very much to loud and something had to be done about it.
By pure coincidence I found a muffler of a Kawasaki 750 we tried it on and sound was perfect!
Loud, but then again, OK, it is loud. It has to rumble.
A lot of things were improvised on the car, and it is like that because I am building it exclusively for myself.
My big support is my girlfriend and not only support - she works on the car with me.
OK, realistically she does most the work.
But from tearing it apart, bodywork, paint, interior works, some unique details that I did solely by myself.
For example VU meters and Volt meter instrument cluster, just small things that make me happy.
These days carare mostly done by some rules: every car can have same kind of few rims designs that are for it,
everyone has to fit the same modding rules. So, my idea was to make a car opposed to all those rules.
Simply said: "I love cars". It doesn't matter what brand or model is it - I love to see them all together.
I am not a fan of closed up groups.
Cars are my passion, I see something in every car, something that makes it special, what makes it...
I am not much into speed, but I like it when after you press the throttle and car goes sideways.
When the tail starts to lose grip, it is an instant smile on my face.
That moment when rear wheels start spinning I forget about all problems.
In spite of cars lack of power at the moment .
We plan to put a turbo on it of course, nothing without a turbo. Wind must blow.
But for that split second: Everything is gone. All problems: Gone.
Today, while filming, while I was doing something. Sideways. As it happens one bolt fell of the belt mounts.
We shouldn't look at cars faults, every car has its faults. You just give it some attention.
You fix it, make it work, close the hood and drive on. It is a part of love for cars, a charm of it.
It is not a problem, its fun when you can dirty your hands and fix your car on the side of the road.
That's that and drive on.
Most people are not sure what are they looking at, when they see my car for the first time.
Car doesn't fit in any typical boxes. It looks kind of messed up but still tight.
There are some positive, some negative reactions but it is all part of a car guys life. We all go through that.
What makes me happy about my car the most?
For example: When I start it cold in the morning and it burbles. It can be heard for a mile away.
It awakens all my neighbors. That is that dream from childhood. That rumble.
Now I am the one making that noise in my street and that makes me so happy.
Another thing that makes me happy is LSD (limited slip differential). You have to try it, best fun ever.
Passion. Anyone can buy a new car and pay someone to do some work on it.
But when you build something with your own hands, on the low budget with help from your car guy friends.
It is a smile on your face, when you hang and work together on a car.
You get inputs and ideas from everyone. Best part is that when someone suggests something,
you don't get only one idea from it but 1000 variations and new ideas.
That is the charm and appeal of modding your car and working on it.
This Mercedes in spite of taking all my money, all my free time and my girlfriends time,
all the reward is one thumbs up when you stand on a traffic lights and it is all the reward you need.