Merrill Edge - Market Pro First Time Glance

13 days ago
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and thanks for tuning into the financial
investor channel my name is Brent today
we're going to be covering market probe
very quickly it's going to be my very
first time logging onto there and kind
of showcasing it to you now why did I
move over to Merrill edge really quickly
they're often a very nice incentive
they're offering cash rewards for
bringing over assets plus if you qualify
it you can actually qualify for 300 or
you get 300 free trades regardless of
however much money you bring over to
Merrill edge now if you are a brand new
investor and you start an account on
Merrill edge
say your Roth IRA or your regular just
tax your normal trading account you get
300 free trades and you get 90 day
access to market pro which I'm going to
be showcasing here and they also have
their reward program so if you do invest
over fifty thousand dollars you can get
30 free trades of equity in Ethiopia
khalida stocks and you get the Merrill
edge marketpro if you invest 25 thousand
to their financial advisors they can
actually activate $0 stock trades so
always talk to them if you go to their
main website you can actually get chat
and help on the bottom right hand side
during during business hours so do that
it's going to be very beneficial here
you can also do trading here at the dot
bottom right from a website all their
websites allow you to buy and trade from
and provided with quite a bit of
now onto marketpro so as you log on here
you're gonna get a welcome guide and
this is the very first time that I've
logged on here so they do have a lot of
information they have a little quick
start here where you can click on some
predefined layouts containing account
information charts and watch lists and
more so here I can click on my portfolio
and it would showcase my my portfolio
somewhere in here I don't have anything
currently on maro edge I'm still in the
middle of transferring my portfolio and
my account from Robin Hood over to
Merrill edge I can do some research here
so if I wanted to type in a ticker
symbol what's a very common one Johnson
& Johnson and I could do a quick
research on him I can see that the last
price is 132 89 it changed positively
for the day by 0.6 it has a low bid it's
asking at 132 ninety-seven shows you the
volume and the last trade time so very
useful information here you can also go
into you can add it to your symbol list
you can set an alert for it you could
you get by looks like down here you
could begin setting it up I don't
actually have any money in my account so
I'm sure that's why everything is grayed
out right now so I'm gonna go ahead
other ghosts now it's where I was
working I can type in the qualities and
I could do a limit and the price and
good for the day and then do it looks
like it was pulling up some information
out here you can see it's information
here and I could preview the order but
I'm not worried about that right now
next I could do a watchlist so this is
the watchlist here
so lots of information so I can look up
the chart for johnson johnson so it
looks like i can bring this up and down
and kind of look at the candle graphs of
whether it closed positive for the day
or if it closed negative for the day so
if it's green this indicates the trade
volume so this stock was traded at a
very high volume on the way up and then
the little candlesticks represent
whether the stock opened or closed or
basically if it closed
positively it's green if it's if it
closed negatively then it would be red
so those are very nice there was a down
point right here you can see the reza
kept closing lower and lower and lower
and there was very little people buying
into him but here once it reached its
lowest point here there was a good
amount of investors that bought into it
and it kind of settled for a bit and
then began picking back up so that's
what the candlesticks mean
looks like there's a lot of other
information down here kind of eyeing it
really quickly you can see the current
dividend yield the annual dividend the
current dividend per share per quarter
its p/e earnings per share it's
ex-dividend date is August 25th so the
next one would be around November 25th
so good information there I can go over
to trade and this is more of a trade
window here so Johnson & Johnson's and
here you can see that they have the
calls the putts and just a bunch of
information you know this is my very
first time using a professional level
platform so this is all just a lot I'm
not really sure what to really look for
at this time so I can't really tell you
you know I've came from what did I use
in the past motive investing since 2015
and just recently switched to Robin Hood
but now as I am adding more to my
portfolio and begin beginning to grow it
over time I want to look for a
professional level and Merrill edge
offered me the best the best level
software and just the perks that it has
you know I was looking for drip so I can
automatically reinvest my dividends that
I'm paid out I can just automatically
buy shares fractional shares I don't
have to worry about looking daily if I
got paid on Robin Hood and then choosing
stocks that I could buy in a hole so I
may not always get paid out to the point
where I can buy a complete share
so having drip enabled on my Sox such as
ATP Pepsi that allows me to buy
fractional shares so here we can see
that we can get some technical insights
here so in the technical analysis tab
is another another graph over here and
over here you can see technical insight
you can see the six bullish nine bearish
it shows you the support found and the
resistance found and
some other information you can see
strategy build I'm not sure what I'm all
looking at here but I guess you could
build some sort of a strategy you can go
intraday trader please wait while the
application initializes and this just
gives you a whole bunch more information
and then education on demand so it looks
like you can get some and power yourself
you can actually get some training on
here so that's very educational and then
our next our last tab is options
analysis and this gives you the calls
the pots and then over here on the
right-hand side you can select looks
like you can select different options
here you can decide whether you're
bullish or bearish so based on what your
play is are you bullish are you bearish
on the specific stocks on Johnson &
Johnson I would be bullish I think it
has good potential to grow past its
current resistance and so I could put in
there's a stimulator here you could
select your simulations and I guess you
can yeah you can move it around and see
what your profit would be and your
percentages return on those specific
positions now I haven't done a lot of
options so I'm not going to be a basket
with that right now but I will
definitely read into a bit more now that
I have this professional level software
you know it kind of opens me up to
actually want to learn how to use this
program and all that it can offer so
here you can set up your watchlist it
kind of gives you step-by-step on how to
set it up and then how do I customize it
charge it shows you how to customize
shirts by the candlesticks you can do
line plots area plot and so on are there
any other color themes available it
looks like if you don't like the darker
theme you can go with a great theme or
blue theme how do I customize my
my workspace it kind of gives you ideas
on how to
your workshop and then what is what is
market death and it says market debt
also referred to as level 2 quotes lets
you review buy and sell activity of
market makers trading on the US
exchanges so kind of goes into that can
I make notes what's next so it kind of
gives you a breakdown of like their help
menu for whatever tab you're really
looking for help on you can click on it
and it would give you some help on that
specific tab and if you have any further
questions you can always send a secure
message and that is the Welcome guide so
there is a lot of information on here
you know there's a lot of you can see
your balance your portfolio detail your
I don't care Lea have any holdings I can
see my current orders or my activity a
lot of these little tabs I've clicked on
but I may not have anything to actually
display so it's just kind of not
bringing up anything of importance at
this time so that is it I believe for
this video you know I'm going to be
playing with us for the next week or so
just kind of once I get my portfolio in
here I'll definitely be showcasing a bit
more with some newer information on how
to perform if you guys have ever or will
ever look into Merrill edge market
Merrill edge just in general go ahead
and leave that in the comments below I
think this is a great platform even for
brand new investors offering that 300
free three free trades for the first 90
days plus access to their Market Pro
software for their first 90 days and
then once you do have your portfolio
established you can activate drip if you
are a dividend that's sure that's the
style of investing that I do but of
course this has more than just you know
it offers much more than just tools for
debit investing as you saw you can do
options you can use all sorts of stuff
on here so instead of having to go out
there and research on dividend com or
Yahoo or Google all your information you
can find can be done through this
professional level software so that is
it for this video I did not want to make
it very long if you are brand new to my
channel I do make financial stock market
and investment videos weekly so do you
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