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2 months ago
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Hey guys & welcome back to my channe!l
Today on #TutorialTuesday we're gonna
start venturing into some Halloween
tutorials now that it's getting a little
closer to October. Halloween Alley was
kind enough to send me some makeup
products to sort of play around with and
try out - so that is what we're gonna be
doing today. I've decided to do a
tutorial for the Little Sisters from
Bioshock. Stay tuned. I printed out some
sort of inspirational photos to
work from - basically she's just like a
creepy little almost Allison in
Wonderland type girl. Kind of Pan's
Labyrinth vibes - Video games are a great
source of inspiration if you're going
for something a little bit more
gory and violent looking. Little Sisters
traditionally wear their hair up in a
ponytail so I just threw my hair up in a
ponytail and I just have a blue shirt
with a white undershirt. Little Sisters
traditionally have that little peter pan
collar. I don't have any shirts like that
so we're just gonna rock like this. I'm
going to use this area for some more
special effects. Let's go ahead and
start. First we'll clip our hair back. For
my base I'm just gonna use my regular
foundation this is the Estee Double Wear
but to give us that undead kind of cast
or a glow we're also gonna add in the
Mehron cream makeup. This is the
Zombie Skin color. I don't necessarily
want to like light not my skin I just
want to add that kind of corpse like
vibe... that little bit of funk.... I'm gonna
add a couple pumps of foundation to my
pallet and I'm gonna take just a splotch
of the cream makeup. That green will just
kind of help cut any healthy red tones
that we already have in our skin. I'm
gonna carry that down my chin as well.
Don't forget your ears. I'm gonna stop
and there on some contact lenses since
I'm gonna be covering on my eyelids for
those glowing eyes. I'm gonna take more
of that green color and just kind of put
it around the
outside of my face as though I am contouring with it and again
dragging that down. Next I'm gonna apply
some 3D transfers. These are kind
of like bullet holes. You just apply them
with water. They apply it best when
there's no makeup already so I'm just
going to clean off the makeup that's
already there and then just apply it
like a temporary tattoo.
They also provided me with this little cream Bruise set. Super gross. Start to map
out where you want some gross bruising.
Now I'm gonna take the black color and
deepen up under my eye
around my eye to make it
look really large and round and kind of
emphasizing these shadows around the
eyes. And eyelids themselves kind of glow
gold so I'm actually going to fake that
using this gold bruising cream you can
also brush the darker bruise color onto
your lips this point we're looking
pretty crazy so I'm going to stop and
switch over to some eyeshadows to help
us build up the definition. I really want
to accentuate the sort of hollow of my
eyes so I'm just gonna use some brown
eyeshadow now and just go in there and
darken that up in a very round shape. On
top of the cream shadow I'm just going
to pack on some gold eyeshadow.
And with a slightly fluffier brush you
can add some of that gold
around so it really looks like it's
glowing. To add some detail around my eyes
and face I'm just gonna use this water
activated black makeup. I'm just gonna go
under my eyes but not directly under my
eye kind of in my little eye bag area to
really emphasize the roundness and depth
of my eyes. I'm also gonna repeat
that in my crease kind of at the top of
my eye. Go back and add some blackness
and sort of depth and help blend in
these prosthetics.
To finish up my eye look I'm gonna apply
some mascara just the very bottom of my
lashes and for our top lashes we're
actually going to apply lashes above
the crease so it looks like when our
eyes are closed our lashes are coming up
off the top of our eye.
The last thing we can do is add some
While the blood is drying down, the very
last thing I want to do is really make
sure that the area around my lashes is
very dark and black. I'm just gonna
take the black paint stick one more time
and go over any areas where I see lash glue.
Once your blood is done dripping
you're pretty much good to go.
We can let our hair down
Thank you guys so much for watching! and thanks to Halloween Alley for supplying me
with some of this makeup. If you enjoyed
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