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Productos Utilizado / Used Products: - Revlon ColorStay concealer (03 light medium) - Laura Mercier loose setting powder - MAC blush (gleeful) - Make Up ...

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hello my beautiful people, welcome to my channel.
I am bringing you a new makeup tutorial
inspired by the colors of
my country's flag
Because this month in Panama,
we celebrate our National Holidays
so if you are interested in learning how to recreate this look
keep on watching.
as you can see, I went ahead and started with my brows and face
up to the baking with the translucent powder
and I will NOT be dusting off the powder
Until I am done with the eyes. Because doing it this way,
if there is any fall-out from the shadows I use
it'll be easier to clean up later.
here, I'm priming my whole lids with the
Revlon Colorstay liquid concealer in Light Medium
this step is optional though,
however it really helps bringing out the colors.
with a fluffy eyeshadow brush,
I'm setting the concealer with a translucent powder
Im using the one from Laura Mercier
now with a red lipstick of your choice
we're going to fill in the eyelids.
up until the crease.
if you don't have a crease because you have single-eyelids, no worries
just imagine you have one and fill it up to the imaginary crease.
this step you don't have to be too precise,
because in the next step we're going to blend the edges
just a little bit without going too high
We just want to get rid of the harsh line.
in this next step, very carefully,
we are going to set the creamy red with a powder blush
and try NOT to DRAG
but set the powder in a PATTING motion.
when you reach the edges
blend higher up and outwards until fading the color.
Im using a MAC's blush
color (GLEEFUL)
for the lower eyelid,
we're going to use a NAVY BLUE eyeshadow
applying it until the middle of the eyelid.
I'm using a shadow from a MORPHE BRUSHES palatte
n. 35B
now with this MAKE UP FOREVER waterproof gel
in MATTE RED, I'm going to
CAT-LINE my eyes
starting from the outter corner
I'm tracing a line
towards the end of my brows
then filling it little by little inwards
until achieving the desired Cat Eye
with this shimmery white pomade from Maybelline
from the 24H COLOR TATTOO collection
in which Im not very sure if they still sell it;
if not, you can just take any other white gel or pomade
or even better, a white liquid liner
and we're going to trace a straight line right under
the red liner, dragging it
further than the red line.
then we're connecting the white line inwards
by waterlining with a white pencil liner
if the connecting points turns out wonky
it's alright because you can fix it
on the next step.
with this Make Up Forever waterproof ink liner from the AQUA XL collection
I'm tracing another line, right under the white line
making sure it's shorter than the red and white lines
and then bringing it 1/4 inwards the lower eyelid.
after letting the liner dry
we're taking the same NAVY BLUE we used a while ago
and go in between the liquid liner and the blue shadow
to blend out the separation line
giving it a degrading effect
now I'm using the Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance mascara
I really like this one because the wand it's curved. and it's easier for me
to reach every single lash without poking out my eyes.
for my tear duct, Im going to use this multipurpose glittery liquid from Make Up Forever
it can be used as an eye shadow, highlighter
dab it over eyeshadows or even as a shimmer for the body.
I put some in my tear duct
and with a pointy brush I spread it
then dabbed a tad bit more
just to saturate the glitter
for lashes, you can choose whatever you want
Im wearing a MEDIUM-VOLUME one
since this makeup it's intended to be a festive one.
But hey, if you have small eyes like mine
ALWAYS remember to trim your lashes to fit the size of your eyes.
when I wear false lashes
I like to tightline my upper waterline
tightlining it's basically a lining technique where you fill out the empty spaces in between your real lashes.
and this will make everything look much better
now this is where we take a kabuki brush
and dust of all the excess powder we had from baking
now we're heading up for some contouring
with this Anastasia Beverly Hills contouring kit
gotta have our faces snatched like the gods for the national holidays
with this MAC's eye shadow (color WEDGE)
which is like a very light taupe brown
Im snatching my nose by contouring on the sides and under
you can also apply some under the lips
now with this fav highlighter of mine, which comes in the same contour kit we used previously
I'm going to highlight the highest point of my face
to give my face more dimension
with a small and flat brush
Im going in with the highlighter over the smaller areas
such as my nose, cupids bow,
brow bone and chin
Now I'm sticking a little diamond on each side of my face
representing the 2 stars in the PANAMA'S flag
you can take the little diamonds used for nail art
or even metallic stars stickers, whatever you want.
Since I want the eyes to be the focus for this makeup
I'm choosing a more neutral color for my lips
Im applying MAC's HONEY LOVE lipstick
or you can also take the one called KIND OF SEXY
then appying a later of MAYBELLINE COLOR MANIA liquid gloss
FINAL STEP, I am brozing my skin like a goddess from the tropics
since Panama is country of SUN and BEACHES
I'm using MAC'S skinfinish natural in DARK
and I'm just dusting it of the areas where the sun hits
and then blending it with the rest of the makeup
well my beautiful people, I hope y'all like this tutorial of mine
don't forget to subscribe my channel
Also wanted to remind you all that, there is nothing wrong with PURSUING BEAUTY
but don't ever forget the INNER BEAUTY
because without inner beauty, your physical beauty doesn't worth a booger
alright, until next time <3