Как делать перекрест стоек и начать новый плетеный ряд! МК!

13 days ago
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English subtitle

in this video I'll show how
make a cross with tha statis tubes and to weave a new independent weaving line
before work, I wet the tubes
and took an elastic band for sewing
I tie a rubber band for sewing a shape not too weak
so that the tubes do not move
I move the tubes to each other, I start this process a little from below and do the cross, the elastis band holds the tubes well
you may use PVA glue
in this way I cross over
I check that the cross was at the same level
in some places correct
You can cross the tubes with each other many times
for example, I want to make a second cross
for this I repeat all the same actions
and I also cross the second crossing with an elastic band
now I'm starting to weave a new line
I take two tubes and stick them on the PVA on the static tube
the tips of the tubes should go out a little The tips of the tubes should go out slightly and be slightly higher
fix the clothespin
we begin to weave
I wove to the end and went to the start
we need to hide the tips fo the tubes
these ends of the tubes I hide between these working tubules
the second tube close them
On the reverse side this transition will not be visible
the ends of the tubes are visible
we cut them with scissors
weave farther
here we began to weave a new row
I can not see anything
I cut the ends of the tubules
I smeared this place with the paint of the color that all the all tubes
work is almost ready!