Kitchen on the Run 2017 : Stop #4 - Brackwede

6 days ago
Kitchen on the Run is a space that encourages and supports intimate get-togethers between refugees from all over the world and locals in Europe around the ...

English subtitle

Since five months we are traveling Germany with our mobile kitchen container and
organize cooking events to bring people together
and to enable refugees and locals to meet.
We have been in Frankfurt,
, in Lörrach
and in Wismar,
we cooked, cleaned, danced and laughed
and one thing we learned: Amazing people live in Germany!
We now arrived at our last stop Brackwede, a quarter of Bielefeld.
Tonight is a very special evening because it’s the very last evening of our tour.
We’ll do an icebreaker game to start:
Everyone tells their name, country and favorite food.
My name is Rahma and I’m from Iraq. My favorite food is rice.
In every city, we had one person supporting us in preparing and leading the cooking events.
In Brackwede it’s Rahma.
I’m 21 years old and I’m in Germany since two years.
At first, I was afraid to talk to people,
because I didn’t want to make mistakes.
But at Kitchen on the Run I talked to many people, not only to Germans
but to people from many different countries and that’s very nice for me.
In the language course, we are just sitting and talking about language
but in the container, we forget about all those problems and we just talk, help and cook.
That creates a situation like being with your family or friends and it’s very different from being in class.
That is new for us.
Brackwede is the multicultural district of Bielefeld and has a quite long story of immigration.
Our container is in the heart of town which makes it easy to meet its citizens and organizations.
We are impressed by the great engagement of the people here.
Just like before in Lörrach and Wismar we organize a network event
to bring existing initiatives and interested people together at one table.
Together we establish a group which will continue to organize cooking events after our departure.
Iraq is very different from Germany.
It is not two countries but two worlds.
When I was 18 I used to work in the media.
It’s hard for a woman to work in the media or as a moderator.
People will say that everybody can see her on television therefore her reputation is bad.
At school, I found a letter from the ISIS.
It said that I should leave my country, because I worked in the media
and I should know that in our religion women aren’t allowed to work like this.
I was really afraid.
If that is my country I cannot live there anymore.
Here I can express my opinion, I’m safe and I’m not afraid
I want to learn German very well, like a native speaker
I want to find a good job
and as my hobby I want to practice singing and dancing. I don’t want to be afraid anymore.
In every city, we organize a big goodbye picnic
so that all the people from the cooking events can meet again.
Foreign faces are now familiar, new smells and tastes already well-known
and the afternoon colorful in people, food and music.
Great evening with many interesting stories.
And there are always different cooking cultures: Afghan, Syrian, Iraqi food.
Because it’s not about who is helping whom
but you’re just doing something together and get in touch. I think that’s a great idea.
We met many people already, German people.
And communication was not even as difficult as expected.
It’s a great idea to bring different cultures together
to take away skepticism, fear and prejudices.
For us in Brackwede it was a possibility to come together again.
In the refugee shelter we didn’t manage to bring everyone at one table
but here it happened naturally and to see all those people here today is fantastic, I think.
I will stick to the idea for sure.
In fact, we want to continue with a cooking group here in Brackwede and I will participate for sure.
We must continue cooking without the container.
And to help the new group in doing so we give them a starter kit,
so that Brackwede can continue cooking when we leave.
And then, after five months of traveling, the container tour is over
And after 62 cooking events we finally also put our names to the containerwall.
As we will go back to Berlin
and the container to sleep,
Frankfurt, Lörrach, Wismar and Brackwede will continue to: