Miz SHOOTS On Enzo Amore! Roman Reigns BURIES Himself | WWE Raw, Sept. 11, 2017 Review

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Miz shoots on Enzo Amore, Roman Reigns buries himself (with help from John Cena) and more in this WWE Raw, Sept. 11, 2017 review... Subscribe to ...

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The Miz shoots on Enzo Amore!
John Cena shoots on Roman Reigns!
And Braun Strowman shoots on the concept of
I’m Oli Davis and this is 11th September,
2017 edition of Monday Night Raw...in about
4 minutes.
Roman Reigns beat Jason Jordan
Mirroring last week’s opening match between
John Cena and Jason Jordan, it was Roman Reigns’
turn to beat up Kurt Angle’s son.
Apparently the winner got to snuggle Vince
McMahon after the show.
Both men fought in a decent 15 minute match
for the honour, with Jordan losing another
competitive showing.
Then came Raw’s weekly shoot promo segment!
It was weird seeing Reigns and John out there,
criticising each other’s drawing or wrestling
ability, and Cena closing the segment with
the money line: “At No Mercy, consider me
like a drug test, holmes.
You ain’t getting past me.”.
Their first promo several weeks ago felt real,
but the law of diminishing returns took away
the shoot promo’s impact.
Reigns declaring ticket sales are great (they’re
not) and revenue better than ever (tell that
to the pyro) rang hollow, and Cena overtly
appealing to us ‘smart’ fans jumped the
shark when he said: “Don’t pin this one
on me, Roman’s burying himself.”
Sasha Banks beat Emma
As far as in-ring work goes, Sasha Banks and
Emma are the Raw women’s best.
For now, at least, because Asuka’s gonna
kill them.
Banks made Emma tap in a good match.
Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman Promo
Paul Heyman declared its now time for Brock
Lesnar and Braun Strowman to fight.
And the two actually got physical.
In the spot of the night, WWE went New Japan
for a moment, with Strowman completely no-selling
a German suplex, getting up immediately afterwards
and staring down a worried Lesnar.
The crowd rightfully chanted ‘This Is Awesome’,
and Braun left the Beast lying to close the
Bray Wyatt beat Goldust
Because Bray Wyatt is currently feuding with
the concept of face paint, he took on Goldust
ahead of his Fin Balor match at No Mercy.
Watch out Jeff Hardy and The Usos.
Wyatt quickly won, and then wiped off Goldust’s
face paint to some good heat from the crowd.
Asuka Coming Soon!
Then a very creepy video package was played
hyping the Raw debut of Asuka - the undefeated
NXT Women’s Champion!
I don’t know what I’m looking forward
to more: Asuka dominating the women’s division,
or Kurt Angle incorrectly pronouncing her
Elias beat Kalisto
Guess what?
He beat Kalisto, whose exciting offence played
very well off The Drifter’s slow style.
John Cena beat Braun Strowman?
In what could easily have been a pay-per-view
main event, Scruffy Hair John took on The
Monster Among Men Braun Strowman.
They told a neat story, based around Cena
trying to hit the AA, but Braun overcoming
him with power spots.
After Strowman hit Cena with the steel steps
- which should’ve been a DQ - Braun then
powerslammed him onto them - which was a DQ.
It kept Strowman looking really strong, and
teases an eventual full match-up between the
Miz TV: Enzo Amore
Miz got an actual, genuine babyface reaction
for once - announcing that Maryse is pregnant.
And, unlike Kurt Angle, he’s going to be
around for his kid.
Enzo interrupted, prompting Miz to unload
a vicious shoot promo - referencing Amore
getting kicked off the WWE tour bus.
The line received little reaction from the
crowd, probably because it was far too insider
for the mainstream audience.
Thankfully, Enzo popped the crowd huge in
their ensuing match - telling Miz he shouldn’t
be asking his unborn child ‘how you doing?’
but ‘who’s your daddy?’
Underneath all this, a WWE barrier was broken
with no mention.
For the first time since the Cruiserweight
division was brought back, one of its wrestlers
competed against a 205 pound plus opponent.
Death & Hardyz beat Sheamaro & Galanderson
Considering all the hot angles that came before
it, the closing segment was a throwaway bout.
After a brawl earlier in the night, Sheamus,
Cesaro, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson would
take on Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and two
mystery partners in the main event.
Because Roman is a dick sometimes, and Dean
Malenko was wearing a suit, they chose The
Hardy Boyz - beating the heels when Sheamaro
walked off.
So that was this week’s Raw in about four
Here’s the usual ratings recap, from top
to bottom - In Awe, Cor, AVRAWGE, Poor and
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WrestleTalk News.
Asuka’s announced debut, Enzo cutting Miz
line and Braun no-selling a Lesnar suplex
made for very enjoyable television.
But after criticising WWE for a lack of realism
for so long, I now find myself warning them
that their worked shoot material is becoming
Still, this week’s Raw is Cor.
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And what do WWE have planned for Ronda Rousey?
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I’ve been Oli Davis and that was wrestling.