Katie's Ten Year Anniversary Video August 2017

2 months ago
Join us in celebrating Katie's 10-years of service in Thailand. Watch Katie's Ten Year Anniversary Video, August 2017.

English subtitle

Hi Katie and everyone in Ohio
on behalf of everyone here at Thai Village
I just want to say congratulations for 10 years of service
here in Chiang Mai, Thailand
We all appreciate you a lot Katie
and we are glad that you are a part of our team
We are so thankful for the gifts that God has given you
and the different ways that you've been able to serve here in Thailand
and... here's to another 10 years!
Hi Katie. I’m happy for the opportunity to speak about Katie today
as she celebrates an anniversary of serving God in Thailand…
for TEN YEARS already!
I’m very happy for you.
Even though I haven’t known Katie for the full ten years,
I am very appreciative of Katie.
Every time I come to TVI,
I see her welcoming people with a smile and friendly conversation.
Katie is someone who cares for people very much,
she’s friendly and always welcoming.
This is something I really appreciate about her.
I wish Katie much happiness
and hope that she is able to work in Thailand,
if possible, to keep working here forever.
And if possible, to keep working here at TVI.
God bless you and give you strength Katie.
Much love in Christ.
Bye. Bye.
Hello. Hi Katie.
My name is May
I came to know Katie 3 years ago.
The thing that I appreciate about Katie the most is that she is a hard worker
and she is always willing to help others.
And a really important thing is that Katie sees the value in people,
and she’s faithful.
In her free time, Katie is cheerful
and loves to exercise.
Thank you Katie for giving me this work (at Thai Village)
so I am able to take care of my family.
Finally, God bless you Katie and your whole family.
Thank you. Bye. Bye.
Hello. My name is Tuum. Hi Katie!
Thanks for your 10-years of service in Thailand.
I thank God for leading you to serve him here in Thailand.
I see your commitment in all the work you do
and I can say this: “Katie can do everything.”
One thing I see in Katie is her concern and care for others,
for everyone at TVI, and for everyone she knows.
And she has… She has spirit.
She is a good team player and helps us serve God together.
Thank you for everything.
And finally, I want to thank you
for all those times you made and served me coffee.
Thanks so much.
God bless you Katie in all things in your life,
with your family, and your different roles, and work.
God bless you. Goodbye.
Hi Katie. This is Mike.
your packaging team
and I'd just like to thank you openly
for being my packaging manager. Thank you.
Hello. My name is Jade.
It’s Katie’s 10-year anniversary of serving in Thailand
and I'm happy for you
I personally have known Katie for a long time,
ever since she first moved to Thailand,
and we served together in the girl’s dorm,
and we were roommates.
I’ve seen her serve throughout the years
with much commitment and faithfulness.
An important thing I’ve seen is Katie's desire to seek the will of God
as she serves Him and in her life
and in being an example to others,
an example for the Bible students,
and to many other Thai people.
I am very appreciative of who Katie is.
She has many gifts,
especially her ability to listen to others and pray for them.
She has a heart for people.
Over the past 10 years,
I’ve felt glad for Katie and her service,
and I hope that she is able to serve for another 10 years… if possible.
Hello. My name is Taeng.
Everyone calls me Taeng.
I want to thank Katie, who’s been here for a long time,
she’s been here for 10 years now.
Since she first arrived in Thailand,
I’ve seen that she is someone who is very committed to her work.
Originally, she taught me English,
and since then has taught me many things,
and has been a good example for me.
She is kind and she is relaxed
and she is a talented worker. A great example.
Thank you to Katie for always being a good example to me.
Thank you.
Hello. My name is Nuut.
Hi Katie. Thank you for (being) you.
I first met you when I started working at TVI.
I didn’t know who I was or what I should do
but you helped me to know who I am and what I should do.
Thanks to you and Liz’s help, I have had good luck (have been blessed).
I am now a teacher, a designer,
I am a production manager.
Thank you for loving Thailand and Thai people.
“You are so beautiful” (quote from Proverbs).
I know you love me and I love you too.
Thank you God
Thank you TVI Project
Thank you.
My name is Khamoo.
I have worked here for only a few months,
but since I've come to work here I've felt much happiness
in my work with our team and with Katie.
Katie is encouraging,
and kind-hearted.
and she gives me encouragement.
Thanks so much Katie.
And thank you for coming to work here for 10-years now.
I hope that you can continue to work here for a long time.
Thank you.
Hello. My name is Pring.
I’m so happy that I have been able to work together with Katie
for so many years now.
Katie is someone who is very endearing.
Yes. She’s been a lovely older sister to me.
I first met Katie at church.
Katie is the type of person who has a lot of empathy for others.
She is endearing and works hard.
and she is someone who I can trust and who I can go to for advice
in many different areas of my life.
I am so happy that I’ve been able to work with Katie
and hope that she can continue to work here for a long, long time.
God bless you.
My name is Suey.
I have worked here for about 4 years now.
I am so thankful that I can work here with Katie.
When I first met Katie,
I didn’t know that she was doing this type of work.
We talked and I thought to myself
“this girl has something very interesting about her.”
That’s what I thought.
I didn’t know if we would get a chance to work together
but I'm thankful that I did.
Sometimes I’m tired and want to rest,
but then I see Katie working and I feel very encouraged.
I see her working hard and then I don’t want to stop.
I want to work hard like she does.
Katie is a good person,
a good friend,
and someone that I can talk to.
Hello Katie
and hello to everyone in your family.
I thank God so much for your life Katie.
We’ve known each other for about 10-years now.
Before anything, I must thank you Katie
for your heart and willingness to volunteer
and come serve God in Thailand.
Thanks for joining us as we serve God here.
There are many things that I am appreciative for in Katie,
and Katie has been a good example for me in many ways.
The first thing that I appreciate about Katie
is that she is helpful and thoughtful.
Whether it’s Christmas or someone’s birthday,
she always has a gift and words of encouragement
for everyone who knows her.
I really appreciate this about her.
The second thing I appreciate is her sincerity.
She is sincere with everyone she knows.
It doesn’t matter what stage of their life they are in,
Katie is genuine with them.
Whether they are children or adults,
she’s sincere with them
Another thing I notice is her love.
I see much love in Katie's life.
Katie shows love in wonderful ways.
I feel like it is love that comes from God
and is reflected in the life of Katie
and poured into our lives.
Another thing I appreciate about Katie
is her diligence.
Awesome. Really awesome Katie.
Thumbs up to you. It’s truly awesome.
You fully invest yourself into your work.
All the different work you do,
you do it with all your heart.
Another thing I appreciate is
your willingness to make sacrifices.
I see you sacrifice a lot.
And finally, may God shower you with mercy and give you happiness,
through the love that you show to so many people here in Thailand.
I hope that we will have the opportunity to serve together for many years.
God bless you Katie.
Hello Katie.
I am P' Num
This is P'Aoh
On behalf of Thai people
and on behalf of Promise Lutheran Church
We would like to thank you, Katie,
for coming to Thailand,
serving us,
helping us
and sharing Christ all around
in Chiang Mai and the North part of Thailand
We would like to thank you
and may God give you strength
May God give you wisdom
and strengthen you
to serve in this country.
Thank you very much,
from our heart, and from my wife
We love you Katie
Yes, thank you.
God bless you.
Bye. Bye.