Meet the Latina Conductor Breaking Boundaries with Music I Borders & Heritage

5 days ago
Paula Nava Madrigal is an immigrant from Mexico and one of a small percentage of female conductors in the United States. In addition to conducting orchestras, ...

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[ §§§ ]
[ speaking in accented English ]
>> The role of the conductor is
really to make sure that the
composer's written score comes
to life, from rhythm to knowing
when instruments' crescendos,
diminuendos, to the depth of a
music score.
And the conductor really brings
that out to the audience in the
way they interpret it.
>> My first viewing of Paula
conducting, I got emotional,
because it was, yes, of course,
the music.
Second, it was that she was
bringing in Latino composers in
these performances.
Third, it was that she was a
She was Mexican.
She looked like me.
She -- her parents were brought
up like my parents.
First string, what is the name?
>> E.
>> Play.
[ all plucking E string ]
Okay, we need to have our
violin up.
Okay, stop.
Only violins.
Uh-huh, yes!
Okay, do it.
[ speaking in accented English ]
>> Do you want to play this
Do you want to try?
[ §§§ ]
>> What she represents is
another aspect of our community,
that we are also into music and
classical music as well.
That is something that is also
rare, for the Northwest to have
Latinos in classical music.
[ operatic singing and music ]
[ cheers and applause ]