Las Vegas Road Trip to see Porter Robinson DJ at Hakkasan [Part 3] -Post Set-

2 months ago
Closed Captions are available for this vlog, turn them on!~ We went on a road trip from Utah to Las Vegas to see a Porter Robinson DJ set last week! We stayed ...

English subtitle

we're about to check out so quick vlog in the hotel we were in.
This is the best selfie lighting ever and look it's not even as bright as it can go
oh no that is how bright it goes so yeah it starts out like this
but like "Bam!
I need this mirror in my life
here is the bathroom of the hotel we were in
Would've vlogged in her but they're kicking us out
/we woke up late and had to sleep in late
kind of meh view
and we actually all can probably head down there
Here's the hotel
It's really roomy which is good
It's pretty cool except for the fact that the fridge
you can't use. It's like it's locked
and you have to pay to take stuff out of it
and you can't even put stuff in it which is trash
My cheap hotels are better in that regard
Here's our dessert pizzas but we just stopped at this place
it looks fantastic
I got the thicker crust which was a dollar more
She got the Buffalo pizza
And Thea's got some just custom pizza she came up with
This all looks and smells so good
They cook it in this fire grill thing, this place is nice
And it's not too bad. The buffet was like $40 so like "No thank you"
Holly: We're eating (obviously)
Thea: At Pieology. Super delicious pizza
Holly: But yeah, we couldn't vlog in the hotel because we had to check out but..
So, yesterday all the stuff that happened:
So we went to the Porter set, right?
Anddd I filmed actually the whole time I was there
But I wasn't there the whole time...
forr umm.. drama stuff
I guess...
I passed out.
I was dumb and I didn't eat food all day
Or drink water
Okay, I ate food at like, noon
And the last time I drank water was in the car
So we got to the hotel we were so busy I that I didn't do anything
Except get ready
Then we went straight there
So I was just standing in there and I got through like 30 minutes of his set.
I started feeling like I was going to pass out
My shoes were killing me too btw
My shoes are amazing
But they're not the best shoes to wear
I felt like I was going to pass out, I was trying to type in my phone that I feel like I was going to pass out
And then I couldn't type it, and then I just did it
And then everyone was so amazing and they took me to the hotel and everything
Kelsi carried me on her back
Thea: Moral of the story kids - make sure that you stay hydrated
and also eat food before going to a festival.
or any kind of event
It was so hot in there too though which didn't help
there was so many factors
The shoes didn't help, my outfit was very constricting
My shirt was very tigh
My hair was up which can usually/sometimes give me headaches
There was too much negative things going on and being dehydrated...
It was bad.
So I passed out
They took me to the hotel room because we couldn't just lay near they area
The hotel was going to try to send me to the hospital or something, like wth
We made it back to the hotel room
and then Kelsi ran and got me food: Precious Angel
She got me food, thea was helping me
I just basically needed to eat. And drink
So I sat and I recovered
I basically had to change kind of into this outfit
for my top part, because my top I couldn't wear it again
I got to wear my shelter choker even though it didn't match my outfit initially
I barely made it back before they probably were going to close re-entry
Because I think reentry closed at 3:00 AM right?
We got in there at like 2:58 AM
Yeah, we came really close
And we got in just in time for sad machine
So I have the first 30 minutes of his set
And then I have sad machine
And after that he also played "The Thrill"
His "The Thrill" Remix
I was just super emotional I guess because I almost
missed most of it
Then I got in just in time for sad machine. So it's like it's better than missing all of it
That was an emotional moment for me
Thea: "But then the best part happened afterwards"
So, after that though
Because we managed to get in. We had to meet up with Kelsi again
I accidentally for my last video stood on the VIP table I wasn't supposed to be in
I didn't know
that's how that worked
I just played the "I don't know" card and just left as soon as the guy told me to leave, there you go
I don't start shit.
We met up with Kelsi and waited by the stage
So when Porter left off the stage, he said hi to everyone
and he recognized Kelsi
Because Kelsi's like:
She's legit!
