Kneel Down: A Romantic Epic

2 months ago
A darkness of patriarchy has descended upon the Earth, and only one hero, Ergen, with the help of his nonbinary overlord, Panpolynon, can stop it... Featuring: ...

English subtitle

yeah Yeah we Owe you a Yeah
We Now
All hail the Great Non-Binary overlord Lord Pam Pauline on
New down
Yeah Um i think i'll be standing so he can be seen as equals
We're evil so why did you and assumedly
Cisgendered Why
heterosexuals supreme Wearing foul swearing female Staring Hockey Player Like Yourself
Summoned me well you're great Non-Binary
Admitting me through These Troubled Times
Go on
Should i go on or are you gonna interrupt the Middle of My sentence nah man I'm will let you finish
Well I need some Help taking down the patriarchy and
I'm going down into the city to protest with society Challenges you know gender Males
You even Got a Flyer for this weekend
you Show ambition i'd Say i like it but Sadly i can Only show you motion
via Buzzfeed Captions Rawr Xd I
Was hoping You'd Say That you know it feels like I've Just Been Working for the system my entire life even
Though I'm Really Only Work for my father
And Also I'm Forced to pay for the sins that My ancestors Have caused?
Even though I don't pay Taxes and otherwise i feel uncomfortable Around People Who are other Races Than i am
you Know sometimes i Just want to be a
metamorphosizing Coalescence Of Saturated Alig Mates That Fall to earth's atmosphere and a Singular Ice Shaped pattern
you Mean a Special Snowflake
Exactly Wow Like The first person oh i mean Non-Binary
Non-Conforming Deity Overlord That
Finally Understands me oui oui now again i will allow you to do this Only on One Condition?
Give me your debit Card so i may summon the Necessary powers
What are you going to do
6.99 sir
Can I get my Money i refuse to pay and i'm offended that You would even suggest with your male Tongues
Behold all Things that You desire to end the patriarchy and Sean Hannity
Actually all i want to do is stop the patriarchy oh?
It has Everything you Need to fight the patriarchy Blog-Post Baloney male Gaze mustard
Social Justice List Chugging Tomatoes and Poly Gendered Pickles Does It come with chips no
My hour is up and Now i'm late for my asexuals and out of this Meeting
Goodbye and i'll See you in the next lvl movie
Actually I'm not planning on at
and By It i Mean Hand Polygon
Not yet Now It Says Recorded
you Have these behind the scenes and the post-Credits one of Us check It out It louis process Every
Our School for Makeup
How do you zoom in it's like he's the amount of normal cami
flour gets on them
yui taking Three Minutes of Behind-The-scenes footage
it's doesn't look Really Good
They're close Your Eyes
We Need it
all right i think you're Good
You Could Actually Just Wear That
so Anyway i can wash this off Water
Yeah You Just Throw Your hide i'm gonna i'm gonna cut behind the scenes Right There