Jeep Wrangler Barricade Frameless 2-in-1 Soft Top (2007-2017 JK 2 Door) Review & Install

6 days ago
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This Barricade Frameless 2-in-1 Soft Top is
for those of you that are looking for a fastback
top style, soft top for your two-door JK.
Now generally, when you get that fastback
style, you are going to give up the factory
functionality of being able to completely
fold the top into the trunk of your Jeep.
And this top is no different.
However, some of the premium fastback tops
in the market will retain a small bit of a
frame in the front where you still have that
sun-rider feature so you can still flip the
front section of the top back very, very easily.
This is not going to have that.
This is gonna be a little bit less expensive
than those premium tops.
It's not going to have that functionality.
This is going to be completely frameless.
And it's also going to require the use of
some of your factory soft top hardware.
So, if you're coming from a hard top, you
are going to have to purchase some additional
pieces that don't come in a box with this
in order to get this installed.
However, if you are coming from a soft top,
you will have all the pieces you need.
This is gonna save you some money over those
premium tops on the market.
And you're going to be very easily be able
to remove the two side windows, roll up that
rear window, and have a bikini top very, very
simply, which is one of the big benefits to
a top like this one.
Getting this top installed for your Jeep is
gonna be a very simple one-out-of-three wrench
installation, probably only about an hour's
This is called a 2-in-1 Soft Top because it
is a bikini top and also a traditional soft
top all in one.
Again, all you need to do is remove those
rear side windows, roll up the back window.
This one is not removable, so roll it up and
you have a bikini top.
If you have the windows in, you have a fastback
looking soft top.
So, this is going to be made out of a very
similar black diamond material to your factory
soft top.
It's going to come with tinted windows.
Overall, it's a very well-built top, in my
The only thing that you have to remember about
this top is that it does require some additional
You're going to need a windshield header as
well as some of those additional factory soft
top hardware pieces.
So, if you're coming from a factory soft top,
that's fine.
You're gonna have all those pieces.
And this is going to be a really affordable
option if you want a 2-in-1 top.
However, if you're coming from a hard top
and you don't have all of those factory soft
top pieces, you are going to have to piece
a couple of things together.
You're gonna have to find all of those additional
parts and purchase them.
So in that case, maybe one of those more premium
tops on market that comes with all the hardware
would be a better choice.
Getting this top installed on your Jeep is
gonna be a very simple one-out-of-three wrench
installation, probably only about an hour's
The first step is going to be removing whatever
top you currently have installed on your Jeep,
whether it be a soft top or a hard top.
If it is a soft top, you're gonna have to
be removing all of that frame as well.
But hang on to all the hardware because, like
I said before, a lot of the clips and the
bars you are going to be re-using with this
If you currently have a hard top, you don't
have all those pieces, make sure you pick
them up before you go to install this top.
You are going to need them.
So, the first step is going to be installing
the header onto your new top, attaching the
header to the top of the windshield frame,
and then working from the front toward the
back, attaching all of these straps to get
the top held down onto the tub.
Finally, you have to install your rear windows
and you'll be finished with the installation.
This top's gonna come at right around $400,
which is going to be significantly less than
the premium fastback tops on the market.
A lot of those tops will include a lot more
hardware, a lot more functionality, so, of
course, they're gonna be a lot more expensive.
But even a top comparable to this one, this
is gonna come in a little bit less money than
I do think that it's still very well-built.
It's still a very nice top.
And if you like the style and the functionality
of it, I do think it's gonna be worth the
So, if you're looking for a bowless soft top
for your two-door JK, I definitely recommend
taking a look at this 2-in-1 top from Barricade.
And you can find it right here at