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Hello lovelies and welcome back
to my Youtube Channel! I just bought a new studio light
so if you're seeing me quite pale, don't worry, it's not the new light
the light works okay, it's me cause I need to go to the beach 🙃
On today's video I'm talking about something you've been asking me for so long,
I keep getting e-mails asking about this because
the first and second video I did about this, which I uploaded
I think last year, or the year before... sometime around there (I'm leaving the links up here)
didn't really clear up all your queries, so here's the thing:
I want to solve as many of the queries as you may have so
that I can receive fewer e-mails each time
so as you keep asking, let's just repeat it, see if this time I don't leave anything behind
and hopefully it will be helpful!
It's not gonna be a video about how to get into Central Saint Martins or London College of Fashion
I'm not gonna talk about anything related to fashion,
so if this is what you're looking for, it's not this.
This is a general video about High School/Sixth Form in general.
If you want that video instead, then just let me know and I'll get it ready and post it in the future 😊
Once I've said this, I think it's enough for the introduction
let's go to the video!
Let's start from the beginning: when I was in year 11, I had to choose my subjects for Sixth From
and it had to be between science-based, language-based or art-based subjects,
which weren't that much of art-based anyway,
not too focused on what I wanted to do.
so what was the problem? That I didn't like either science, nor
language, nor art. So I thought: what kind of problem
is there with me, that I don't like anything?
Am I not good at anything or good for anything?
And after thinking a bit about it, I realised the problem wasn't with me but with the place where I was.
So if you, watching me, thinks there's a problem with you
or with that you want, that it's not possible...
or that you're the creepy one for wanting it,
I want you to know that the problem is not with you, but with the place you're in. And my solution was to move
to another place. I have now finished Secondary School, Sixth Form,
Foundation and I'm studying my BA in footwear design in London.
It's something really specific so that's why I left and moved to the UK, cause
if I came from Spain, it would've basically been impossible.
How did we found about Sixth From abroad?
My mum and I attended a university fair in Barcelona
I can't really remember the name but I'll leave it written here.
And we went looking for something that suited my needs
and what I wanted to study, or more or less around that.
We didn't really find anything as I was looking for Sixth Form
and everything there was for Uni,
so there in Barcelona, we went to see an agency we had found on the internet,
a scholarship agency called MCM.
Their website is mcm.info
You cand e-mail them and ask them, cause please also note
that I'm speaking from my experience but they're speaking from knowledge and data.
So if you talk to them, then better. You don't have to travel to Barcelona,
you can just e-mail them and they will answer.
So what did MCM tell us? I told them I wanted to study at Central Saint Martins,
which is a Design university in London, the best one in the world at the moment,
and they told me that if I applied from Spain,
my possibilities of being accepted would be less than 1%,
whilst if I studied Sixth Form in the UK,
my possibilities would be of at least 70%.
So the decision was basically made.
Also, knot that the fact that I went with this agency doesn't mean
it's the best or only one, cause although it did have many good things,
they also had other things that weren't that good. So, if you're thinking about it, you don't HAVE
to go with this one, there are many others out there
which might be better and more suitable for you.
This agency will also provide you with cost information,
information on studying a year in one place and then move for the next one,
where you can stay... etc. All those things I don't know much about
as I didn't haver to deal with any of those situations.
So any of these questions you've sent me, I suggest you ask them instead,
as they will definitely be there to help you.
So what did this agency do? They took my grades,
interviewed me,
English tests, Maths tests... and found different schools
and they kind of "showed me off" to them
to see which ones would be interested in having me as a student.
Once we had found a few, I made my own selection
and chose a school called Shaftesbury School
in a town called Shaftesbury in south England.
I don't know if I've said it yet, but MCM is a scholarship agency
their aim is to find scholarships for you in different placesI
I didn't have to pay any tuition fees here, but I did have to pay something for my accommodation
I don't know how much it was, please don't ask me,
your conditions are different to mine and the prices will be different
and even if I knew I told you it would have nothing to do with what your costs will be
but, I must say, start looking at this with enough time in advance,
the sooner the better, as you will have more options,
and it will sure be cheaper. Okay, so, why did I have
to study in the UK, and not in Spain?
Cause Sixth Form in the UK is super specific,
I literally had three subjects which were Spanish,
textile design, graphic design and arts&crafts,
and then had do take GCSE
for English and Maths (year 11 exams)
cause the English government made it compulsory for foreigners.
But this is you can have an idea, these were my only subjects,
I didn't have language, history... nothing like that
as my Sixth Form was really completely focused on what I wanted to do, design.
Also, you have the same amount of work as any other country in the world
you don't work less in one place than in another
so although they were only 4 subjects (you choose between 3 and 5)
I had 4.
