Medo de vacina [PT-EN-ES]

13 days ago
Medroso mesmo . Eu confesso que eu dava trabalho para ir tomar vacina e tirar sangue.

English subtitle

I will tell a story for you to come
Now to poop in a pot you
win bonbon?
Hello everyone, YouTube here is your friend
Powermafia today I will tell you about it
Of the work I was given to take vaccine.
That business I do not want I do not want I do not want it
I do not do not I do not do it as soon as I do
I got to work yes and I think people
speak the truth sometimes is not the best
You tell the truth to boy you talk
you will take vaccine and do not know what you
You see the boy is scared, the scared is the same thing as talking to the bull to talk
ox the ox is there passing the oxbowl grazing
quiet or face Speak there ox soon
I see you there on the plate. Poxa complicated even
the thing speaking thus I see you in the slaughterhouse
and that was what happened.
Funny I do not remember him post to go on health post taking vaccine was always in the pharmacy and always
I was towed my father pulling so I went to
tow towed.
I think my dad could have a psychology
a little more even a word
of comfort because you talk to the child
Then take vaccine.
I think it was not enough I speak to
my children when I had to give vaccine
When I had to give injection or even
take blood I say something like that.
Looks you better take the vaccine because
the vaccine hurts a little but the disease that
vaccine prevents it is much more than this pain
because if you catch the disease the thing is
would be a consolation then a breath for child
who is afraid I think it is a good
option for you. Or a bargain
who knows.
Look at the kid I'll give you a chocolate after
you take the vaccine if you take the
vaccine without giving too much work or doing much
scandal and give you a chocolate what that
Does it cost?
Funny that for the vaccine had no ox no
did not have this deal but I remember a lot
Well I won I won a Copenhagen Bonbon for having pooped in a pot.
I mean to take a vaccine that hurts not
gain nothing now to poop in the pot
You win bonbon is a thing that hahahaha
People excuse hahahahahahah people kkkk
There we go there I got there at the pharmacy it seemed like I was entering the execution room
And the pharmacist was the executioner And logically
if you're in the doom you ask
one last request and usually I asked for
to close my eyes there I would stay like this
hahahaha kkkkk the pharmacist applied
the vaccine passed there or alcohol but I do not even
looked hahahaha kkkkk was people happened
and it greatly damages the needles of
formerly they are not even needles
that today they are thinner the needles were
very thick I think they were from Iron was not
a modern business as it is today I know
ached well yes my fear my complaint was not
not for nothing.
But I think I'll see if I poop
in the pot I see if I win a bonbon who
You know, do not you?
It's personal this was the story a hug
of PowerMafia you were also working
You have a face that gave work is to take
vaccine to draw blood wants to tell me
share or my video comments account to your
story a hug from Powermafia Stay
all with God