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What's up TEAMMBL. It's musicbyLukas today
We're doing a review and it's going to be interesting because they have never done this genre before
We're talking about Nexus two's Drum and Bass. Did you say you want to eat drumsticks and go bass fishing with me?!
For the second time it's bass
This why you fail
Anyway you guys know how we do it at TEAMMBL. We are gonna
Give away a copy of this drum and bass
Expansion for free so if you're listening and you like what you hear click the link below for your chance to win like the winner
Of the last expansion 8OOM by 7 Skies, Rafi, and I'm talking let's get to some sounds all right
We're starting with the arps this first one is called axis line
Pump bassline
Check this one out
The Hurt
Tantrum 1
Check this out this is wobble bass one
Wobble bass 4
We're onto the basses this one is called Classic Organ
Straight razor
This is an insane sub probably the most powerful one I've heard from Nexus check this out. It's called Strongest Sub
The future organ
Love the name of this one this one's Whiskey Latte
Wobble Box One
They have some epic drum loops in here check this first one out. It's called drum loop one
Drum loop three
We're onto the effects, this first one is base pitch one
Bass Pitch 5
This one is really unique it's called connection issue
Noise change
riser one
Riser three
That was sick. Okay, now we're onto the leads, the first one is called control chords one
Control chords 4
Ghost Eyes
Kings future
raccoon courts
All right guys we're onto the pads this one is called air castle
I've already Favorited this one. This one's called Moscow
We're onto the plucks this first one is called Cuba
Super original pluck here, this one's called deep water
All right, we are on to my favorite part of any expansion we're on to the pianos this first one is called Grand classic
Static noise one
This is super awesome. It is called, static reverse, check this out
Wilkinson's one
Alright guys we are on to the sequences this first one is already so perfect. It's called above
And don't forget if you don't want to use the entire sequence some people feel like
It's just like straight up copying or it's too easy to use the whole sequence well
You can go in and you can use any part of it you want you can mute out certain layers
You could only use the synth. You could only use the kick can only use the symbols whatever you want. It's there for you. Crowded
This one is super sick just one note. It's called focused intro
I love this drum loop. This is pneumatic
Polar bear
We got some synths here this one is called prison walls
Showdown courts
Lastly we have some vocal cuts. This one is called vocal cuts 2
Vocal cuts 4
For never doing the genre like this before I really think that Nexus killed it
There is so many different sounds in here unique sounds that I've never heard before in any of their other expansions
That's just my opinion. Let me know what you guys think
I want to know if this expansion blew your mind if you liked it
Let me know your opinion leave a comment below and remember guys. It's all about teamwork
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I'm musicbyLukas. This is my manager Kingsley. I will see you next video