MY DREAMGIRL - Behind the scenes 1

2 months ago
Behind the scenes - MY DREAMGIRL Folge mir um keine Video´s von mir zu verpassen: ▷︎Youtube: Elias Schwärzler ...

English subtitle

first day, we already had breakfast and now
sorry guy´s, but the müsli is much more interesting
ok, go on
now we will go up to the park and start
it´s not that exciting
what will we start?
we start filming
and now, I will give the starting shot
so, Elias will give the starting shot
for the project
quite a little bit high haha
so Elias will give the starting shot for the project
starting shot
perfect startshot haha
guy´s, I´m the official projectmanager
so please hop on, let´s go!
good job dude
so we also have a radio set
project manager with his ear radio set
or how it´s called?
let´s do it!
just send it!
let´s go
noo, why didn´t I do it?
ok, we are coming
are you the shaper?
yeah, I´m a pro shaper
child labor
yes, pretty sick dude!
so now it´s time for the drop
so guy´s now it´s getting serious
down there are many guy´s sitting on the gallery
see how it´s going
let´s shake
yeaah, perfect
do it!
so guy´s
first day filming is over
was pretty pretty hard
made lot´s of bangers
soo happy
for example the rooftop drop from the fuchsbau
the impact was soo hard haha
but that´s soo much fun haha
see you tomorrow