The work you get for those 3 subjects is like... if in Spain you have 12 subjects,
you're gonna do the same work as if it was for those 12,
so all the work and what you're gonna have to study for each of your subjects
is going to be 3 times one subject in Spain.
so they're not chill subjects.
If you're gonna ask me about validation in your country,
I have nooo idea, I looked for it once
but I've never considered studying in Spain
so I have literally no idea about this,
but if you ask MCM, they'll be able to help you 😊
they speak from knowledge as I said 💃🏽
My general experience, which you've asked me about too,
was, cause it was a while ago,
amazing. I am a person which was convinced about the idea of going abroad,
I was tired of my routine and needed to leave,
start from 0 somewhere else, have new experiences,
think out of the box
and come out of my comfort zone.
So to me, as I've always wanted to study abroad, it was an incredible experience
I can't really describe it in any other words,
I know there are people who struggle with this,
who don't feel comfortable or "at home"
and who really want to go back to Spain, or to
Chile or Argentina, wherever you're watching me form as I've received e-mails from all over the world! haha
I think something that also influenced in this was the fact that I was doing what I liked,
studying, and what I can say is, that from that moment
I started studying Sixth Form, I've never thought again of school or uni
as a place where I HAVE to go
but a place where I'm studying and learning what I'm passionate about
and going there because I want to and not because I had to finish Sixth Form,
or cause I have to finish uni, or whatever.
I consider I do it because I honestly love it, so it's as if
I was basically doing my hobbies everyday haha
Tips I give to people who are leaving soon
or are already studying abroad
who want to feel more at home or really miss it
I suggest that if you really don't like it, make yourself conscious that it's not forever
it's not the end of the world and it will end at some point,
so if this helps you, thinking about
the time when you'll be leaving, then go for it
I also suggest that you make friends out of your space, not only from
the place where you're staying, boarding house or family house,
also from your class too. Don't only spend time
with people from your country, but also people from other places.
My roommates where all from different places: Madrid,
Zambia, Nigeria, and we were all really good friends.
My school friends which still come to visit sometimes to London and who I still stay in touch with
are all from there, from London...
and other places in the UK 😂
Also, my room was completely covered with photos
of my fiends and family back in Tenerife, you couldn't even see the wall
it was completely covered with photos!
And that made me feel at home and as if they were still with me.
I also skyped and facetimed my friends and family in Tenerife
and also other friends who where also studying abroad
So really, it's a way of understanding that you have the best of the two places
your friends back home are still gonna be there when you return
there will be people who will obviously come out of your life, but they were gonna do so anyway
sooner or later, but your real and true friends are still gonna be there when you return
they're not gonna move and they're not gonna change.
My friends back in Tenerife are still always there for me!
And then other tips in general:
Know that to study in the UK,
you don't need any special qualification before going,
you just finish Year 11 (UK system) and continue to Sixth Form
You don't have to repeat a year or anything. Your English, has to be good,
but it doesn't have to be incredible cause you're there to learn.
Start as early as you can looking for agencies and schools,
don't leave it for the last moment. I started looking for it I think in February
and I was starting in September,
and it was quite tight. I suggest you start asap
cause the sooner you start, you might even find
something you can do before Sixth Form which you really like, and you're not going to find it
if you don't look for it! Also, look at different agencies,
not only the one I told you about. In your country, wherever you're watching me from,
different agencies, let's see what each of them offer
and don't only stay to one. Work really hard,
I wasn't expecting my grades from Year 8 to be any useful,
and actually the first thing they asked me about were my grades form Year 8 to Year 11...
so work really hard and rise your average grade!
And that studying Sixth Form in the UK was the best decision I've made in my life
I think that... yeah, it's definitely the best one I've made
cause it's given me so many things afterwards that are the ones
that make me happy today... so yeah,
best decision in my life, and I won way more than I lost,
everything I learned, everything I know now...
if you've seen my portfolio video, which I'm leaving here
I literally cried in my first art lesson, it's something that
I loved! Best decision in my life. Also, I'm leaving important videos, as I just said,
my portfolio one and another one
from the girls of Muy Manana they uploaded about going abroad for Erasmus,
that if you need that last little push to say "come on, I'm going"
if you watch that video, then it will totally convince you.
not only if you wanna do Erasmus, but obviously Sixth Form,
You can apply it to everything 😊 Also, I have to say that anything that looks with favor on education
is always, absolutely always gonna be good for you.
and knowing languages is something that is honestly
one of the things that fascinates me the most about human nature and history.
Lastly, obviously, if you have any other questions,
any other queries, you can always e-mail me, send me a message on
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter... wherever you want to.
All the handles are bouncing around here. Or around here. Whichever.
and any e-mail with your questions, I honestly always answer,
I also answer messages so if you write to me, I promise I'll get back to you.
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