Let's Play GOOKA 2: the Mystery of Janatris (+Skineri&Fuzimi) |30| - Idiotic Cliché + Voyage {EN}

13 days ago
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And then there was that bad camera angle... :)
This way to the docks!
Maps - I've got these maps for the captain, after a lot of effort. They show the sailing pathways.
In a moment, I will have to check the walkthrough to see if
I haven't forgotten anything in this section of the game.
In the case of it being like in the first game, where not grabbing an arrow at
the very first screen of the game made the game unwinnable towards the very end...
And that arrow was somewhat hard to spot as an acquirable item.
Here are your maps, Captain!
Can we set sail now?
Excellent, thank you.
We can set sail tomorrow, in the morning.
Right after you pray for the success of our journey,
and sanctify the ikabure friulsk.
[whatever that means...]
I'll do that, of course. However the destination
of our journey will be different, Captain.
I need to get into the lair of Chories,
is that possible?
Xarag. You are a very bold man.
I can ferry you to the closest vicinity of their city possible,
then you will have to go completely on your own.
I am willing to risk it.
Many thanks for your willingness, captain.
You won't be sorry,
I'll reward you with a lot of money....
So tomorrow, then!
Glux, my friend, please canctify our path that
would lead to the rescue of my son Yorimar...
And also ikabure friulsk, which will protect us
againt the dangers of wind and enemies.
I can't sanctify anything, but you have
to rescue Yorimar as fast as you can.
He is in great danger!
Currently, he is closing in into Xarag.
So he really was kidnapped by Chories.
And they plan to sacrifice him during their sacrificial rituals!
The chories were only helping.
They don't really need him, in truth he was kidnapped by the...
I have to go to Xarag, quickly!
If the chories harm him,
then I am going to destroy them!
Gooka is an idiot...
He wasn't allowed to finish, but due to the cliched nature, we can guess that those were Marin-Danims and it will be a "big surprise" even through it clearly won't be...
Let's see if I've missed anything, because this is some kind of a point of no return.
StreamChat Fuzimi: Electrolux, for god's sake,
what the fuck are you talking about?
Unfortunately this seems to be google-translated...
Fuzimi: Yeah, oh, once again I have a friggin' big ass delay.
Seems to be everything for this part.
I'll have to check future subquests in order to not miss them too.
After trying to find a specific subquest, I said fu.ck it.
Ummm ... I was expecting a dialogue. xD
Fuzimi: Well, have fun you two, I am going to wash my ...
I'm going to take a bath.
Also I have to manually backup my saves due to the game having an limited amount of save slots.
Contrary to the first game, where you could have an unlimited amount of saves.
Good day, sailor! Can I bother you for a moment?
But of course, sir, I've heard how you've helped the captain with that
goodfornothin' navigator, and I am very grateful for that!
My name is Abido'h. If you need something, just tell me!
Thanks for the conversation, Abid'oh,
we shall talk some more later.
No problem, sir... when you want to find me, I will be here.
I have no intention of leaving the ship. :)
Me: Well, we shall see about that.
Skineri: What a soul-fulfilling dialogue that was!
The broadside of the ship.
There is a bunch of little
fishes swimming around the ship.
There are some clots of
seaweeds on the ship's keel.
I wonder if they will prove useful
to me in some manner, shape or form?
Too bad Fuzimi has left, I need someone to make funny commentary. :(
I'll let that hook lie here, but when it would prove to be useful
for something, I will return and use it, that's for certain.
You have acquired the hook.
[WTF game, WTF. :D ]
And the third prize for a really stupid invisible wall goes to... GOOKA 2, ONCE AGAIN. xD
Good day, friend! I see that you are enjoying a
moment of free time during the voyage!
Good day, sir! You're right, a moment of respite won't hurt. My name is Jastir, see you later!
Fuzimi: I am quite sure that Abid'oh has a brother - Szumyd'och.
(Šumy / Szumy means to fizz, and Duch / D'och means a ghost)
A chair.
Hmm ... interesting ...
But leading a ship, that's the captain's work, and additionally, we are only going to Xarag.
Ummm what? O_o
a table
Hmmm ... a delicatese, a gently spiced marrow from the tear bush!
Highly addictive, though.
Fuzimi: I'm constantly typing something funny and you are not even reading the chat.
[even through I've read every single thing he wrote, in the Czech version, on the spot]
Marrow from the tear bush - Weirdly tasty,
both delicately and penetratingly.
The sailors say that eating
it is highly addictive.
I should find a better job than to constantly look through maps.
Olamine nuts are very tasty, I'm totally taking some!
An embroidered curtain... that cloth must have been exceedingly expensive.
Unfortunately I seem to read the chat with quite a delay, because it takes time for me to notice it.
Olamine nuts. Edible and every tasty.
I should've sold some of my things.
Is there even another shop in the game?
That chandelier is moving! The devs did something right! ... wait ...
The lighting on that is bugged, it's blinking occasionally.
So they didn't. xD
Skineri: Also kinda a fire hazard, don't you think?