Minecraft Tips & Tricks Day 2: The Locate Command

2 months ago
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Hey guys, it's AgentMango again and today
we're going to be doing the second video
of our minecraft tips and tricks and
what we're going to be doing is we're
going to be exploring the Locate Command you might
have remembered it's in last episode so
without further ado let's begin so first
we have to actually do the command so
put in slash locate space and the
feature that you want to find
if you don't put in a feature you'll say
the usage error so what you can do you
can click the tab button and it will
show you a list of places that you can
go to example if I wanted to go to let's
say a mansion then if I click enter you
want to locate the x, y & z coordinates but
it won't show you the y coordinates so
you have to decide that for yourself so
depending on which feature you want to
go to you have to decide what Y
coordinate you want for the mansion I
chose a hundred because if you go
lower you might suffocate into a wall
but if you want to go to places like
finding an end city if you try to put in
the command it will say unable to locate
any end city feature that's because you
have to be in the same dimension so you
have to go into the end portal in order
to get there and then you can take
teleport there so what you have to do is
locate the stronghold and then you have
to teleport there and when you get there
you can go through the end portal and
try it so this also goes for the nether
fortress you have to be in the nether
fortress in order to be able to find the
location so what you have to do is build
your nether portal
and the riddle little risky with the
wise man because if you go off too high
you might suffocate another you get too
low you might go into lava sea I was really
lucky there but then now I can't find
the nether fortress so you have to find
the right location at the right time
and as you can see you and I'm in the
nether I can't go to places like a mine
shaft or a village because I need to be
in the right the overworld I mentioned
because now I can do it so I can TP to
whichever ones I want to whenever I want
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