Lionhearted doesn't like to play Lengfellner system.

2 months ago
Fish Leon aka Lionhearted (White) vs. Fish Oscar aka Caballero (Black) Lengfellner system - 1.e4 d6 2.d4 e6 DATE PLAYED: 5 August 2017 Facebook: ...

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The board is not set up properly! Sorry :-)
"I don't like that, Oscar" ~Lionhearted
So far seems to be even-ish game.
"You blink first (castle), I am going to attack you! ~Caballero
Lionhearted is not concerned about King side attack by Caballero.
Where is that Knight going I wonder?
Ne2+ picks up a free pawn on c3
Caballero almost never plays for pawns.
That Black's Knight is too dangerous, must take.
Caballero just took his Bishopi out of the game, Be7 was the move to constrain Lionhearted Knight.
Poor Bishop has nowhere to go; if Lionhearted trades down rocks, he should have an edge.
Fork you, Fish!
Still playing???
Black resigen, Kibitz-ing begins.