Island Expeditions What Are They?

5 days ago
Island Expeditions what are they? Set sail for the previously unmapped isles of Azeroth. Battle in groups of three as you race against cunning rival intruders—or ...

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Hello and welcome back.
Today’s video is about Island Expeditions,
and this is a new feature that I’m especially
looking forward to in battle for azeroth.
Island Expeditions is a new form of content
being added in Battle for Azeroth.
Unfortunately, we DIDN’T end up getting
boats in this expansion, but hey we DID at
least get pirate isles.
This is something I’m looking forward to,
especially because pirates have always been
a part of the game even if you go way back
to vanilla wow.
Some of your goals during these expeditions
will be to search for hidden treasures while
you fight off the opposing faction and If
you ever played back in Mist of Pandaria and
I don’t blame you if you didn’t, but if
you did than you probably played through a
scenario or two, and these new Expeditions
are somewhat similar to that.
The Gnomes and Goblins have of course developed
a technology, to find the isles that may contain
This is a powerful crystal will empower your
Heart of Azeroth and If you are interested
in an in-depth video about this new artifact
feel free to check out my latest video.
Anyhow I love the fact that its actually the
gnomes and goblins who have developed this
technology, because it goes hand in hand with
their obsessed nature for gold.
One of the things World of Warcraft has always
been about is exploration, and I remember
the first time I logged in to the game back
in 2005 and I didn’t know what I was doing,
but I was so amazed every time I explored
a new area and that is exactly what Island
Expeditions are about, exploration.
The islands are randomly generated, and you
will see different creatures, island layouts,
capture points, chest locations, different
quest givers, shrines, caves I mean I could
go on.
Because the islands are randomly generated
the replayability will be high, I don’t
know if It will eventually get too repetitive
after let’s say 6 months, but I hope that
they will keep adding new things.
We briefly talked about how the expeditions
are going to work, that you will be fighting
against the opposing faction, while trying
to complete your objectives.
You can explore these islands with 2 friends,
however we don’t know if you will be able
to simply que up or if you will have to make
a premade group in order to join but either
way Island Expeditions are very flexible as
you can do them with 3 tanks if that’s what
you want.
It dosen’t really matter, because the main
goal is to have FUN.
They will take about 15-20mins to complete
and will have 4 different difficulties: normal,
heroic, mythic and pvp as you would expect
from world of Warcraft.
Once you arrive to an island with your ship
you can expect to see the opposing faction
since they will be arriving at the same time
as you.
Your goal will be to explore the isle but
while you are exploring, the opposing factions
AI’s have the exact same mission, get to
the isle, explore it, and get back to their
ship with their shiny loot.
Now you might be thinking well that’s easy
enough because we are all familiar with the
traditional AI’s in the game, that walks
up to you and tries to kill you and if you
walk away from them they will typically just
loose agro and go back to their spot, however
these new AI’s are completely redesigned,
and something blizzard calls for Tactical
Their purpose is to act more human like so
they might even try to polymorph or sap your
healer while you are fighting a boss, so one
of your team members won’t be able to just
agro them and run away while you try to loot.
The AI’s will be a lot more focused on their
objectives than before so they might just
polymorph you and walk away to regroup with
their team in order to come back later and
try to take you down.
It will be interesting to see how well these
new AI’s are integrated into the game and
I can’t wait to see them sap our healers
because they noticed that we pulled way too
Now if you decide to choose PVP, then you
will be fighting against other players, and
I think a lot of PVP’ers will enjoy this
new content in Battle for Azeroth, personally
tho im not that good at PVP so I will probably
do Mythic instead.
What I find so interesting about Island Expeditions
are the fact that it is a mix of PVE and PVP
even if you don’t choose the PVP-mode it
will still have some aspects of pvp due to
the new AI’s, I mean of course they won’t
be as good, but I hope that they will be challenging
If they turn out to be good, there will be
A lot of new and interesting possibilities
in the future with these AI’s that I hope
blizzard will take advantages of.
I mean it would be amazing to see city guards
actually be guards and not training dummies.
So, this was a short video about the island
expeditions, let me know down in the comments
below what you think about them and what you
are looking forward to the most.
I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did
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it would mean the world to me.
Thank you for watching and I will see you
in the next video.