Mason Monsters University 1 Memorable Moments Top Cartoon For Kids & Children Part 1

2 months ago
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Mike Wazowski
Great choice she's a good egg
Come on Karen falling behind
Please don't call me Karen
And can anyone tell me whose job it is to go get that screen
Right now, which one of you can give me the scariest war
Monsters University
It's the best scaring school. There is you wish via text let's okay?
You guys watch us and tell me which school is the best all right?
You don't belong on a scare floor
I didn't even know you were in there
Well I didn't even know you were in there
Well everyone I don't mean to get emotional, but everything in my life has led to this moment
Let it not be just the beginning of my dream, but the beginning of all of our dreams now get off
First thing on my list a
Super intense staring competition they're crazy dangerous so anything could happen
Don't force it just let it happen your lifelong best friend behind this door
You just disappeared sorry if I do that in scaring class I'll be a joke no, it's totally great
You gotta use it really yeah, but lose the glasses
They give it away graduate with honors and become the greatest error ever boy
I wish I had your confidence Mike aren't you even a little nervous actually?
I've been waiting for this my whole
Ha, man, I can't be late on the first day
You gotta be kidding me. I'm so nervous I
Just thought I'd drop by to see the terrifying faces joining my program
Well, I'm sure my students would love to hear a few words of what kind of a monster are you?
It's my job to make great students great enough not make mediocre students
So I should hope you're all properly inspired
Well sorry I heard someone say roar, so I just kind of went for it
I should have known I expect big things from you. Well. You won't be disappointed. I'm sorry
And sorority party we have to go stay out of trouble well
Mascot why is it here hmm?
Gonna, take you to the roar the what roar Omega roar the top return of the on campus
Take it from here gentlemen
Johnny Worthington president of roar Omega roar what's your name big blue Jimmy Sullivan friends call me Sulley?
Oh, sorry killer, but you might want to hang out with someone a little more your speed. They look fun
This is a party for scare students. I am a scare students. I mean for scare students who actually you know have a chance
Ready position common crops I wanna see matted fur
Give me another one
Justic ii theater see thanks well done mr.. Wazowski a bowl of spiders running in the dark
Roars are the best scarers on campus sullivan can't have a member getting shown up by a beach ball
I'm gonna destroy that guy then you get this back right away
The child's sensitivity level will be raised from bed-wetter a heavy sleeper
I'm a five-year-old girl afraid of spiders and
Santa Claus, which scare do you use?
Accidents happen don't they the important thing is no one got hurt
You're taking this remarkably well now let there's a shadow approach with a crackle holler demonstrate
Stop thank you, but I think I've seen enough
Him scream it would make him cry
Alerting his parents exposing the monster world
Destroying life as we know it and of course we can't have that so I'm afraid I cannot recommend that you continue in this
And mr. Wazowski what you laugh is something that can I doubt that very much
Unchallenging a waste of a monster's potential
Open your textbooks to Chapter three we will
We have a special guest rebounder James Dean hardscrabble
Good often
As a student, I created these games as a friendly competition
But be prepared to take home the trophy you must be the most
You have to be in a fraternity to compete behold the next winning fraternity of the scare games
If I win it means you kicked out the mascara in the whole school that won't happen
How about a little wager?
If I win your entire team into the scare program
But if you lose you will leave monsters University
Need you on my team
Sorry, I'm already on a team, but we have to move on your team doesn't qualify. Yes it does
What's the plan
This is a fraternity house party here yet, but when we do
Guess we just weren't what old haired Scrabble was looking for John Carlton mature student
Thirty years in the textile industry and an old Andy Don got down-sized
Gonna be cool. No one said this was gonna be cool
You should wake up, and yes that leaves me ah my name's Scott Squibbles my friends call me squishy. I'm undeclared unattached
and unwelcome
Pretty much everywhere flea I think I bring the whole package
Your very own
We're sharing this room we'll let you guys get separate great
Anybody home
Do you pledge your souls to the oozma, Kappa
Brotherhood do you swear to keep secret all that you learn no matter how?
This is my mom's house do you promise to look out for your brothers?
Look we know where no one's first choice for a fraternity so it needs a lot to have you here with us
Grab the couch cushions gentlemen because we're building a pork
You were princess, and I'm just a stable boy
Morning in the house. That's good in the album Thomas. We got a letter
Of all the sewers on campus this one has always been my favorite art
You've been here before I have a life outside of the house. You know
I want to touch. This is the starting line the light at the end of the tunnel is the finish line
Is eliminated from the game all right all right, that's very cute
Synoptic of course, what are you gonna? Do Roy? I can get through faster than you little guy
Scarers work in the dark
Ho the derry-o the farmer in the Dell the farmer takes the wife the farmer takes the way I owe
the Dario the