【Mexico】Let's make friends through Couchsurfing

13 days ago
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English subtitle

What's up
Do you know Couchsurfing?
It's a website/app for people all over the world
What you can do is you can stay with a person/people in a town or offer/let travelers stay with you through it
You type a town or city you are going to
He sacks at Japanese
There'll be a list of people offering for travelers to stay together
You can send a request to someone on the list
If they accept the request, you can stay with them
There is no money in between. I mean it's free
You can exchange cultures, hang out together and become friends
You can have a great experience with it
I got to know 5years ago when I was going to Europe
Friends told me about when I said I was worried about the cost.
I then used it and had great experiences
I also found someone here in Oaxaca through couchsurfing
I'm gonna stay with him for 2 nights so I'll pack my things and go later today
Not only you can save money but also it's a great way to dive into local life and make new friends
I still keep in touch with people who hosted me in Europe
Some of them stayed in my place when they came to Japan
You can make many friends from different countries
There are lots of people who don't speak English so you don't have to worry about that
I'm not sure how well known it is in Japan
I think couchsurfing was founded somewhere in 2005? I don't know
Popular city like Paris or Amsterdam have more than 10000 people I remember
I checked Tokyo in 2012. There were only about 3000
I'm sure there are a lot more though
There'll be Olympic in Tokyo so there is gonna be more people coming to Japan
So if you are interested in couchsurfing
I did it with around 15 people.
Each time was very fun and meaningful
After hosting and staying, we leave a reference to each other
You can write about how it was
If you behave bad or act like an A-hole, you'll get a negative reference of course
So everybody should respect one another and have a good time
That's what couchsurfing is about, I think.
When you send a request, you can choose based on their profile and reference
I think it's a great app, website? Whatever
I recommend it to everybody. It's a good way to learn English too
See ya