Котенок Печенька, щенок Гаффи и прививки

2 months ago
Щенок Гаффи и котенок Печенька едут на прививку, а котик Рыжик провожает их. Другие интересные видео: Вся...

English subtitle

That's how they sleep.
Guys, wake up!
Let's go get vaccinations.
What? Where? What for?
We will receive vaccinations?
What is this?
Gaffi, let's go get an vaccinations?
It can not be!
They are on a new bed.
And they will go in a new bag.
Do not bother, we see dreams.
Let's go!
Here's your house.
Come here.
This is the first.
This is the second.
Come in, do not be shy.
Ready for the trip.
We agree. We'll sleep here.
In his mobile house.
Stop. This is my house.
Ryzhik, look.
Did they take your house?
This is insolence.
Ryzhik, you do not want to go to the inoculation?
No thanks.
Let's go.
Ryzhik, get out of the way.
Ryzhik escorts us .
Have a good trip!
I am
Will you come with us to get the vaccine?
Oh no, thank you!
Do not you want ?
I have already been vaccinated.
Go for a walk, and we go.
You are ready?
Let's go!
They are also ready.
Oh my God!
I do not see a puppy.
I recognized this aunt.
This is the owner of my mother.
Do you like the puppy?
I like.
I really like the puppy.
Dogs are very active animals.
Does the vaccine not hurt me?
Do not be afraid, I've already been get one inoculation.
We sign in the document for obtaining a passport.
Gaffi got a passport.
Do you give the passport to our kitten?
You can tell us who the boy or girl is.
We cured him already.
This is a boy.
I did not doubt it.
Let me go. I'm a boy.
You are a boy.
It is too early to vaccinate a kitten.
Come again in a month.
Maybe it's not necessary?
If I'm a boy!
I do not like this idea.
We'll bring them together.
Why should I get vaccinated if I'm a boy.
Our kitten also get a passport.
Wow! I should say!
You are boy.
Now you will be given an injection.
Maybe I should not?
I'm not going to get sick.
I promise!
Now I will bite.
And you said that it would not hurt.
It's all.
You screamed loudly.
Was it painful?
It was very painful!
I'm just kidding.
Have a rest.
And you, Cookie, this is still to be.
I do not have to get vaccinated because I'm a boy.
The mark of vaccination.
Is this gang still here?
A couple of weeks ago...
What are you doing here?
I'm working under cover.
I infiltrated this gang of dogs of different breeds.
The leader is that bald one.
Just do not tell anyone.
It turns out that this is not scary at all.
As if a mosquito bitten.
This is the passport for Gaffy.
This is the passport for Cookie.
We found out that Cookie is a boy.
It's a Cracker, not a Cookie.
A cookie is a good name for both the boy and the girl.
Gaffi is a good girl. She survived the injection.
Well, she cried a little.
And now it will not sick.
Let's go home.
We are at home!
Ryzhik, did you miss us?
Very much!
The Cookie turned out to be a boy.
I always suspected that.
I let them go free.
Hello, Uncle Ryzhik!
The Cookie was not vaccinated, but Gaffi already get it.
Cookie, come out!
Here comes Gaffy.
Let it run away.
It wants to run.
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