2 months ago
bet nopietni....noskaties līdz beigām ~~~~ heyyo. Ceru ka jums patika šis unboxing video, ja varbūt vēlaties vēl tādus, uzspiežam like - tie pialīdz motivēt :) Kā arī ...

English subtitle

yo, I heard that you
like unboxing videos
and i got
~oh god....a box
and we will open it
you seem to like unboxing videos
where is my knife?
my knife is in the hallway
this is my box
~Song in Latvian~
~enjoy it~
I hope that there aren't any animals in it
though, i din't order any
and all that from keys
and we have two things
one is a microphone
and it is...
Tonor microphone
i hope, it is good
i hope, it is not a waste
of money, like i usually do it
thats my life
i open boxes very agresivly
and this is how it looks
this is a microphone. i don't know
how close I will have to speak to it
I hope this cable can reach
ooo it will!
and this little thing is...
a tripod.
kind of....short
i will have to somehow put it
a bit taller
pluss, minuss, this is how it looks
it is about the size of my palm
cool cool
hope it works well...what is this?
tutorial, okey. And the second thing is
720 quality
3 mega pixels
i hope this camera is much better than
the one i had
the one i have now
closed only with sticky tape
and this is a camera
it is a bit dusty
most importantly the protective film is
here on this, rather than
on camera...okey
if you say so
and this is what was in the box
a camera and a microphone
Thank you for watching this box opening
unboxing video
and if you liked it, and maybe want to see some more
unboxing, if anything else comes, then
press that Like button, i dont know, write a comment
and, and now i will clean up this
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I think my cat jumped out of the window