Los Mejores 4 formas de Como Eliminar Las Ojeras | como eliminar las ojeras y bolsas delos ojos

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Los Mejores 4 formas de Como Eliminar Las Ojeras | como eliminar las ojeras y bolsas delos ojos SUSCRÍBETE A NUESTRO CANAL: http://goo.gl/lsko3u ...

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Top 4 Ways How To Remove
Eye bags
Beauty is essential part of the day
day of a person.
We are not talking about resorting to treatments
ends or piles of makeup, but
that every person radiates beauty so
This can be expressed and achieved through
endless-based care products
beneficial for the skin and body.
When talking about natural beauty
it emphasizes what is transmitted to
others through care.
In addition, to achieve this it is also important
combat a public enemy of beauty
face, dark circles.
What are dark circles?
These are characterized by dark grooves
housed in the part of the lower eyelid;
the darkness of these can be of
blue, brown or purple. this coloration
It depends on each person.
Causes of dark circles.
Although not a condition or disease
incriminating for the body, dark circles
are the result of various factors, which
they can eventually compromise certain parts
the body, including vital organs.
One of the most decisive factors
its appearance is the elderly. And is that,
as the years go by, it decreases
blood circulation in the area.
Fatigue can also make a dent in
our face. When found
exhausted, the body loses the ability
to renew the cellular tissues.
There are many people who, for reasons
gene, present eyecups hues
dark. These appear at an early age
and they are usually permanent.
Besides dark circles, fluid retention
It is also causing large bags
under the eyes; these represent a great look
tired and in turn are aesthetically
The absence of oxygen in cells
body dehydrates, this
evidenced by the darkening of some
skin areas. Such a factor is favored
by consumption of snuff, alcohol and coffee.
natural solutions.
These practices present below
They are the most appropriate to treat problems
on the skin, especially the face,
It is one of the most delicate.
It should also be avoided at all costs jobs
highly chemicals or,
worst of operations they can
endanger our health.
1. Cucumber.
Cucumber is one of the foods most commonly used
beauty treatments, all thanks to
its components among which the
caffeic acid and ascorbic, and vitamin
These are responsible for maintaining healthy skin,
relieve irritation and reduce inflammation.
2 slices of cucumber.
Wash the face, especially the area
where dark circles are concentrated.
Place the cucumber slices on dark circles,
one for each eye.
Let to act for 10 minutes to
achieve the desired effect ..
After the indicated time, clean the
area where it was cucumber.
2. Chamomile.
We can find chamomile in different
presentations. It is characterized by a
Very healthy plant with anti-inflammatory properties
To treat dark circles resort to small
2 bags of chamomile tea.
Wash the face, especially the area
where dark circles and puffiness concentrated
Put a bag of chamomile tea each
one eye; let take effect for
Estimated time of 5 to 10 minutes.
Back to wash this area, now with water
room temperature.
It is recommended to repeat the process, at least,
twice a week.
3. Milk.
This food is common in homes and consumption
Regular has multiple benefits
However, this time the milk
let's drink it, but let us apply
in order to mitigate the dark color
eye bags.
2 cups cold milk.
2 pillow.
It should also wash your face before
apply this natural solution.
Remojaremos the pads in half liter
cold milk.
The escurriremos and place them on
Eye for an estimated time of 15 minutes.
Finally, we will wash the face with water
at room temperature.
4. Water.
Although it is one of the least addressed solutions,
It is also very effective. In general terms
it is recommended when the person has skin
very delicate and does not support other types of treatment.
a glass of cold water.
2 pieces of cotton.
We will soak cottons and apply
in each area where the dark circles.
The let stand for 5 minutes.