Module Engagement Rubric

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Module Engagement Rubric.

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Welcome to the WA-AIM training series module-Engagement
The Engagement Rubric option is intended for
a small portion of our students who are eligible
for alternate assessments.
Students who are pre-academic due to the severity
of their disability or due to the lack of
an understandable communication system are
the students the Engagement Rubric was designed
The Engagement Rubric IS NOT intended for
student who have not had the opportunity to
learn the content OR who do not demonstrate
mastery of academic content.
If a student is able to interact and respond
to the academic content of the WA-AIM, regardless
of correctness, then the Engagement Rubric
is not appropriate for them.
The Engagement Rubric is available for all
grades and content areas of the WA-AIM.
It is expected that a student who is participating
via the Engagement Rubric would utilize the
Engagement Rubric for ALL content areas.
In order for a student to be assessed via
the Engagement Rubric, the student must meet
or some of the following criteria: The student
communicates primarily through cries, facial
expressions, change in muscle tone but has no
clear use of objects/textures, regularized
gestures, picture signs, etc.
The student alerts to sensory input from another
person (auditory, visual, touch, movement,
etc.) but requires actual physical assistance
to follow simple directions; or the student’s
response to sensory stimuli (e.g., sound/voice;
sight/gesture; touch; movement; smell) is
Parents and teachers must interpret child’s
state from behaviors such as sounds, body
movements, and facial expressions.
Student who are assessed via the Engagement
Rubric will be reported at an achievement
level 1 for accountability.
For the purposes of graduation, HS students
assessed via the Engagement Rubric will be
assigned an Awareness Waiver from the CIA graduation requirement.
Registration for students participating in
the WA-AIM via the engagement rubric will
occur along with regular WA-AIM registration
in the Washington Assessment Management System-
or WAMS.
District Test Coordinators must go into the
Students Receiving Services application located
in WAMS. To get there login to EDS>WAMS>Assessment Operations>Pre-ID>Students receiving services.
To register a student who will participate with the Engagement Rubric, the district test coordinator
should select the radio button under Engagement Rubric next to the student in the registration screen.
The actual Engagement Rubric to use with those students must also be downloaded
from this registration page.
DTCs are responsible for downloading the Engagement Rubric template and providing it to educators needing to
utilize this option for their students.
The engagement rubric is one form that contains an area to record the baseline and final administration
information. The Engagement Rubric is submitted once for each content, upon completion of the final activity,
into the Dat Collection Platform
The Engagement Rubric contains two sections. One is for a description of the engagement rubric activity done
with the student. And the second is for the educator to record the student's response to the activities.
Next we will go through the process of filling out and submitting the Engagement Rubric
The district test coordinator must provide the educator utilizing the Engagement Rubric with the actual
Engagement Rubric template
Showing is an example of the Engagement Rubric Document
The first thing teacher's will need to do is enter the student's information in the top section, and include their 10 digit SSID.
Additionally educator's will want to indicate the student's enrolled grade and which content area the Engagement Rubric is supporting.
Part 1: The Academic Activities. Here the educator will select a baseline date, and give a brief description
description of the activity the student took part in. Once the date and the activity are documented,
The educator will then, for baseline, read through the different engagement levels and choose the
engagement level most appropriate to the student's response.
It is possible that a student may have indicators in more than one of the engagement levels.
It is important to note that these four engagement levels do not align to achievement levels reported for
As a reminder all students being assessed via the engagement rubric will earn a base score of 100
and an achievement level 1.
The educator should document the student's response with the activity under the engagement level
that most closely represents the actions that the student demonstrated.
Prior to the closure of the WA-AIM window the educator will need to provide an opportunity for the student to
participate in either a closely related activity or another academically aligned activity,
The educator will want to document the activity presented to the student.
Then teacher will document the student's engagement with the activity presented at final.
Once this is completed for both baseline and final, the educator will upload this to the Data Collection Platform.
Once the educator is ready to upload the engagement rubric, the educator will want to grab from eDirect
The student test roster which will have the student's username and password needed to get into
the Data Collection Platform
The link to get to the Data Collection Platform is located on the eDirect landing page after the educator has logged in..
As a reminder, all username and passwords are specific to the student, and the content area.
Once in the Collection Platform the educator will enter in the student's login credentials for the content area they wish to upload the engagement rubric for
On the confirm student page the educator should make sure that the student's name is accurate and for
engagement rubric this is marked yes
If this says "no" the educator should stop and contact their district test coordinator to get this fixed.
If everything is accurate, click Continue
The educator will be taken to the upload screen. Click browse to locate your file,
Click upload
When you have a file name here, you know that your document has uploaded.
From here you can click Submit and you have completed the WA-AIM assessment for this student.
If there is an error you can delete the uploaded file at any time.
If everything is accurate, and your are ready to submit, click submit.
It will ask you, Are you sure you want to submit the Engagement Rubric? If you want to confirm and continue forward, click Submit and Logout.
This concludes the engagement rubric module. If you have any questions about eligibility, registration,
use, or upload of the engagement rubric, please contact Toni Wheeler the alternate assessment coordinator
at [email protected] Thank you!