Jeep Wrangler Axial Bermuda Black LED Tail Lights (2007-2018 JK) Review & Install

6 days ago
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These Axial Bermuda Black LED Tail Lights
are for those of you who that have a 2007
and up JK and are looking to change up the
look and the function of your tail light.
Changing to an aftermarket set of tail lights
will change up the whole look of the back
of your Jeep, really giving it an aftermarket
and much more modern look.
And, by adding LEDs, you're going to have
a much brighter light, a light that lasts
a lot longer, and also that very crisp, clean
on and off that a lot of the more modern vehicles
have right out of the factory.
Swapping out your tail lights is going to
be a very easy one out of three wrench installation.
This is only going to take you about 15 minutes
or less to get these installed, and we'll
talk more about that in just a second.
So there are going to be quite a few different
options out there for LED tail lights for
your JK.
There are ones that look a little bit different,
that function a little bit differently.
They're all going to offer a lot of the same
big benefits, and those are what I mentioned
LEDs are very bright.
They last a long time, and they have that
crisp, clean, very modern-looking on and off.
These ones in particular are going to be a
Bermuda Black Tail Lights, so they have a
clear lens, but a black housing, a black background,
so you get a little bit of that stealthy look,
but you also get a lot of light, because you're
not dealing with a smoked lens.
This is going to be a little bit different
from some of those more premium lights on
the market.
This is going to be a little bit less expensive.
The way that it actually hooks into your factory
wiring harness is a little bit different.
However, it is still going to work just fine.
So if you are looking to save a little bit
of money but still get an aftermarket look,
I think this is gonna be a nice option.
Most aftermarket tail lights are going to
install in the same way onto your Jeep.
These are going to be no different.
All you're going to have to do is remove a
couple of screws from your factory tail light,
remove the light from the Jeep, remove the
wiring harness, and then go ahead and get
these ones attached.
The way that these attach a little bit differently
is that the wiring harness on the back of
these actually plug into the socket for your
factory light bulbs, as opposed to removing
the whole wiring harness, where it unclips
a little bit further down the line, and plugging
a light into that wiring harness.
So, again, it's a little bit of a different
connection method.
It's not necessarily better or worse, but
it is going to be a little bit different.
These are also going to be much more open
on the back.
You can see a lot of the circuit boards.
You can see a lot of the components as they
are sautered into the back of the light.
Again, not necessarily bad or good, just something
that makes this a little bit different from
those more expensive, more premium lights.
Again, I think that if you're looking to save
a little bit of money and get an LED light,
this is still going to be a really nice option
for you.
It's gonna have a ring around the outside,
which is going to be your running light.
The center section is going to be your turn
signal or your brake light, and then, of course,
you do have your reverse section as well,
and that's going to be white light.
So you're still going to have all of the same
tail, stop, turn, reverse functionality as
the factory light, but they're gonna be LED.
So, like I said before, 1 out of 3 wrench
installation, about 15 minutes or so to get
these installed.
Very, very simple.
Anyone can do this in their driveway with
just a Phillips head screwdriver.
Now, there are gonna be four screws on your
factory tail lights.
You only have to remove the two inner screws,
so the ones closest to the tail gate, not
the ones on the outside.
Remove those two screws.
That'll allow you to remove your entire tail
light housing.
Give your socket a quarter turn on both the
upper and the lower bulb.
Get rid of that housing.
Then you're going to go ahead and unplug the
incandescent bulbs from those sockets and
plug your new light into that socket.
And, again, that's where I said these differ
a little bit from some of the other versions.
These plug right into that socket.
You'll go ahead and make those connections
at the socket.
Set the tail light in the tub, and replace
those screws to get these attached.
These lights are gonna come in at right around
That is going to be less than those premium
lights that we talked about before.
RECON, for instance, is known for making a
very high-quality premium light.
Those are gonna be more expensive.
So these are going to save you a little bit
of money over those, but these are still absolutely
going to serve the purpose, giving you a very
bright light, a light that lasts a long time,
and giving you some of that modern functionality
as well as drastically changing up the look
of your Jeep.
So if that's what you're after, you don't
want the premium light, you don't wanna pay
those premium prices, I think this is going
to be pretty fairly priced for what you get.
So, if you're looking to swap out your factory
tail lights for an LED tail light, this is
going to be a great option from Axial, and
you can find them right here at