My Weekend in Panama City!

2 months ago
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English subtitle

hey guys it's ashli welcome back to
another video and today I am on my way
to Las Tablas little technically to the
city which I talked about my blog it's
come it's called Panama City and I'm
going there for like doctors and all
that like appointments and all that
stuff so yeah we're going there with our
knives tablets first so you can get a
bus there now we're at the bus yeah it's
a five-hour trip to Panama City we're
gonna be there for two days yes we have
a bunch of doctors appointments so we're
just there we just got a ticket so we're
going to be heading in now
okay guys we just got off the bus now we
are getting an uber and we're gonna go
back to our hotel and just calm down so
we have a bunch of bag
yeah just leave there's like a bunch of
stuff down there
yeah we should be there I don't think
the hotels very far away we checked him
we went into our room it was pretty nice
there's only two beds I don't have my
own bed but that doesn't matter now
we're going to eat cuz it's like
dinnertime we're gonna go eat sushi at
some sushi place I forgot what it's
called we were gonna take an uber but
the we decided it was really close we're
just gonna walk there now we're at the
restaurant we're eating we just got our
food all together we got each different
like sushi things so we got 32 rolls
now we're going to find it a third place
T and then we're probably gonna head
back to the hotel and just you know
it's called diletto & Co goacci lotto &
Co oh my god it scared me it looks super
cute from here ci we just need across
the street
look at Mac a row
okay guys a lot oh I don't know um but I
got cheese cake and chocolate mixed and
she got cheese cake and coffee mix we
just say we got three ice creams and we
tried a little bit up there by the way
homemade Nutella which was amazing they
had the potassium the Sashi oh one in
the normal one it's a 20-minute walk
back and we're walking back and I'm
sorry have a bunch of chocolate on my
face yeah
so we just this is our second night it's
well it's nighttime now we went to the
doctors and stuff so I didn't get a good
chance to vlog because we were super
and it wasn't a lot of fun he's pretty
boring and now we are waiting for an
uber to come and we are going to a
restaurant like a pizza restaurant and
pasta like an Italian yeah we got that
and and now and then after that we're
going to go to like a little dessert
place guys using proposal going on
okay guys till you're finished eating we
just gotta have the restaurant and that
proposal was so romantic I don't see how
we paid and now we are heading to sorry
it's really loud now we're heading to I
I me I melee something like that I have
no idea but yeah it's like a minute away
so we're just gonna walk there but then
again that's what we said last time we
ended up taking an uber okay guys we got
here it was called I
I mean Agra
so I'm gonna try this that is really
oh my god that's probably the best ice
cream I've ever had we're at Town Square
as you can see whoa it's really bright
but all this is we're in Casco Viejo and
that's basically the oldest look they're
redoing the church but that's that's
like the old town of animosity like the
church is completely changed what it is
being completely changed
Yolo you only live once I'm wearing it
and I love it and it's amazing and it's
about to blow away and yeah
now it's an oxygen tank okay guys so
it's the next day and we just say just
and I still have my hat on but the top
part broke the dog broke so I'm so sad
but um we we decided to stay another day
because yesterday was basically just
hospitals and we wanted to have a little
more fun so we're gonna stay another day
and you know this today will be fun
except we have to go to the hospital
once but it won't take us long and then
we're going to the mall and yeah I think
I don't know everything that we're gonna
do we're probably gonna eat out again
cuz there's nowhere else to eat I mean
we can't make our own food obviously
okay guys so we are now at cinta Costera
we are just walking around a place like
with a bunch of different parks and like
a a fish market and stuff which is one
else disgusting but yes we're just gonna
do some pictures here
yeah okay guys we're at the playground
now and I'm super sweaty sorry about
that we went to about like two or three
and this is probably why I love cinta
costera so much it's it's a really cool
okay guys so now we're at the mall the
first thing we did was go eat cuz we
didn't have lunch when I'm eating
Wendy's and my mom and my sister are
eating whose cuisine uh I hope I
pronounced that right probably it innit
then after that we're gonna go get
Krispy Kreme which you can't get
doughnuts here so that is like now that
it's in Panama it's like
okay guys so we got Krispy Kremes cream
he only got three my sister ready to the
bike but I told her to stay back so we
have cream we have single side very much
a dulce de leche in Spanish we have the
Cape donut and then we have New York
cheesecake okay guys so we just left
pret a Krispy Kreme and we went to some
other store and now we're leaving
everything's super expensive here I
might vlog a little like whenever I
actually get back just to show you guys
like one thing that I got which is just
basically just one shirt spoilers so
there won't be a halt to this video
because we didn't get anything
whoa too fast because we didn't get
anything we didn't really get anything
we literally have two bags and they both
just have one thing that's why since
your mom I know they don't want to be on
camera or no okay guys so now it's
morning time and we're in the lobby
because we just checked out more waiting
for our uber and then we are going to go
to the best place so we kind of have a
tight schedule but then to top all of
that off whenever we actually get back
to pedasi at nighttime we we are meeting
up with some friends so we have a pretty
pretty long day but that's okay it's
completely worth it
this will be very fun well it already
has been fun