I'm sorry this whole video's just me pointing out Kelsi's awesome
"Promo video for Kelsi"
Post this on your dating websites
Thea managed to give him her drawing
I can post up the picture in the video when I edit it later
She made a drawing of Rin.
Ok but she made this drawing... she started it like 10 AM yesterday
And she barely had time to work on it because she drove the whole way here which is a 7 hour drive
Thea: "It took about an hour to make that drawing."
Holly: I'm like how are you this good?
So she drew this drawing really good and fast.
And she gave it Porter and Porter was like "OMG" ... basically
Thea: Yeah it was a fangirl moment for him,
Kelsi: he was like (quoting porter) "For me???"
Thea: "And then for me it was like a fangirl moment because it was like .. acceptance. Noticed by Senpai."
So yeah, Porter took it and
She took a few photos of him with it
Ok there was some drama though because when Thea took me back to the hotel
Thea gave her picture to somebody, to give to Porter.
Because we weren't sure if we were going to make it back.
And this chick apparently was going to say her dead friend drew it for him
Thea: "Even though it has my signature on it. "
"The date I drew it."
"and there was photographic evidence on my snapchat that I made this drawing."
"and also they have a"
"Snapchat video of me holding it."
Holly: It was so weird... and then afterward Kelsi tried to get the drawing back
The girl was like: "can you say it was from my dead friend anyway?"
Like.. no???
I'm sorry, I really feel sorry this chick's friend is not with us anymore
RIP. Respects and everything.
You don't just steal people's art?
It was so weird. Just find something else you can do.
Make like a little collage of her going to Porter concerts or something.
You could make anything to give Porter like that.
I don't know but... that's just so weird.
Thea: "Well he already gave them the shout out though."
Holly: Yeah true. He did already shout them out, previously.
But yeah so she got the poster to him
He mentioned something about the chokers.
Because, he saw Thea's choker
It's so loud to try and hear in there, I think maybe
It was established that he knows I made these
Back at the Shelter tour in Utah
Robotaki AKA Preston,
He came out to the line a lot and talked to us
He managed to be able to give Porter, I made a set of keychains
For Porter, Robotaki and Madeon
Hugo, Porter and Preston should all have these
I maybe made one for San Holo too I don't remember if I had enough time to make one for San Holo
So I made them keychains and I know Robotaki would've given it to him because I trust him
So like Porter has a keychain of this
And it glows in the dark and everything so it's really legit but I made it.
So I'm just like: Porter has something I made >w< and know he vaguely knows I made it.
Thea: "Yeah because he asked if I made it."
"and I pointed at Holly and I was like "No. She made this."
"and he was like "that's so cool." he got super excited."
So we met Porter briefly and then he was trying to explain to us maybe,
Kelsi thinks he wanted to talk to us a little bit
But it was so hard to hear we couldn't really hear things
Kelsi: "He was like whispering. He's so soft like."
"He has a gentle voice."
"gentle voiced?"
Holly: Okay, have you seen that one random youtube video someone posted in the group?
I posted in the group chat.
Of them just narrating a bunch of random Porter and Madeon videos
and calling them like "boys." Like "soft boys, precious boys."
Yeah that. It's like "Porter is such a soft boy."
It's great.
But yeah no, I feel that, it's like I was trying to give him like a notepad app or something
So he could say it
But then he took Thea's phone
and she had her camera open still so he just took a selfie with us.
Before he had to leave which was really nice because
We know he's probably not supposed to do that because then a bunch of people want photos and everything
He had to got straight off to a flight unfortunately
So that's why he had to just like run out.
It's ok, we'll see him again. He's going to be touring for like forever I feel like so...
This just gives me an excuse to travel.
I will be posting the video I took too.
I'm getting a bit better about posting my stuff now.
I still really appreciated the trip and everything.
and I got to see him for a little bit.
And I didn't die so like... I think this is a successful trip.
Thea: "It was a success and we know that."
I will see you guys next time I vlog which is idk. BYE!
Okay everyone's saying bye and then Kelsi's just going to like... fade out lol