Life Can Bend and Break Us (pt. 2) | The Weekly

2 months ago
A few weeks ago, in part one, David shared about how life can throw us curveballs, but God is always on our side. A recent development in David's life has made ...

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- Believe our lives are
comprised of stories,
stories that, when you put them together,
tell one big story.
I'd like to share with
you a part of my story.
So a few weeks back, I got on The Weekly
and I shared with you that, in our lives,
we can be bent and broken in ways
that we just weren't expecting.
Since the filming of that,
I'd like to share with you
a little event that happened in my life.
It was the week before father's day.
My wife sent me a text
after church and said, "David,
you should just come home,
"I have some news for you."
So I came home and she had
made this little card on there
and it said, "Hi, daddy."
written on the card,
and I opened it and there was
a positive pregnancy test,
and our life was expecting.
We have three beautiful
daughters right now,
and we're expecting our fourth child.
It was awesome, it was
wonderful, and life was great.
And we got through the
first trimester, no issues,
everything was wonderful.
But, recently, we went to the doctors
to find out whether or not we
were having a boy or a girl,
and the doctors, as they
were checking out the baby,
they stopped and the doctor
stepped back and said,
"Well, you guys, we have
some unexpected news.
"We haven't found a heartbeat."
Our baby had passed away.
We don't know why, we
don't know what was wrong.
We were devastated.
We were broken and just shattered.
It was a twist in the story of our lives.
You know, life was going one
way, everything was good,
we were headed down this path,
and then just all of a sudden
there's just some new development.
So here I am.
You guys watched this video two weeks ago,
me saying, lean on Christ in your trials,
lean on Christ and he will strengthen you,
he'll get you through
this problem, and then
now this.
Now, I have to live out what I preach,
and in the middle of the deepest grief
that I've experienced in my life,
I learned something very valuable.
I learned that the twist
that happens in our story
is not the end of our story.
Jesus has more for us than the twist.
Jesus has greater things
for us than the twist.
So whatever your twist is,
whatever is going on in your life that is
just breaking you and
bending you to the point
where you just can't do it,
Jesus has more for you than that twist.
The Bible calls God the author
and perfecter of our faith.
And again, it says that he
who began the good work in us
is faithful to complete it.
In Isaiah chapter 41 verse 10, it says,
"Fear not, for I am with you.
"Don't be dismayed, because I am your God.
"I will strengthen you, I will help you
"and I will uphold you with
my righteous right hand."
So guys, let me just say this to you.
In this moment of my life and
in this moment of your life,
let's have this moment where
we can just collectively
go to Christ and say, "God, I need you.
"I need you to strengthen me.
"I need you to help me and
I need you to uphold me,
"because God, I am broken on my own,
"and I need you in my life, I need Jesus."
And when we do that,
when we go to Christ with this,
the Bible says that he
is faithful to take us in
and to hold onto us, and we can know
beyond a shadow of a
doubt, beyond anything
that this world can throw at us,
that we are not alone.